08/03/2010 4:08PM

Where's the Money, Monmouth?


Monmouth Park stopped the presses when it announced in May that it would be offering an average of $1 million per day in purses during its elite summer meeting from May 22 to Sept. 6. Jaws dropped form Seaside Heights to Melbourne at the implication. Even Japan, where they run an average of one million-dollar race per week, was impressed by the magnitude of the offer.
But reality at the Jersey shore has fallen short of the dream. In the 33 days of the Monmouth summer meeting thus far, the average purses per day have totaled an average of $795,515. While that is an admirable sum heretofore unseen in these United States, it is well short of the promised million dollars a day. $204,485 short to be exact.
Multiplied by 33 days, the shortfall totals $6,748,005 that horsemen had every reason to believe would now be in their bank accounts. Monmouth Park officials owe their owners, trainers, jockeys and fans an explanation.