08/25/2008 4:01PM

What a weekend!


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Travers (Sar):  Colonel John (E. Harty/G. Gomez) - 106
*Del Mar Mile (Dmr):  Whatsthescript - Ire (J. Sadler/G. Gomez) - 106
*Personal Ensign (Sar):  Ginger Punch (R. Frankel/R. Bejarano) - 104
*Pacific Classic (Dmr):  Go Between (W. Mott/G. Gomez) - 104
*Molly Pitcher (Mth):  Hystericalady (J. Hollendorfer/R. Albarado) - 104
*Bernard Baruch (Sar):  Shakis - Ire (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 103
*Del Mar (Dmr):  Spring House (J. Canani/C. Nakatani) - 103
*NetJets King's Bishop (Sar):  Visionaire (M. Matz/A. Garcia) - 103
*Ballston Spa (Sar):  Wait a While (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 103
*Pat O'Brien (Dmr):  Lewis Michael (W. Catalano/R. Douglas) - 102
*Arlngton Sprint (AP):  Mr. Nightlinger (W. Calhount/H. Theriot II) - 102
*Play the King (WO):  Just Rushing (S. Attard/J. McAleney) - 101
*Ballerina (Sar):  Intangaroo (G. Sherlock/A. Quinonez) - 100
*Victory Ride (Sar):  Porte Bonheur (D. Duggan/D. Dominguez) - 100
*Bennington (Sar):  Zada Belle (S. bin Suroor/J. Velazquez) - 100

*Leeward (PID):  J's Sundance Halo (G. Bennett/L. Gonzalez) - 99
*Rancho Bernardo (Dmr):  Dearest Trickski (J. Sadler/M. Smith) - 98
*Harry F. Brubaker (Dmr):  Hyperbaric (J. Canani/G. Gomez) - 98
*Smarty Jones Classic (Pha):  Delaware River (W. Campbell/F. Pennington) - 97
*World Series of Poker (LaD):  Autobeacat (E. Heitzmann/D. Meche) - 95
*Frank Gall Memorial (CT):  Confucius Say (G. Yetsook/L. Reynolds) - 95
*Devil's Honor (Pha):  Joey Carson (T. Ritchey/J. Caraballo) - 95
*Ambassador of Luck (Pha):  Jet Away Jane (T. Miller/A. Rodriguez) - 94
*Brother Brown (RP):  Distinguish (M. Lozano/J. Shepherd) - 93
*Mile Hi (Yav):  Nosir (J. Guerra/V. Guerra) - 93
*Miss Woodford (Mth):  Shining Image (J. Terranova II/D. Centeno) - 93 (*Peisinoe finished first, but was dq'd to second)
*Primal (Crc):  Sweetnorthernsaint (L. Azpurua Jr./M. Cruz) - 93
*Albany (Sar):  Tin Cup Chalice (M. Lecesse/P. Rodriguez) - 93
*Old Red (Sar):  Trouble Maker (T. Albertrani/E. Coa) - 92
*Iowa Classic Sprint (PrM):  Crimson King Cat (K. Von Hemel/P. Compton) - 91
*CTT and Thoroughbred Owners of California (Dmr):  Marzelline - Ire (B. Cecil/T. Baze) - 91
*Kelso (Del):  Phil the Power (J. Orseno/A. Black) - 91
*Governor's (Sac):  Saratoga's Magic (J. Hollendorfer/R. Gonzalez) - 91
*Mechanicville (Sar):  Ahvee's Destiny (L. Rice/J. Velazquez) - 90
*Captain My Captain (Pha):  Power by Leigh (A. Correnti/R. Alvarado Jr.) - 90
*Adena Springs Matchmaker Turf Sprint (RP):  Stealth Cat (S. Asmussen/L. Quinonez) - 90

*Cinnamon Girl (Crc):  Annabill (M. Wolfson/J. Santiago) - 89
*Peppy Addy (Pha):  Dynamic Dan (W. Campbell/F. Pennington) - 88
*Ellis Park Turf (ElP):  Platinee (W. Mott/C. Lanerie) - 88
*Mom's Command (Suf):  Anofficerandalady (E. Allard/D. Amiss) - 87
*Mr. Jenney (Pha):  Remain Silent (M. Pino/K. Carmouche) - 87
*Ralph Hayes (PrM):  Red Hot N Gold (K. Von Hemel/K. Shino) - 86
*Union Avenue (Sar):  By the Light (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Prado) - 85
*Charles Taylor Derby (Alb):  Cape Time (C. Hartman/C. Lambert) - 85
*Canadian Derby (NP):  Matt's Broken Vow (J. Carroll/E. Ramsammy) - 85
*Ponca City (RP):  My Sweet Valor (S. Asmussen/L. Quinonez) - 85
*Mrs. Penny (Pha):  Royal Pleasure (J. Sheppard/R. Homeister Jr.) - 85
*City of Edmonton Distaff (NP):  Holy Nova (M. Beveridge/M. Gutierrez) - 81
*Omnibus (Mth):  Almonsoon (T. Pletcher/J. Velez Jr.) - 80
*New Westminster (Hst):  El Sinaloense (J. Olmos/P. Alvarado) - 80
*Northern Fling (Pha):  Miss Blue Tye Dye (R. Reid Jr./F. Pennington) - 80

