06/02/2008 3:04PM

Weekend thoughts, Beyers, jockey angle


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Californian (Hol):  Heatseeker - Ire (J. Hollendorfer/R. Bejarano) - 109
*Aristides (CD):  Indian Chant (T. Amoss/H. Theriot II) - 106
*Milady (Hol):  Zenyatta (J. Shirreffs/M. Smith) - 103
*Opening Verse (CD):  Inca King (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 102
*Ohio Derby (Tdn):  Smooth Air (B. Stutts Jr./M. Cruz) - 102
*Golden Gate Fields Turf (GG):  Sudan - Ire (R. Frankel/D. Flores) - 100

*Dogwood (CD):  Acoma (D. Carroll/R. Albarado) - 99
*Wolf Hill (Mth):  Our Friend Harvey (T. Hills/J. Bravo) - 99
*Changing Times (Pen):  Sonvida Red (S. Lake/J. Stisted) - 99
*Karl Boyes Memorial (PID):  Ravalo (D. Barr/M. Luzzi) - 98
*Noble Nashua (Bel):  Stud Muffin (D. Duggan/J. Velazquez) - 98
*Gallant Man (Hol):  Big Booster (M. Mitchell/R. Bejarano) - 97
*Sands Point (Bel):  Raw Silk (T. Albertrani/A. Garcia) - 97
*Satin and Lace (PID):  Bucky's Prayer (G. Bennett/L. Gonzalez) - 95
*Nassau (WO):  Callwood Dancer - Ire (R. Attfield/E. Da Silva) - 95
*Rumson (Mth):  Indy Joe (M. Shuman/J. Bravo) - 95
*Beautiful Pleasure (Bel):  All Is Vanity - Fr  (C. Clement/A. Garcia) - 94
*Sussex (Del):  Independent George (H. Motion/R. Dominguez) - 92
*Hoist Her Flag (Cby):  Pro Pink (M. Robertson/D. Bell) - 92
*Pebo's Guy (Bel):  Cannonball (W. Ward/J. Velazquez) - 91

*Plate Trial (WO):  Not Bourbon (R. Attfield/J. Jones) - 88
*Wild Rose (PrM):  Over Under (D. Stewart/T. Thompson) - 88
*Manhattan Beach (Hol):  Starry Pursuit (J. Hollendorfer/J. Rosario) - 88
*Jim Rasmussen Memorial (PrM):  Sumac (J. Hall/T. Doocy) - 88
*Roanoke (Pen):  Power by Leigh (A. Correnti/R. Alvarado Jr.) - 85
*Your Ladyship (AP):  Magnetic Miss (J. Broussard/E. Fires) - 85
*Aspen Cup (Rui):  Kuba a Noqua (H. Dominguez/O. Ceballos) - 84
*New York Stallion Spectacular Bid (Bel):  Brookhaven's Money (S. Schwartz/J. Castellano) - 83
*Michael F. Rowland Memorial (Tdn):  Catlaunch (I. Vazquez/I. Gonzalez) - 83
*Senate Appointee (Hst):  Holy Nova (T. Taylor/M. Gutierrez) - 83
*La Verendrye (AsD):  Polynesian Kitty (J. Ness/J. Olesiak) - 83 
*Fern Sawyer (Rui):  Goodbye Norma Jean (H. Dominguez/A. Martinez) - 82
*Arapahoe Park Sprint (ArP):  Artistic Moment (S. Rushton/M. Ziegler) - 81
*New York Stallion Cupecoy's Joy (Bel):  Study Abroad (R. Dutrow Jr./G. Gomez) - 81
*Ohio Valley (Mnr):  Thor's Daughter (T. Schuh/O. Pereira) - 81

*Salerno (CT):  Ghostly Thunder (D. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 78
*Power by Far (Pen):  Miss Blue Tye Dye (R. Reid Jr./F. Pennington) - 76
*Pearl Necklace (Pim):  Hartigan (R. Small/J. Santana) - 75
*Green Carpet (RD):  Type A Personality (E. Reed/J. Felix) - 75
*Little Silver (Mth):  Saki to Me (S. Hough/P. Fragoso) - 74
*Nepal (Pen):  Bombed Again (A. Correnti/J. Flores) - 73
*Robellino (Pen):  Gold Stones (R. Seeger/M. Charles) - 73
*Bluegrass (Lnn):  Hot Jelly Jam (D. Coughlin/L. Ranilla) - 72

