03/06/2013 6:25PM

Aqueduct: Canani mulls options for Called to Serve

Jim McCue/Maryland Jockey Club
Called to Serve vacationed briefly in Kentucky following his third-place finish in the Grade 1 Santa Anita Handicap.

OZONE PARK, N.Y. - Trainer Nick Canani was back in New York on Wednesday morning, but his prize pupil, Called to Serve, was getting a brief vacation in Kentucky following his third-place finish in Saturday's Grade 1 Santa Anita Handicap.

Called to Serve was flown from Southern California to Lexington on Wednesday and was to spend a couple of days at a farm. He was expected to van back to Belmont Park over the weekend.

Canani said he was pleased with Called to Serve's race in the Santa Anita Handicap, though he felt with a cleaner trip he could have been second. Called to Serve got shuffled back on the far turn and went from third to sixth at one point.

Canani said he and owner Marc Ferrell will discuss options for the gelding, but mentioned the Pimlico Special on May 17 as a target.

"The Pimlico Special definitely is on our map," Canani said.

myjockwon More than 1 year ago
marc you didn't read the article they had about Gargin going out on his own he said he's the one that got Nick started when it was the other way around. i was'nt taking a shot at Nick
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
If I got it wrong I apologize.
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
Nick and I decided to let Called to Serve rest for a few days at my farm in Lexington before taking a 12 hour van ride to NY. I am a big believer in letting horses put their head down in the grass for a few days and get out of the daily routine they have at the track. He arrived this evening at the farm (flew on Tex Sutton standing next to Ron the Greek) and settled down well and will be turned out for a few hours each day before getting on a van next week and heading back to Belmont. We will aim for the Pimlico Special and possibly run in a prep race before the May 17th race.
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
I love the fact that you reward your horse with a little R & R. He ran a bang up race, and deserves it. In all likelihood......he'll return the favor. I do have one question though.....why Stevens, when Gomez was open? I personally felt that Gary's ride cost you second money, and believe Garrett to be riding as well or better than anybody in the country currently. Hey, it's your horse...your choice, no qualms about it. Just curious.....? Best of luck down the road!
Kendra Mcallister More than 1 year ago
Let see 5 hour plane ride two days on a farm in KY. then a 12 hr Van ride Marc don' be cheap get the horse a plane ride and that's not a little R.R THAT'S A STOP OVER besides he got stomped
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
Kendra..... you exude negativity. Just sayin.....
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
Kendra, you are the kinda people that I chuckle at. Just cause a horse didnt win or got stomped, might be chalked up to "just a bad day", why act as though you are in the know.... .... and let these people do what they do?
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
Wow you are an angry woman...can someone please tell me who this negative b%$ch is???, wouldn't consider a 104 beyer a stomp....I agree It was not his best race and it did not set up for us......He will be on the farm a week but needs to get back in training, and they did not have a plane going directly to NY from California. If you knew anything about equine air travel its not like taking a flight from LAX where you go when you want..you take what they have and get as close as possible, even Ron the Greek flew to KY with us and vanned directly to FL off the flight...Are Bill Mott and the owner being cheap?? Has nothing to do with money and when you have $300k to spend on a horse Kendra these are not corners owners cut..
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
Never mind, I remember she is the pony girl from Santa Anita and Los Alamitos who failed to pay her debt in Northern California and graduated from the nationally known and recognized "school of hard knocks"?????
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
Joel: He is a tough horse to ride and Gomez rode him in the Swaps and they did not get along very well. We felt that having a jock with a good head on his shoulders was most important and Gary had been riding very smart. That was our thinking at least.
myjockwon More than 1 year ago
nick maybe you should ask Danny Gargin for some advice cause he's the one that got you started after you got fired from your last job
Marc Ferrell More than 1 year ago
Its really so immature to have such rude comments posted here by those hiding behind faux names. Lets see how Gargan does on his own.
Kendra Mcallister More than 1 year ago
Marc if it's true it's true Nick was all but done in California
petem More than 1 year ago
He ran good, no shame running 2nd or 3rd (albeit way back) on that joke of a surface. That track was made for horses like Game On Dude, the only you beat them is if they fall down or close to it out of the starting gate. Anyone who has a horse who comes from several lengths out of might as well just stay in the barn, the thought of Hollywood closing and more dates going to Santa Anita is depressing.
RockaFelter21 More than 1 year ago
couldn't agree more..wait till beholder leaves that surface..she will stop like the sprinter/miler she is..track and surface is a complete joke.
Robert Tuccille More than 1 year ago
plz like gulfstream is any better .... or oaklawn... comon stop... cryin...
Dustin Ohara More than 1 year ago
Beholder will keep going there's not many 3year old fillies she my pick to win the oaks just like I got my twenty bucks in the breeders cup
ddwage62 More than 1 year ago
You obviously don't watch Santa Anita on a daily basis. The dirt surface there actually plays very fair. I can't tell you how many races are won from off the pace. I know its the "in" thing to do to criticize Santa Anita's dirt track, but actually try watching more than 1 or 2 races a month before you come on a public forum and make a fool of yourself. P.S. I have never been a fan of Game on Dude and actually bet Called To Serve in the big cap, but anyone who says he won bc of a bias is just an idiot. He was the class of the field and was handed an easy early lead, that said, when he turned for home, he took his game to a whole different level and won off like a horse who is peaking. very deserving winner.
petem More than 1 year ago
I am not saying he won because of the surface, but winning by 7 lengths and giving major weight is the result of the track. I own horses in CA and the surface has had a huge injury problem in the mornings as well as horses being vanned off. It is not a good situation. This track as it is now, between how hard it is and the enormous sand kickback is not good for anyone from behind. They have tried to offset all the clay and rocks with tons of fine sand and its just a complete mess. Talk to any jockey who rides the race from behind on the inside, they cant see and the horses are getting covered with sand. Its a disgrace.
Joel Winicki More than 1 year ago
Your East coast arrogance is quite obvious. As if they don't break down and get vanned off at Aqueduct all the time, right? It happens everywhere, and it's usually because so many trainers are forced (or choose) to run unsound horses on a daily basis. The perfect surface does not exist, but even if it did......horses would still breakdown. SA is no doubt speed biased some days, but like ddwage62 pointed out, you obviously aren't watching on a daily basis.....because if you were, you would realize that come from behind horses are fairing pretty well this meet. SA is the premier racetrack in the country.....bar none!