*West Mesa (Alb):  Snowdrop (B. Woolley Jr./A. Juarez Jr.) - 79
*Belle Geste (WO):  Glitter Rocks (I. Black/C. Sutherland) - 78
*Silver Deputy (WO):  Mine That Bird (D. Cotey/C. Sutherland) - 78
*Arthur L. (Crc):  Otis Ridge (K. Ziadie/P. Lopez) - 78
*City Centre Bingo Sweepstakes (MD):  Standoff (M. Taphorn/T. Moccasin) - 78
*GCFA Texas Bred (Gil):  Prince Krimmer (C. Detiege/S. Carrizales) - 77
*Charles Town Juvenile (CT):  Essenceofthemoon (B. McAlister/J. Acosta) - 76
*Miss Shenandoah (CT):  Onearmedbandit (J. Robb/O. Castillo) - 76
*Donna Reed (PrM):  Elite Lady (D. Clark/T. Doocy) - 75
*Iowa Breeders' Derby (PrM):  Kate's Main Man (T. Gleason/T. Doocy) - 74
*African Prince (Suf):  Sultan's Prince (T. Kirby/W. Bush) - 72
*Lassie (Hst):  What R the Odds (M. Snow/F. Perez) - 72
*Ice Water (WO):  Koonunga Hill (S. Owens/C. Montpellier) - 71
*Rachel's Turn (CT):  Letmeaskuquestion (J. Casey/J. Acosta) - 70
*Miss Ohio (Tdn):  Slides Choice (T. Hamm/A. Sanguinetti) - 70

*Columbus Maturity/Matron (Cls):  Dazzling Seville (C. Legrande/L. Ranilla) - 66
*Iowa Breeders' Oaks (PrM):  Good N Gold (J. Hall/A. Birzer) - 66 (*Judy Faye finished first with 67 Beyer, but was dq'd to second)
*Iowa Cradle (PrM):  Jumpifyoudare (K. Von Hemel/R. Monterrey) - 65
*Landeluce (Rui):  Prairie Charm (G. Cross/A. Castanon) - 65

*Columbus Breeders' Special (Filly Div.) (Cls):  Jane of Arcadia (R. Westermann/L. Ranilla) - 58
*Jr. Champion (Mth):  Renda (J. Arias/S. Madrid) - 58
*Distaff (AsD):  Queen Tina (H. Kube/D. Lopez) - 56
*Graceful Klinchit (MD):  Wisperingwhitelies (J. Hunter/A. Scarlett) - 56
*Columbus Breeders' Special (Colt Div.) (Cls):  String of Diamonds (D. Anderson/D. Leeds) - 53

*Iowa Sorority (PrM):  Prairie Blues (A. Mitchell/A. Birzer) - 46

Here are the lifetime past performances for the "High/Low" Beyer stakes performers of the week:

Download HighLow.pdf


Congrats to those who had winners.  I'll be back in a couple of days to address a few comments.