*Golden Boy (AsD):  Its Launch Time (M. Russell/D. Bryan) - 69
*Ingrid Knotts (ArP):  She's Outrageous (J. Arnett/T. Wales) - 69
*Yavapai Classic (Yav):  Mobile (M. Ortiz/V. Guerra) - 68
*ITA Sophomore Distaff (Boi):  Salsa Express (D. Hall/D. Crane) - 62

*ITA Sophomore (Boi):  Matt's Champ (M. Williams/R. Keckler) - 47

*Federal Way (EmD):  Startjumpin Marnie (J. Hollendorfer/L. Mawing) - ???


Who says jockeys are the worst handicappers?  At Delaware, riders don't have to make their final decisions concerning their mounts until after the overnight is published.  Sometimes, you'll see Ramon Dominguez listed on three horses.  Often, he ends up making the right choice.  Handicappers keeping tabs on rider moves found a nice betting opportunity in the seventh race at Delaware on May 27. Mario Pino was listed on Devil's Betty (4-1 morning line) and Pic Isabella (20-1 morning line).  Here are their respective past performances leading into the May 27 race for $25,000 N2L claimers at About 1 1/16 miles on turf:

Download PinoPower.pdf

Devils Betty was making her turf debut after overcoming trouble to beat weak maidens at River Downs.  Pic Isabella, on the other hand, failed to finish ahead of another horse  in both starts since winning her maiden.  Pino chose Pic Isabella despite the recent poor showings, and the horse took surprising money during the early portion of the wagering.  Pic Isabella opened at 7-2, and she broke from the gate at 9-2.  Devils Betty drifted to 11-1. 

Download Chart.pdf

Pic Isabella ran off the screen for Pino, and returned $11.40 to win.  Perhaps the morning line was off in a race without much recent form, but Pino's intent coupled with the early money and other handicapping angles (drop in class, second off the layoff, stretching out) made Pic Isabella worth a second glance.  Keep an eye out for these rider choices at tracks like Delaware, Pimlico, etc.

Back tomorrow with 'Cappers of the Week, and responses to your questions and comments.

