03/06/2015 10:44AM

Aqueduct cancels Friday card


Due to the impact of a winter storm, racing was canceled Friday at Aqueduct, the 15th full card and second in a row lost to weather and safety concerns.

Aqueduct and Belmont were to be open for simulcasting.

New York Racing Association officials canceled Friday's card in hopes of having a good track for Saturday's 10-race card, which includes the Grade 3, $400,000 Gotham Stakes for 3-year-olds and the Grade 3, $200,000 Tom Fool for sprinters.

In a press release, NYRA said canceling Friday is "an aggressive and proactive step ... with maintenance crews continuing to remove moisture from the track in preparation for this weekend's card."

Saturday's card will begin at 12:50 p.m.. The pick six, with a carryover of $148,147, begins on race 5 (2:50 p.m.)

D'Funnybone More than 1 year ago
An absolute disgrace NYRA has become. I am boycotting NYRA's product until racing resumes @ Belmont, but now I might not play Belmont based on the inept management that is running NYRA. There is always Monmouth, Churchill, Santa Anita, Del Mar, etc.. Saratoga is a 50-50 prop for me at this point.
Larry Kaufman More than 1 year ago
toys r us is open today, yesterday was a legitimate cancelation but today is a joke just like NYRA.
Walt Gekko More than 1 year ago
If they had tried to run Friday, they likely would have cancelled midway through due to a melting track and potentially damaged the track for the Gotham. It was the right call. I would have actually brought back Friday's card today and rescheduled the Gotham card for Sunday to best assure it was run.
mikey More than 1 year ago
NYRA get's what they wanted.A big carryover for a semi-big day.Close down this dump with a so called winter track.Run 7 days a week from April - Decenber 1st.Belmont is under used they can run there most of the season.
Walt Gekko More than 1 year ago
Just worked out that way. Too big a risk of a melting racetrack today and there is no guarantee they will be able to run tomorrow because of the same issue. I'd have run the cancelled card tomorrow and postponed the Gotham card to Sunday to best assure it was run.
avlamal More than 1 year ago
if i were parx id be be giving away stall space with free feed to poach nyra especially linda and jacobsen but im sure they are not that smart or enterprising what an opportunity to clean out nyra in the winter
Slew32A More than 1 year ago
Yea stealing Jacobson would be quite a coup. NYRA would pay the transportation if that were to happen.
Brian More than 1 year ago
Said it before many times this winter. NYRA doesn't want to run during the week at AQU but the local horsemen make a ton of money running bad horses in small fields and won't agree to stop. So NYRA couldn't be happier with this run of weather - it allows them not to run and to label anyone that disagrees as being against equine safety.
avlamal More than 1 year ago
mr. kay wants to sellout aqueduct for a sweet deal with resorts world at the behest of cuomo-the real enemy of nyra in other words he wants to end winter racing what he doesnt realize is it will seriously hurt ny racing in its entirety belmonts racing really isnt as great as u think and saratoga would be nothing without the staple claiming races and maiden cl the elite trainers and horses arent really as plentiful as u think winter aq racing is better than u give them credit for bottomline without winter racing the whole structure will crumble or move to parx and laurel its actuallty happening now
mikey More than 1 year ago
Kay has as much to say abouy racing as you and i have.He really did a great job at toys r us.(HA HA)
Kevin Miller More than 1 year ago
Other racetracks got it harder than Aqueduct over the past few days and they are open today. What they are really saying is that the track crew needs extra time to set the track up for the running style of a certain horse in tomorrow's feature race. This is a common practice in NY.
Walt Gekko More than 1 year ago
What I would have done here was actually postpone today's (Friday's) card to tomorrow and postpone Saturday's Gotham program to Sunday (and Sunday's scheduled program to Thursday of next week). There is a good chance the track at Aqueduct, even with proactive measures will still be a mess tomorrow and doing that would have assured the best possible track for the Gotham in this case.
avlamal More than 1 year ago
i was at aqueduct last night they were working om the track for hours with the tractor it looked perfect to my eyes absolutely perfect. no moisture or very little there is no reason for cancelling its total bs just another indication that this current managements secret agenda is to totally end winter racing its disgusting
anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well said.
Walt Gekko More than 1 year ago
We are looking at a track that likely will be MELTING tomorrow. By moving the Gotham back a day, it best assures it will get run this week as opposed to next Saturday if Saturday's card is cancelled, especially if the jocks refuse to ride mid-card. That's why I'd have run Friday's card tomorrow and Saturday's card on Sunday.
Larry Kaufman More than 1 year ago
The gotham has become a meaningless derby prep with the exception of 2000 red bullet this race hasn't meant anything since easy goer in 1989 and devil his due and lure in 1992. the gotham is totally worthless since switching to the inner track in 2006