01/13/2012 12:58PM

“Eye” on Monticello for January 9 - 11



Monday, January 9

FOX VALLEY SOSA (NW250ps) - Sat on the cones and got caught in behind a wall of horses never getting out.


Tuesday, January 10

MY LAST LAUGH (NW400ps) – Super-sharp in last; class hike no problem.


Wednesday, January 11

BEAL HANOVER ($7,500clm) - Came hard first over, challenged, was turned away but held stubbornly until the end.

RICK'S JACKPOT ($4,000clm) - Raced conservatively in last outing. Let’s look for a more aggressive steer in his next start.

THE COUNT (NW200ps) - Dropped and popped with a nice wire-to-wire score.