Thank you for playing in the DRF Bets Live Bankroll Challenge on Sunday, March 30.

We’ve heard from a number of players about confusion generated by the leaderboard display, which showed gross standings instead of net standings.  While the rules clearly stated that the contest was based on net returns,  we understand that this leaderboard display did not lead to the kind of experience we wanted our players to have.

So, here’s what we’re going to do:  pay out the contest on BOTH net and gross standings.

Below you’ll find the final audited net and gross bankroll standings.   Congratulations to the winners, who we’ll contact no later than Thursday, April 3rd.  

Thanks again for playing with DRF Bets.

The DRF Bets Team

Net Bankroll Standings - Winners

Scott Carson $4,239.70
Richard Nielsen $824.50
Kevin McIntyre $745.30
Mark Streiff $696.00
Thomas Reed $594.50
Michelle McSweeney $502.50
Michael McIntyre $497.00
Tim Stupka $486.00
Stephanie Davis $451.50

Gross Bankroll Standings - Winners

Scott Carson $5,805.70
Brett Wiener $4,956.78
Mark Streiff $3,817.00
Chuck Grubbs $3,532.70
Gary Johnson $2,887.00
Sarah Wiener $2,837.83
Thomas Maloof $2,214.00
William Rendino $2,084.00
Paul Shurman $1,532.50