10/07/2014 12:09PM

ADW companies pay up for Treve's Arc victory


An oddity of French betting and odds displays has caused several large U.S. account-wagering companies to credit their customers with a far higher payoff for the winner of Sunday’s Prix de l’Arc Triomphe at Longchamp in Paris than what the filly actually paid.

According to three officials with direct knowledge of the incident, none of whom would agree to be quoted, both TVG and twinspires.com have credited customers who wagered on the winner, Treve, as if the filly was 14-1, even though she paid $8 as part of a three-horse entry. The credits affected only a handful of customers, many of whom complained that they believed Treve was 14-1 because the French simulcast displayed her individual odds even though that did not reflect the betting odds in the commingled pool, which included U.S. wagers.

The officials stressed that the incident did not involve a tote error but was rather due to a peculiarity of how the French pari-mutuel operator displays odds for horses who are coupled for wagering purposes. Nevertheless, because of the confusion, TVG and twinspires.com credited the accounts of their winning customers. XpressBet.com, which displayed the true odds to its customers, has not taken any action, the officials said.

The incident underlines the difficulties that can face bettors wagering into international pools, where bet types often do not exactly match up with U.S. bet types. In fact, some account-wagering operators offered a trifecta to their bettors on the Arc, even though the French pari-mutuel system does not have a bet type that is an exact match for a U.S.-type trifecta, causing refunds to be issued on those bets.

The peculiarity of display odds also affected other races. One bettor, who did not want to be named, received a credit for a winning bet on the race following the Arc, on a horse that was displayed as 35-1 but instead paid $23.20. That horse also was coupled with two other wagering interests.

The officials said that international simulcast operators are working with their tote companies to address the difference between how the French display odds for entries so that the true odds are properly displayed to U.S. bettors.