06/30/2008 9:03PM

Weekend thoughts, Beyers, 'Cappers, etc.


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures for last week's stakes races:

*Beautiful Day (Del):  Sweet Hope (J. Jones/J. Rose) - 109

*Suburban (Bel):  Frost Giant (R. Dutrow Jr./R. Rodriguez) - 106
*Hollywood Gold Cup (Hol):  Mast Track (R. Frankel/T. Baze) - 105
*Saylorville (PrM):  Miss Macy Sue (K. Von Hemel/E. Razo Jr.) - 105
*Donald LeVine Memorial (Pha):  Eternal Star (M. Trombetta/J. Pimentel) - 103
*American (Hol):  Whatsthescript - Ire (J. Sadler/I. Enriquez) - 101
*Prairie Meadows Cornhusker (PrM):  Wayzata Bay (J. Hicklin/I. Ocampo) - 100

*Iowa Sprint (PrM):  Native Ruler (C. Richard/I. Ocampo) - 99
*King Edward (WO):  Royal Oath (M. Casse/P. Husbands) - 99
*A Gleam (Hol):  Dearest Trickski (J. Sadler/M. Smith) - 98
*Iowa Derby (PrM):  Tiz Now Tiz Then (E. Harty/M. Mena) - 98
*Beverly Hills (Hol):  Black Mamba - NZ (J. Sadler/G. Gomez) - 96
*Iowa Oaks (PrM):  Storm Mesa (W. Calhoun/E. Martin Jr.) - 96
*Caress (Bel):  Stormy West (W. Mott/K. Desormeaux) - 96
*Iowa Distaff (PrM):  Fancy Fusaichi (W. Mott/J. Leparoux) - 95
*Lighthouse (Mth):  Devil House (B. Levine/D. Centeno) - 94
*Landaluce (Hol):  Emmy Darling (J. Sadler/D. Flores) - 94
*Captain Squire (Hol):  Leonides (V. Cerin/R. Migliore) - 94
*Boiling Springs (Mth):  My Princess Jess (B. Tagg/J. Bravo) - 94
*Mother Goose (Bel):  Music Note (S. bin Suroor/J. Castellano) - 93
*Chicago Breeders' Cup (AP):  Leah's Secret (T. Pletcher/R. Douglas) - 92
*Alamedan (Pln):  Saratoga's Magic (J. Hollendorfer/R. Gonzalez) - 92
*Elmont (Bel):  I Lost My Choo (P. Serpe/E. Prado) - 91
*Heckofaralph (Crc):  Dukes Flying Tiger (K. Ziadie/C. Olivero) - 91

*Daniel Van Clief (Cnl):  Frisky Thunder (J. Murphy/E. Camacho) - 89
*Spruce Fir (Mth):  Open Skies (T. Hills/J. Bravo) - 89
*Astoria (Bel):  Bold Union (K. Breen/S. Elliott) - 89
*Cleveland Gold Cup (Tdn):  Marble Cliff (W. Cowans/L. Martinez Jr.) - 88
*Alysheba (LS):  Real Appeal (T. Amoss/M. Berry) - 87
*Liberada (Crc):  Saint Knows (J. Calascibetta/C. Olivero) - 85
*Caught in The Rain (Pha):  Tuff Partners (K. DeMasi/D. Mello) - 85
*Tacoma (EmD):  Gallon (J. Penney/J. Gutierrez) - 83
*St. Georges (Del):  Populist (G. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 83
*Wild Rose (NP):  Tanika (B. Brown/S. Heiler) - 82
*San Juan County Commissioners (SRP):  Mr Charlypotatoes (T. Klenakis/R. Jaime) - 81
*Everett Nevin Alameda County Futurity (Pln):  Squallcreek (S. Miyadi/L. Martinez) - 81

*Overnight Allowance (SRP):  More Accord (J. Marr/K. Tohill) - 79
*Debutante (CD):  Garden District (T. Pletcher/R. Albarado) - 77
*Bison City (WO):  Nicki Knew (K. Attard/J. McAleney) - 77
*Tremont (Bel):  Dagnabit (R. Dutrow Jr./C. Velasquez) - 76
*Rise Jim (Suf):  Petesamassbred (C. Fontana/J. Marcano) - 74
*Dine (SRP):  Elegant Time (G. Green/A. Juarez Jr.) - 72
*Muscogee (Creek) Nation (FMT):  Reel Chrome (K. Craddock/F. Wethey Jr.) - 71