Take care,


tony kelso More than 1 year ago
Anybody out there that is good with 2 year olds? In Saturday's Saratoga's 8th I have: 1, 1a, 6 and 10..... I am wondering if I should add another horse for the late pick 4?? Generally 2yos going 6.5f is a tricky distance for me.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Larryk, Thanks for the heads up on Belgrave Square in the DLM 10th Monday. Have to mention with all the GREAT racing this weekend, I really like the P/4 sequence at DLM Monday. Also, if one can zero in on the winner in the 5th, Smokin S. the P/6 should be considered. Alan Garcia may still ride Alaazo. From those in the know, (I stole that line) if Garcia takes care of homework at the Spa Sat. & Sun. He will likely still ride Alaazo? Which I hope happens. As much as I like Alan, God-Forbid...in a size 6 dress? Delaware 8th, Kent G-3, I am and have been a big fan of Adriano. Wesley also has to be considered here, but Luck Money @ 8/1 is a bargain. I know he crawled home in .25 in his stateside debut, but he still won. He picks up G. Saez tomorrow, and I don't feel the distance will be any problem. Just hope he sticks around his M/L of 8-1. Doubt that will happen, but will still play a W/P at 3/1 or better. Is anyone going to try and beat Curlin tomorrow?
Leo More than 1 year ago
I did much better at the beginning of this meet than now. My cushion has been slowly eaten away by running cold lately, but I’ll be playing today, so here’s my picks. Tread lightly and wishing you all good luck. DMR (8/30/8) Race#1: 8-Guts (7-2) Race#2: 1-Sindyfromsantacruz (7-2) Race#3: 2-Four Four Two (3-1) Race#4: 3-Candy Pull (5-1) Race#5: 7-Auntgrace (9-2) Race#6: 11-Rhodine’s Kid (8-1) Race#7: 7-Johnny Be Bad (6-1) Race#8: 10-Stroppy (6-1) Race#9: 3-Ransom Captive (3) Race#10: 4-Runondemand (4-1) Best Bet: Race#3: 2-Four Four Two; Long Shot: Race#6: 11-Rhodine’s Kid
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Ivan; You are red-hot for the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your picks here, sir. Now that I have that out of the way, do let everyone know who you like this weekend...please? Thank you, kind sir. Van Savant
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
Joe, The 9th at Del Mar is wide open. There will be a ton of money on Vacare. I like Moujane, Ainimaa, Kris's Sis (look at the company she has been keeping - Zenyatta, Diamond Diva, Precious Kitten, and Black Mamba). My issue with Ransom Captive is that a quick glance at her past performances show a bunch of ITM finishes - except for the two where she ran 9F. She wins at mile and loses badly at 9F, so where does she fit at 8.5F, don't know. If Bejarano can control the pace, Runondemand is a good choice, and he does seem to be the prime speed. However he has collapsed like a K-Mart lawn chair in his last two and the addition of more distance is probably not going to help.
Annie More than 1 year ago
SR Vegas, OMG, things are getting serious! Now you pretend limericks are a sign of getting better. lol Well, just so you don't feel you're the only one with a problem, here's an alternative Dmr Pick 6 for the romantics: It started with a CASUAL ENCOUNTER but quickly grew into a RED HOT FLAME. TOM QUINN could think of nothing but this UNUSUAL JANE. "I just GOTTA HAVE HER, he moaned to his friends. If I can make her mine, I will ADULATE her forever." You do believe in fairy tales, don't you? Annie
Annie More than 1 year ago
Turn Back The Alarm, Lol! I thought that would strike a chord with someone. It does seem, sometimes, that attitude is their middle name. Annie
Annie More than 1 year ago
Alan & Katieattherail, LOL!! That's hilarious! How nice of you, Katie, to help Alan out like that. Annie
Annie More than 1 year ago
Steve T, I know you like Heatology in the 2nd at Dmr, but what do you think of Rosario being on Malamado and not Heatology? Annie
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
Alan, I am beginning to worry, we have grown men with stuffed animals - you with the CEW and me with the Rutherienne Death Pony. Is this the start of our regression to childhood? Who cares, we are over 50 we can do whatever we want. I now have all of the two year old UH's (39) in a spreadsheet. There have been four two year old UH's that have run (Mensa Heat, Trash Master, Firstthingsfirst and Laird's Lassie). Three have won (Mensa Heat, Trash Master and Laird's Lassie). So they are 3 for 4. Heatology will be the fifth to run (today in the 2nd). Based on their works I would expect another 6-8 will make their first runs at Santa Anita. Abrams tends to get 8-12 works in them before they debut and if they are dull he will shut them down until they are three. Vicstu, Here is another angle I think would have a serious impact on a horse's predilection towards speed or stamina, and that is muscle fiber types. Here is a quick primer on muscle fibers: http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/anatomyandphysiology/a/MuscleFiberType.htm In humans, sprinters have 80% fast twitch (or short) muscle fibers, while marathoners have 80% slow twitch (long) fibers. I don't know if this applies to horses, but it would be logical that it does (Cheetahs have almost 100% fast twitch muscle). Here is another interesting fact that could be huge in the next 60 days and that is that any male horse injected with steroids will slow down or stop their natural production of testosterone. So once they are off of steroids they will be deficient in testosterone until (and if) they start producing their own again. Here is some interesting info on the testosterone curve and how it is affected by the addition of artificial testosterone: http://www.steroid.com/side.php Another interesting fact is that in adolescents the addition of steroids causes the body to finish growing early, closing the growth plates well before they are ready. If 2 year old horse receives steroids it would seem they would not finish maturing naturally and their growth would halt at 2. It will be very interesting to see how these steroid horses do in the next 90 days. I suspect there will be many favorites who won't run a step. And with the BC being held on a synthetic track, it will appear that they "just didn't like synthetics" when the real reason is they are now testosterone deficient.