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fred g More than 1 year ago
Hey--I dont play canterbury often--anyone out there know if horses can close in the sprints or is it just another conveyor belt?
monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
Dutrow is the Al Czervik of racing...Al is the dirty, loud, rich and classless character Rodney Dangerfield played so well in Caddyshack. Heres to hoping anyone beats him and keeps the Triple Crown in "the class" it should be in. Dutrow winning the TC is like putting Catsup on a steak in Peter Luger's.
Grey Tan or White More than 1 year ago
Steve V. Thursday at the Wood...Get your one's up!!! 1) Win 2 2) Win 2 3) Win 7 box 3 4) Win 6 box 8 5) Win 3 box 6 6) Sorry Steve had Stettler last out Win 5 7) Win 4 box 1 8) Win 9 box 10 The plan to head to Belmont for Saturday then Monmouth Sunday for Callmetony sounds good...just have to run it by the sis...HOLLA
Alan More than 1 year ago
Dan, I just reread your initial comments from today. With all the Triple Crown hype/drama, we are somewhat forgetting two very special horses currently in our midst - and I'm not talking about Big Brown or Casino Drive. I'm talking about Curlin (prepping beautifully for the Stephen Foster) and particularly...Zenyatta. Zenyatta really is incredible - when she gets rolling, she reminds me of one of the great horses of my youth => FOREGO!! I loved Forego - As a 16yo, I watched the then 4yo gelding win almost every major handicap race at every distance, always (except for the Gold Cup as it was weight for age) at very high weights!! Forego often conceded 10-20+ pounds to the rest of the field!!. In 1974, Forego won the 7f Carter (BTW, look who he beat in that race) and the 16f (yes, 2 miles) Jockey Club Gold Cup in the same style! Watch how this huge horse would just run 'em down in the stretch on the outside - he was awesome!! 1974 Carter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69mBgbkuIfk 1974 Gold Cup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suFm-CufWGw Look at all of Forego's wins on YouTube - the '77MetMile, the '76MalboroCup (at 137#!! I WAS THERE FOR THAT ONE!!), the Woodward wins, the Brooklyn Hndcp - always by far the high weight, always running from out of the clouds - what a horse!! And now I have found another - a filly from California... It's only Monday and barring injury, I just made my Belmont stakes pick. The most confident (note: I don't say arrogant - I reserve that for another team entered) connections at BEL are Casino Drive's guys. I keep watching the Peter Pan video (I've probably watched it at least a dozen times) - initially I was going to play against Casino Drive...but to h*** with his lack of seasoning (by US standards) and crazy workout pattern!! If Prado gets him to settle down well and within striking distance of BB, he's gonna likely win the race. Casino Drive is now on top of my tickets. A good handicapping rule of thumb (which I should have followed for the Derby!!) - if too many "wise guys" are playing against a horse (in this case, Casino Drive), play that horse more heavily to win!! I'll still keep BB on my P4/P6 tickets as a 'B', but he'll only be in the 2nd slot on my exotics Saturday. I see DoC as another 2nd pick and then add ToE/IC for 3rd and MA/RE 4th. WOW...only a $24 SUPER?? Well - at least my pick should make for a lively CHAT on Uncle Steve's website Friday night!! BTW, what does everyone think the post-time odds will be for the race?? Here is my guess: Big Brown: 3/5 Casino Drive: 2/1 Denis of Cork: 8/1 Macho Again: 10/1 Tale of Ekati: 12/1 Icabad Crane: 15/1 Ready's Echo: 25/1 Anak Nakal: 50/1 Da'Tara: 70/1
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Blue Horseshoe; I enjoyed your explanation of your wagering strategies. I have a friend who eschews the longshots in favor of the "overlaid" favorites. If he feels a horse should be 2/5, and that entrant is 4/5, he considers this entrant to be "dead on the board". I have seen him do well in all of these instances, while he has laughed at my longshots. I respect his style of play, and yours as well. But back to my friend. I have seen the look on his face when my 17/1 shot finished in front of one his "un-playable" 5/2 entrants to key a $225.00 Exacta. Styles are funny things. I think I (we) gravitate toward what works, and we tend to avoid what doesn't work. My style changes from year to year. Presently, I tend to play Win bets, with small Exacta and Superfecta wagers. This is working for me, so I stick with it. Lastly, I enjoy your posts. You are a keen resource amoungst this group, and I hope to read more from you in the future. Thank you, sir.