*Ruffian (ArP):  Flat Tax (A. Box/J. Barajas) - 69
*Totah Futurity (SRP):  Uptown Charlie (H. Dominguez/M. Perez) - 69
*Thoroughbred Inaugural (Wyo):  Ockley Green (M. Taylor/P. Greene) - 62
*Thoroughbred Maiden Derby (Boi):  Rockin Roman (A. Homer/R. Boyce) - 62

*Cincinnatian (RD):  Part Girlie Girl (K. Nemann/N. Solomon) - 57
*Yavapai County Arizona Breeders' Futurity (Yav):  Chikazu (J. Pickard/D. Vergara) - 56
*State Fair Futurity (Lnn):  Reach One More (D. Anderson/R. Leeds) - 53
*Early's Farm and Garden (MD):  Carson City Song (E. Seesequasis/T. Moccasin) - 52

*Prairie Meats (MD):  Truly's Finale (H. Pilon/K. Ragbirsingh) - 34

Here are the lifetime past performances for the high/low Beyer stakes-winners of the week:

Download SweetTruly.pdf


Handicapper(s) of the Week:

*James Mc. had the cold exacta ($265.50) in the Suburban as well as the late double ($589.00) at Belmont on Saturday.  Tremendous!
*Van Savant had Solar Miss ($3.80) in the first at Hollywood on Saturday, Usurp ($7.40) in the sixth, Pictural ($4.20) in the seventh, the cold exacta in the Hollywood Gold Cup, and North Rodeo ($17.00) in Hollywood's finale.
*chicago gerry had Quick Notice ($7.60) at Arlington as well as Proper Causeway ($7.00) in Arlington's finale on Saturday, Dearest Trickski ($15.80) in the A Gleam, and the cold exacta in the Hollywood Gold Cup.
*JZ picked Mostacolli Mort ($9.80) in the seventh at Hollywood on Thursday, Les Antiques ($3.90) at Belmont on Saturday, Frost Giant ($82.00) in the Suburban, Emmy Darling ($8.40) in the Landaluce,
*Steve T./Dr. Derango selected Cold Prince ($11.20) in the fourth at Hollywood on Thursday, Solar Miss ($3.80) in the opener on Saturday, and Whatsthescript ($60.20) in the American.
*PGM had the $93 cold exacta (for $2) in the Hollywood Gold Cup.
*Grey Tan or White picked Party Punch ($17.20) in the second at Hollywood on Friday, Cape Town King ($8.60) in the fifth, Obscurity ($13.40) in the third at Belmont on Saturday, Rizzi's Twist ($14.80) in the fifth, Solar Miss ($3.80) in the first at Hollywood, Yankee Station ($10.00) in the second, and Emmy Darling ($8.40) in the Landaluce.
*Supah Blitz had the cold exacta ($66.40) in the A Gleam.
*Annie mentioned Evita Argentina ($40.80) at Hollywood on Wednesday. 
*Stephen Taylor had Quick Notice in the third at Arlington on Saturday as well as Defiant Darling ($25.00) in the seventh.
*larryk had Emmy Darling in the Landaluce, Stormy Game ($6.80) in the fourth at Hollywood on Sunday, Ace High Hand ($7.00) in the sixth,
*Scott really liked Tracker Jack ($14.40) in the sixth at Hollywood on Wednesday, and Informed ($4.20) in the third at Hollywood on Thursday.
*Alan liked Emmy Darling in the Landaluce, and Music Note ($5.30) in the Mother Goose.


Since you are familiar with Euro racing I have a question regarding the use of whips, actually a couple.  Of the major Euro racing powers, are they all racing without the "aid" of the whip? Of the jurisdictions that do not allow the use of the whip in racing, is it proper to use the whip in training? Is it used to train Euro thoroughbreds? One of the arguments here is that the whip is a safety "aid" for the jockey (and horse), the horses are used to responding to this "tool" and so on. I'm just wondering if there isn't a compromise - train with it (lightly) where necessary, and race without it?Thanks.

