09/10/2010 1:32PM

$8.4M sought for Stonewall property in Kentucky


According to court documents filed Friday in a Jacksonville, Fla., bankruptcy court, Stonewall Farm owner Audrey Haisfield intends to put the Kentucky farm property, totaling about 232 acres in Midway, for $8.4 million.

An exclusive right-to-sell contract with real estate agent Bill Justice, which must be approved by the court, calls for three tracts at 3478, 3566, and 3768 Midway Road in Woodford County, to be listed. The listing period runs from Sept. 7 through Dec. 6, 2010, but could be extended.

A June 2009 appraisal on behalf of Harleysville National Bank estimated the farm’s value at $8.9 million at that time.

The bank’s successor, Stone Wall Acquisition, has received a $16 million judgment against Haisfield and her husband, Richard, in its loan-default lawsuit.

Stonewall Stallions, once headquartered at the Kentucky farm, now operates at its Ocala, Fla., division.