02/02/2012 5:46PM

Algorithms’s Holy Bull Beyer changed to 105

Barbara D. Livingston
Algorithms had his Beyer Speed Figure for his victory in the Grade 3 Holy Bull Stakes elevated from a 98 to 105.

Algorithms, a runaway winner of the Grade 3 Holy Bull Stakes here Sunday, had his Beyer Speed Figure for the race elevated from a 98 to 105. That’s the highest number earned by any 3-year-old to this point of the season.

Andrew Beyer of Beyer Associates said the change was made due to what he believes is a problem with the timing system.

"We made the decision to change the figure when we became aware that the official time of the race was probably not accurate," he said.

Beyer said Gulfstream’s electric timer, operated by the Teleview Racing Patrol, posted a final time of 1:36.17 for the one-mile race. However, the Trakus system, introduced at Gulfstream this season, timed the Holy Bull in 1:35.09.

"There have been many questions about times of races out of the one-mile chute this year, and we may never know the accurate time of the Holy Bull," Beyer said.

Gulfstream stood by the final clocking. "I checked with Teleview and nobody is aware of any timing issues with the Holy Bull," said Tim Ritvo, president of Gulfstream Park.