Jockeys are equipped with whips in Europe and in most parts of the world, but the racing authorities in those countries keep stricter rules concerning their use.  Here are the whip rules for British racing:

The HRA have asked Stewards to consider holding an enquiry into any case where a Rider has used his whip in such a way as to cause them concern and publish the following examples of uses of the whip which may be regarded as improper riding:-

1. Hitting horses:
to the extent of causing injury;

with the whip arm above shoulder height;
rapidly without regard to their stride i.e. twice or more in one stride;
with excessive force;
without giving the horse time to respond.

2. Hitting horses which are:
showing no response;

out of contention;
clearly winning;
past the winning post.

3. Hitting horses in any place except:
on the quarters with the whip in either the backhand or forehand position;

down the shoulder with the whip in the backhand position;
unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

4. Hitting horses:
with excessive frequency.

More importantly, these rules are actually enforced, and strict penalties are given to riders that fail to comply.  I believe that jockeys need the whip in order to excercise some sort of control over horses that lug or drift at high speeds.  Abuse, on the other hand, cannot be tolerated, and it is the job of the stewards to monitor usage.


Marina Market was in against very tough yesterday. The winner ran HUGE - 118 beyer! What beyer did Marina Market receive for his 5th place finish?

Marina Market was beaten 36 lengths, and received a 49 Beyer Speed Figure.


...Have any Smarty Jones babies run yet?
g or g

Smarty Jones has had two starters.  Abraham Again (Smarty Jones - Settling Mist, by Pleasant Colony) is unplaced in one start in Mexico while La Equivocada (Smarty Jones - Dragonada, by Nureyev) finished sixth in his only start in Puerto Rico.


Do you not think Tiago would've won the Grade 1 Suburban had he been in N.Y. on Sat?  Why are the Mosses and Sherrifs keeping this horse out west and ruining his reputation by running him against synthetics specialists? With Curlins Licensing problems in N.Y. Tiago could clean up this summer in the handicap division.

On paper, Tiago likely would have been sent off the favorite in the Suburban, but he had some problems with the detention barn when shipped here for the Belmont Stakes, and his connections probably felt more comfortable staying at home.


Hi Dan ,
Could you please post the Beyer of the  Vindication two year old WILD PROOF?  He looked phenominal winning at Monmouth over the weekend. 
g or g

Wild Proof earned a 78 Beyer at Monmouth.  His dam won the Grade 3 Sorority as a 2-year-old.


