05/28/2002 11:00PM

AmericaTab sites to charge per bet


The Internet wagering sites operated by AmericaTab will begin charging 25 cents per betting transaction, capped at $19.95 a month, beginning June 1.

The sites did not previously carry any betting charges, according to Todd Bowker, the general manager of AmericaTab. Boxes, wheels, or across-the-board bets will be treated as one transaction and subject to only one 25-cent charge each.

According to the company, AmericaTab sites will refund the $19.95 cap if a player bets $2,500 in a month. As part of a promotion, if a player bets $100 on one day during June, the cap will also be refunded at the end of the month.

AmericaTab operates six account-wagering sites, including winticket.com, brisbet.com, and tsnbet.com. Two weeks ago, AmericaTab reached an agreement with Television Games Network to offer wagering on TVG-exclusive tracks. TVG also charges its members 25 cents per transaction, with a $19.95 cap.