02/15/2015 12:16PM

Aqueduct cancels Monday card


OZONE PARK, N.Y. – With the Northeast in the grip of a prolonged cold spell, New York Racing Association officials have canceled Monday’s Presidents Day card at Aqueduct, the third card lost to weather in the last four days and the 11th full program lost this winter.

With temperatures not expected to reach 20 degrees and with strong gusty winds that will have wind chills in the single digits, officials announced Sunday morning that Monday’s card will be scrapped. The $100,000 Evening Attire Stakes, scheduled for Monday, has been rescheduled for next Sunday. The race will be re-drawn Thursday.

Aqueduct and Belmont were to be open for simulcasting Monday.

Aqueduct’s next scheduled live racing program is Thursday, though the forecast for that day is for continued cold but less wind.

Vince Piscitelli More than 1 year ago
Gees...what a buncha whimps. It was down to 47 here in NorCal and you didn't see me take a day off. I walk my pooches no matter how much rain or snow. Get back to work back there and deal with the weather and quit being sissies. Vince P
Rob Eymann More than 1 year ago
nyra should cut back to four-day race meets during the winter next year and california needs to consolidate their racing circuits too
anonymous More than 1 year ago
You need to cut back your work to 2 days a week and move in with your in-laws.
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
Just an observation, but when NYRA cancels we see a whole bunch of comments, but if Oaklawn, Turfway, Laurel or even nearby Parx cancels it usually doesn't garner more then one or two comments at most. Is it acceptable to cancel at Oaklawn and call it a safety issue for horses, jockeys, employees and patrons , but not in New York ?
Capo Capo More than 1 year ago
Did those other tracks have the break down rate that Aqueduct has?..
Mike Oliveto More than 1 year ago
Oaklawn canceled today. It's their 5th cancelation this season. Based on the "logic" of these other commentors I guess we need to do away that that meet along with their greedy, inept, corrupt management?
Tim Roberts More than 1 year ago
Can't take any track seriously that doesn't have a turf course. That is just dumb!
Ron Williams More than 1 year ago
Michael Castellano More than 1 year ago
Greed and the stupidity of the NYRA brass are the only reasons for Winter racing in New York. They got a "break" beginning in about 2000 with a long series of milder Winters before the last three seasons turned out like old fashioned New York Winters used to be. Now we see all the reasons why they didn't used to have Winter racing, and ended the Season in late November and reopened in early March. I'd say drop NYRA all together except you could do worse one the political class gets hold of things. But it's really time to have horse lovers running the show and not bean counters.
Matthew Hood More than 1 year ago
Winter racing has been on-going in the NE for about 100 years, so you can't say we see why they use to not race. They have for a very long time.
Pat More than 1 year ago
Laying the ground work for cancelling the Aqueduct December 15 to March 1 dates.
Walt Gekko More than 1 year ago
People who are complaining about NYRA cancelling like this need to realize that even in the 1970's and '80s when it was this cold, NYRA would cancel because there is also the danger of frostbite if they are out too long. Double digit below zero wind chills are the culprit for the cancellations, not snow. The question now turns to Parx (which as of when this was written had NOT cancelled Monday), Laurel (same question and they have a big card on Monday) and/or Oaklawn (which is looking at ice before temps barely get above freezing later Monday as they also have a big day on Monday) cancel due to the weather.
Michael Beauregard More than 1 year ago
Sorry short fields, short prices Horses so poor only 1 clm Saturday the thrill is gone for me in NY. I have played there for the past 25 years . I want large fields non restricted races what we get is not doing it for me The CEO is not a racing fan . I feel the handle will keep dropping because the NY breeders are running the track . I could go on and on You know what i'm getting at.
anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yet amazingly, the purses are much higher at Aqueduct than anywhere else, even in the depths of winter. That's because it's a lie that the horses are poor, they are not. The races are structured to put competitive fields together, so the races are always entertaining. Some of the best races are the allowance, claiming and maiden races. I've seen scenarios that have never happened in a stakes race. The low price races are the bread and butter of the industry, it's like high school football vs the pros, but equally and often more, entertaining.
Chas More than 1 year ago
So the weather is too cold not to race...understand that decision and the concern for the horses and jockeys...but, apparently not to cold even with temps in single digits to keep the Aqueduct and Belmont open for simulcasting...like who in their right mind is going to show up in this weather when you have betting options via the telephone in NY and the Internet...
joe d More than 1 year ago
who said horse players were of right mind?lol
stockmann9914 . More than 1 year ago
Lonely old people who want to see their friends who are also old and lonely.