11/27/2007 1:00AM

AmericaTab sites now at twinspires.com

EmailChurchill Downs Inc., the large racetrack company, has folded its four account-wagering platforms into one site that the company launched earlier this year, twinspires.com.

The consolidation will combine the operations of winticket.com, tsnbet.com, and brisbet.com under the twinspires.com name. In June, Churchill purchased the three account-wagering platforms, along with a related horse racing data supplier, from Ohio and Kentucky racing interests in a transaction valued at $80 million.

Current account holders of the three sites that Churchill purchased - which were collectively known as the AmericaTab sites - have already been given account numbers for the twinspires.com site, according to Vernon Niven, the president of twinspires.com, and the consolidation will not require the customers to transfer their accounts.

Twinspires.com will now use the wagering interface developed by AmericaTab, Niven said. Churchill decided to use the interface because survey results indicated that the customers of the four sites preferred the AmericaTab system.

The AmericaTab sites were one of the four major domestic account-wagering operations in the U.S., and their collective handle had been growing steadily for the past three years. However, handle through the sites, even when including twinspires.com, has recently declined 30 percent due to the loss of several popular racing signals because of a disagreement between Churchill and other account-wagering operations over simulcast rights.