10/26/2017 12:16PM

Aqueduct Challenge added to DRFT lineup


Feeders and qualifiers for the Aqueduct Challenge have been added to the lineup at DRF Tournaments. The Aqueduct Challenge is a $500 live-bankroll event to be held at The Big A on Nov. 18. Of that $500, $250 will be applied to the prize pool, which gets paid back 100 percent to players, and $250 will act as the betting bank.

This format is obviously great for New York circuit regulars, but it’s worth considering shipping in for this contest as well. Players unfamiliar with live-bank play will have the opportunity to learn a lot about how to play in these events without much risk – especially if they qualify in.

The first DRFT qualifier will be held this Sunday (Oct. 29) and costs $60. One in 10 players will advance to the finals. Players looking to get involved for even less money up front can feed into the qualifier for $14, with one in five advancing.

Saturday’s featured event on DRF Tournaments is a Grade 1 qualifier for the World Championship of Handicapping. As always in the Grade 1’s, entries cost $580 and one in 10 players will win their $5,000 buy-ins for the $1 million, no-takeout WCH finals. Players have the option of winning into the Grade 1 in a variety of ways. Every operating day DRFT offers Round 1 events where $95 gets you an entry and one in seven advance. You can also win in to the Round 1’s through low cost feeders.

Also of note this weekend on the site are Round 1 feeders for next weekend’s Del Mar Fall Challenge qualifier. These Round 1’s have the same terms as the ones for the WCH. That is, it costs $95 to play and one in seven move forward.

As ever, DRFT will be hosting many other games, including match-ups, winner-take-alls, and credit-builders. There are all great ways to fun your upcoming play. Games are typically announced 48 hours in advance. Go to tournaments.drf.com for a full list of all the opportunities.