Talk to you later,


Hillbilly More than 1 year ago
Grade 1 Amercian Oaks Sat. at Hollywood. Clearly Foxxy, I saw her at CD and she is an athlete, very nice turn of foot and love really firm ground.
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
kchris Okay, I didn't say a word, but I was thinking the same thing, "and so you gelded him" ..as a clean caption... If Alan was talkin' about any Horse, he was holding a handfull in his pics! "Hey Andy, take a look at them Balls!" OOOppps , maybe this will be editied out.. Yikes!!!! ...no Disrecpect to our many friends here... SR Vegas
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
Another trainer whose work should be admired by purists is John Shirreffs, who (from all outward appearances) is the model of consistency (in a really good way); I have noticed that he sometimes talks about his charges like they are people (they are people, if you love them) - heck, they flew in bottled water for Tiago when he was in NY for the Belmont, talk about pampered. [insert humorous line about NY drinking water here] He also wins like crazy in graded stakes (or did the last time I checked). His stable is not of a size, I think, that precludes him from providing close, personal instruction to each of his 'pupils'. I admire his work with today's thoroughbred. You might even say that I'm a fan. Actually, I am a fan, which is why I sometimes surf to http://www.horsehats.com and buy horse-themed hats of my favorite performers (or maybe just the hats that look cool! like Azari's hat). All the hats they carry are commissioned by the connections, so I think there is some traction to be had along the lines brought up by an earlier blogger, who [smartly] suggested the need for some self-marketing (at the very least) in this bloody mess of a pasttime. [PS - no connection to the company in any W, S, or F) Thanks. -slew
Steve T More than 1 year ago
Ray, Too late, he already has pictures of him with Crist and him with Watchmaker. I think we need to nominate him as the Social Secretary of FormBlog.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Caption Contest But, Andy, can't you see that you upset Uncle Steve so much when you assign those measly beyers to Colonel John?
Alan More than 1 year ago
To help with my caption contest, here are some possibilities: a. "Dr. Derango and Uncle Steve ARE THE SAME person." b. "Did you happen to see the movie Finding Amanda?" c. "Alaazo. Spelled A...L...A...A...Z...O." d. "Are those johnnyz's ribs I see on the menu?" e. "C used to be hired as a Beyer figuremaker? WOW - wait 'til I tell the blog!!" Anyone else getting excited about the Florence Henderson Stakes at Indiana Downs this Friday (at 8 o'clock eastern, 7 o'clock central on your local ABC stations?): http://www.brisnet.com/bris_link/pdfs/vinery_115869.pdf So - if I understand it - Sir Barton loses his stakes but Florence Henderson keeps hers?? FWIW, I like Model's Memo in an upset...
tony kelso More than 1 year ago
Curlin and the Arc: If he can get beyond the legal hurdles, I think the largest barrier will be RAIN....Longchamp gets a lot of rain in the fall, and the course is usually soft. People will point to English Channel (same sire, Smart Strike) loving a very soft Monmouth course in the 2007 BC Turf, but EC was a smallish horse, and Curlin is "large and in charge," so I think it is a definite issue altogether.
vicstu More than 1 year ago
Here is a link to an interesting letter sent to a Kentucky newspaper by Maggie Moss, who represents Steve Asmussen. It shows the other issues of concern with the drug problem. False positive tests, media jumping on trainers before they have had their day before a tribunal or agency, ununiform state drug laws and dosage levels, the pitfalls of zero tolerence rules (and on and on). This is an issue with any drug testing that is not done uniformally on a nationwide level. Beyond that, even uniform testing has problems with false positives and corruption (especially the latter). In one midwest state an investigator with the anti doping commission so routinely doctored test results on investigations that hundreds of cases that she had previously testified on were ultimately thrown out as unreliable due to contamination and corruption. So, whether you agree with Moss or not, and whether you want the sport to clean itself up (I sure do), we have to make sure that the methodology and structure that we use are flawless and not open ended vehicles that can be manipulated by those with an agenda. Under such a system, one trainer who testified or cooperated with evidence against the game or another trainer could be subject to retaliation if someone powerful had access to the testing system or results. This country has a history of those in power yeilding that power to strike back at those who step out of line or betray the code of silence. It would be naive to think that racing, IN ITS CURRENT POWER STRUCTURE, would be any different. In short, lets make sure the system is uniform in all 50 states and make sure those in charge of the sytem are at least as honest as those they are testing and that the system is 100 percent transparent and open to challenge by those aggrieved by its application. If we are going to clean up the sport, lets do it the right way. Or else we will simply be replacing one system of corruption and unaccountability with another. Just some food for thought. If we are interested in change, we have to look at all the sides and all the angles on this. We need real change, and not knee jerk reactionary claptrap. Here is the link to the letter by Asmussen's attorney who takes issue with a journalist who said Dutrow and Asmussen need to be thrown out of the sport. http://johnclay.typepad.com/sidelines/2008/07/asmussens-attorney-replies-to-column.html And, BTW, Alan you are becoming the powerlunch partner of choice there in the Midatlantic region. I liked your pictures with Beyer and Katie (the one at the resteraunt almost made me miss Baltimore and crab cakes). Remember us when you are rubbing shoulders with racing's elite! Keep those pictures coming...
tony kelso More than 1 year ago
If you want to see current and "old school" equine athletes marketed enthusiastically, go to: www.horsehats.com Baseball caps and T-Shirts, usually in the color of the horse's owner, are available.
Ray Manley More than 1 year ago
Alan, So Steven Crist is wrong. LOL. Barack may be too busy at the moment. How about the Clinton's, they don't have much to do. But they would make you pick up the tab. $Bill, You are right about Woody training Conquistador Cielo. But I believe Woody turned the Met Mile/Belmont trick in 5 days. The Met Mile was/is run on Memorial Day a Monday. He then came right back on that Saturday to win the Belmont. But if you want to talk about horses coming back on short rest, Oscar Barrera (brother of Laz) did it routinely. Of course many of us believe that Oscar's charges were running on something else besides hay, oats and water.