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Lenny, Can't add a whole lot to what has already been mentioned above. The P/4 is my favorite bet. I am always looking for a single that I feel has at least a 90% chance of winning. A 2nd choice that is about equal percentage wise, along with an overlay that I like. That is where I will defenitly use 3 horses. I'm not sure there is a method to this madness. I do know, my big wins have came from tickets playing the fav. or 2nd fav. along with an overlay. I have never hit the all button, but oh so many times I regretted not doing so. Something I need to learn when it is the right play. I do use a horizontal box on occasion, although not often. When I do it is because I feel I have the first 3 wired, and try to throw in a 10/1-15/1 in the mix and hope the longshot wins. Perfect example is the Ohio Derby last Saturday. While the top three were what I expexted, I don't regret throwing a 10/1 shot in with them. I still won money! I only play P/6's with a carry over or on Derby and BC day. I use a combination of caveman, (usually my big ticket), along with the AA, AB, etc tickets. The bottom line for me is I am a percentage gambler. I don't know if that makes sense, but if you are a poker player at all, you will understand. Had a blast today, and tonight. The Budweiser Clysdale's are in town for a week. Spent a couple hours in their stable along with the horses manager (Jim), don't know his last name. By the time I left tonight had the Alpha male, Sammy eating out of my hand. Dixon, a gelding, (as a matter of fact they are all geldings) the youngest member was laying his head on my shoulder and giving me kisses. BTW, Laura I did use the nostril trick to get them to accept me! Some were absolutely amazed how I could be accepted so quickly. Bigeasybigchok, a really good question. You know what, I don't care what perception others have in any aspect regarding this weekend. The Belmont itself is going to be a good race regardless of the outcome. We will see a TC winner, or see a lightly raced colt from Japan win, or we see a long shot run the race of his life! I for one will just enjoy the day. How can you not if you are a racing (horse) fan? Besides the Belmont S., from a competitive standpoint the TRUE NORTH, JUST A GAME, WOODY STEPHENS, ACORN, and THE MANHATTAN Stakes will all be good races! Bottom line is, I am sick of the negative press. Most of it comes from people that don't know a bridle, from a starting gate! With that being said, there is plenty of bad vibes from everyday horse players. I just don't get it. When there are so few positives pertaining to this sport, HOW IN THE WORLD does anyone that is a true fan throw out fuel that feeds a fire that is burning without substance? BTW Dan, nice write on Zenyatta. She really is an incredible filly. Just a shame we won't see her knock heads with Nashoba's Key. Just horse racing luck, or lack of it! Best To All,
C More than 1 year ago
SteveV, Great. I'm sure he's a big ball of laughs and a great trainer. But this isn't "bad press". The guy has been caught doing bad things... numerous drug violations, Wild Desert's "workout", his personal drug issues, etc. They say PVal is a heck of a guy too. And what do you mean he never complains? Didn't he just whine about how Prado tried to box him in during the Preakness? He followed that up with the subtle threat that anyone who tries that in the Belmont might get "assassinated". Yeah, swell guy. vicstu, You're right. It should be all about the horse... so why does Dutrow have to run his mouth in that manner? This isn't boxing or the WWF. There's no need for it here. What makes Dutrow's statements about his competition (not to mention Servis) more distasteful is that Big Brown is clearly the best 3YO out there. Was it really necessary for him to rescind his earlier suggestion that Casino Drive will run 2nd after seeing him on the track? Did he have to scoff at Tada's training methods and put the horse down? Did he have to rub salt into the wounds of the Smarty Jones people (from 2004!) by saying that they were "just not smart" about their management of the horse? If he has the best horse, does he really have to call the Belmont a "foregone conclusion", dismissing his competition as hopeless? What happened to humility and sportsmanship? This is just piling on... the only problem is, the triple crown isn't over yet. THERE IS STILL A RACE TO BE RUN AND THE BELMONT HAS HUMBLED MANY GOOD HORSES IN THE PAST. Lenny, From a betting point of view, it doesn't really matter. I'm not throwing Big Brown out and I'm not wild about Casino Drive either. Big Brown will certainly be on my multirace tickets, but he will not be the only one. He's vulnerable to me, but he's not a toss-out. Emotion doesn't enter my wagering. But if my tickets are already dead, you can bet I'd love nothing more than Casino Drive to win by 12... and then have Servis publicly criticize Dutrow for his handling of the quarter crack.
cayman01 More than 1 year ago
PGM, I do not really have a home circuit. I do like SoCal and play it the most, but I'm just as comfortable at BEL,CD,FG,KEE and any other track that has a higher class of horse. I live near Tampa Bay Downs but rarley have success there. Too many old sore horses.
matt smith More than 1 year ago
i think there could be a crazy thing happen on belmont day---japanese sports fans are very dedicated to sports for the sake of teh sport, not fo rthe value---i have heard rumors that cd will take huge money---i think that bb will be 4/5 and cd will be 8/5 or less---becaue there is ability i believe for japan and other countries to bet into us pools---let alone the amnt of on track money---see the arc 2 years back when there was a number of japanese that descended on the track and pounded deep im[act to the favorite---i cand actually forsee a scenerio that bb and cd are bth eeven money---in the win pool--so there may be value to be had for players
Steve V. More than 1 year ago
TonySunShyne, Del Early DD: R1- 5,6 R2- 2,5,6 (Tryin' to beat Dominguez on both ends- he's on the #4 in both races.) R1- the 4 gave up a long lead in last, & the 7yo on the outside should keep him company. R2- the 4 looks ok in here, but K.Voss is not as apt to win a cl. race as the ones I'm using.