01/15/2016 12:53PM

14-year-old mare Missing Sefa retired


Against her better judgment, and with considerable regret, owner-trainer Jamie Grubbs has decided to retire Missing Sefa after being subjected to unfavorable comments on social media for keeping the 14-year-old mare in training.

“A lot of people had positive things to say about her,” said Grubbs, “but with Facebook and Twitter and even people texting me … I can’t take all the negativity. I guess I’m just not thick-skinned enough.”

Missing Sefa was beaten 20 lengths in her career finale on Dec. 6 at Turfway, finishing sixth of seven. Until then, the mare maintained respectable form throughout a 112-race career in which she recorded 28 wins, 20 seconds, and 19 thirds for earnings of $352,539. Grubbs, a licensed trainer since 1992, claimed her as a 2-year-old on Dec. 3, 2004.

“My horses are like my children,” said Grubbs, a mother of a 23-year-old son. “I really didn’t want her to go out this way, but that’s life sometimes. She’s sound and happy, and if it weren’t for all the backlash I’ve gotten, she would run again because it’s what she lives for. She’ll stick around here at the barn with us until I figure out what to do with her.”

Laura More than 1 year ago
very troubling lines to read: 'Against her better judgment, and with considerable regret' "until I figure out what to do with her.” so, but for social media pressure, she'd still be putting this mare on the track to race...pity any other horses in her stable 'what to do with her'...not the most eloquent way to put it, sounds like she's talking about an ugly vase she got for a present, not a living creature she claims to love...how about letting any number of the people and rescue organizations that have contacted you repeatedly, begging to take her, to take her, preferably with a donation from you for her care
Danielle Golden More than 1 year ago
A. You don't know Jamie. B. You don't know Sefa. C. Sefa does NOT do well being turned out. Again, she loves to train and race. D. Most importantly, Sefa loves to run. Those that know her, know this. She is spoiled. I know the family, and the Queen very well. She lacks for nothing, and is treated with the utmost respect, which also includes her preference for what she wants to do. She loves to train, and race. You talking about Sefa as if she is a charity case is insulting. And yes, Jamie has to figure out "what to do with her" because she's being force to take Sefa away from what she loves to do most. Those so-called rescues were in fact looking to breed her. That's the reason they wanted her. Maggi Moss who is one of the most respected horsewomen in the industry and who actually cares about the horse's preference AS WELL, looked into this also, and decided that there was no action needed. Why don't people like you look for horses that run on this circuit WEEKLY, and get beat EVERY WEEK by many lengths and run till they break down actually do something for the ones who NEED it?
Dan Cronin More than 1 year ago
well said
Laura More than 1 year ago
2 words, Au Moon, he loved to train and race, too, and it killed him how do you know she wouldn't like being turned out? how often has she had a chance to be, since she was a foal? she may not realize there's any other way to live than the track, but if properly let down, given buddies to be with in the field, she may never want to see a person again
Danielle Golden More than 1 year ago
She wouldn't have made it to 13 as a racehorse if she didn't have plenty of time off. I know Jamie and I know Sefa. Very well. She doesn't handle being turned out. Maybe after enough time, yes, she would be ok with it, but she loves the attention. She's knows how special she is, and she takes full advantage of it.
Jeanne Wolverton More than 1 year ago
Maybe a foal in her future?
Laura More than 1 year ago
hasn't she done enough? hasn't she earned the right to rest in a pasture somewhere? does this woman deserve to make another penny out of this poor aged mare?
BooBooBren More than 1 year ago
Honestly I am tired of fans like you. If you can be called fans. Before you start spouting off about how she is so abused, do you work with this horse? Are you out there everyday looking after Miss Sefa? Is there an invested interest for you? No? Then go out and find a rescue horse that needs to be saved. Throwing out comments without understanding the industry and realizing that Thoroughbreds at one point raced more then 21 races wasn't all that shocking. They raced into the hundreds and the fact that Miss Sefa did that is impressive. People calling and harassing this woman is sickening. They ruin the sport for everyone and give the racing industry a bad name. She isn't an aged mare, she is a 14 year old racehorse. A incredibly fit animal who yes can be turned around and bred. Thats her job. Yes I said job because these animals have jobs, as all the other horses in all the other industry do.
Laura More than 1 year ago
she is "aged," some jurisdictions have a top age limit of 12, she's past that, and while I know in most any other equestrian sport, 14 would be just about, or just slightly past, prime, other sports (jumping, dressage) aren't like racing, where very young horses are expected to do things usually beyond their physical maturity...there are no 3 year old Grand Prix Jumpers or Dressage horses, if they're 8 years old at those levels, they're considered very advanced for their age, so *yes*, 14 is 'aged' for racing, and no, she isn't 'required' to have a job of producing foals, or doing anything else for humans, she's earned a *rest* ...and if anyone gives racing a 'bad name' to the casual fan or public, it's trainers who *need* social media harassment to do the right thing, take a mare the equivalent of a what, 40-50 year old human, out of competition before tragedy strikes, if she thought the harassment was bad for this, what does she think she would've faced if Missing Sefa had broken down?
Danielle Golden More than 1 year ago
Thank you!
Greg Jones More than 1 year ago
Bravo!!! Wishing Sefa all the best in her earned retirement.