05/27/2008 5:50PM

Weekend thoughts, Beyers


Here are the available winning Beyer Speed Figures for last week's stakes races:

*Metropolitan (Bel):  Divine Park (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 109
*Shoemaker Mile (Hol):  Daytona - Ire (D. Hendricks/A. Solis)  - 108
*Gamely (Hol):  Precious Kitten (R. Frankel/R. Bejarano) - 108
*Cinemine (LS):  Storm Mesa (W. Calhoun/E. Martin Jr.) - 108
*Lone Star (LS):  Giant Gizmo (R. Frankel/G. Gomez) - 104
*Damitrius (Del):  Eternal Star (M. Trombetta/J. Pimentel) - 103
*Sheepshead Bay (Bel):  Mauralakana - Fr (C. Clement/K. Desormeaux) - 102
*Connaught Cup (WO):  Rahy's Attorney (I. Black/S. Callaghan) - 100

*My Juliet (Pha):  Wild Gams (B. Perkins Jr./A. Garcia) - 99
*Hanshin (AP):  Coragil Cat (G. Geier/D. Sanchez) - 98
*Vigil (WO):  Disfunction (J. Carey/E. Ramsammy) - 98
*Louisville (CD):  Lattice (A. Stall Jr./R. Albarado) - 98
*Vagrancy (Bel):  Looky Yonder (R. Dutrow Jr./G. Gomez) - 98
*Dallas Turf Cup (LS):  Church Service (M. Mitchell/B. Blanc) - 97
*Elkwood (Mth):  Buddy's Humor (B. Levine/J. Lezcano) - 96
*Winning Colors (CD):  Graeme Six (T. Amoss/J. Leparoux) - 96
*John J. Reilly (Mth):  Joey P. (B. Perkins Jr./J. Bravo) - 96
*Valid Expectations (LS):  Stealth Cat (S. Asmussen/L. Quinonez) - 96
*Blazing Sword (Crc):  Aly's Wheat (R. Ziadie/W. Henry) - 94
*Ouija Board (LS):  Brownie Points (D. Von Hemel/L. Quinonez) - 93
*Memorial Day (Crc):  Finallymadeit (J. Negrete/E. Nunez) - 93
*Fit for a Queen (AP):  Victorianna (E. Kenneally/J. Graham) - 93
*George W. Barker (FL):  Johnie Bye Night (C. Baker/J. Davila Jr.) - 92
*Pearl City (Bel):  By the Light (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Prado) - 90
*Red Wing Dream (Bel):  Emirates to Dubai (S. bin Suroor/G. Gomez) - 90
*Barksdale (LaD):  Forty Acres (J. Lara/L. Meche) - 90
*Politely (Mth):  Social Queen (A. Goldberg/J. Lezcano) - 90
*Beach Party (LaD):  Steamy Ridge (W. Hawley/D. Simington) - 90

*Arlington Classic (AP):  Meal Penalty (T. Pletcher/J. Velez Jr.) - 89
*USA (LS):  Boss Lafitte (T. Amoss/G. Gomez) - 88
*Cool Air (Crc):  Charlie Papa (C. Kendall/S. Madrid) - 88
*Top Corsage (LaD):  Nice Inheritance (S. Asmussen/D. Meche) - 88
*Lamplighter (Mth):  El Sultry Sun (J. Kimmel/E. Castro) - 87
*Alydar (Hol):  Trevor's Clever (T. West/J. Talamo) - 87
*Gerry Howard Inaugural (Yav):  Capt. Joe Blow (L. Sharp/V. Guerra) - 86
*Open Mind (Mth):  Heckuva Good Time (M. Shuman/J. Lezcano) - 86
*Willard L. Proctor Memorial (Hol):  Backbackbackgone (P. Miller/C. Nakatani) - 84
*Monmouth Beach (Mth):  For Kisses (R. Small/C. Marquez Jr.) - 83
*American 1000 Guineas (AP):  Much Obliged (M. Pierce/C. Emigh) - 83
*Sara's Success (Crc):  Eclisse - Fr (M. Wolfson/J. Santiago) - 82
*Shine Again (Pim):  Come Fly Away (M. Hushion/L. Garcia) - 81
*Alcatraz (GG):  Sky Cape (K. Mulhall/J. Garcia) - 81
*Inaugural (ArP):  Vinny V. (J. Arnett/T. Wales) - 81
*Lady Angela (WO):  Anne's Purse (R. Barnett/E. Da Silva) - 80

*Shy Native (CT):  Julie B (G. Yetsook/L. Reynolds) - 79
*Cinderella (Hol):  Trifecta King (D. O'Neill/R. Bejarano) - 79
*Incredible Ease (LaD):  Lone Star Special (D. Pish/Q. Hamilton) - 78
*Gray's Lake (PrM):  Sharkiowa (N. Ashauer/T. Thompson) - 78
*Harmony Lodge (Crc):  Orinoquia (R. Garcia/E. Nunez) - 75
*William Henry Harrison (Ind):  Liepers Fork (D. Goeing/V. Lebron) - 73
*Ken Pearson Memorial (StP):  Tanika (B. Brown/S. Heiler) - 71

*Bob Bryant (PrM):  Missmekissme (K. Von Hemel/R. Monterrey) - 68
*Dr. T. F. Classen Memorial (Tdn):  Money Card (S. Girten-Drake/J. Magrell) - 66
*Journal Star (Lnn):  Paradise Pete (K. Veerhusen/Y. Yaranga) - 66 (***Ittakestwobaby finished first with 70 Beyer, but was dq'd, and placed second)
*Shelby County (Ind):  Brean Can (M. Nance/O. Mojica) - 65
*Hoofprint on My Heart (StP):  Star Prospector (T. Jordan/Q. Welch) - 65
*Lilac (StP):  Lady Lev (R. McKenzie/S. Beauregard) - 61

Here are the past performances for the stakes winners with the highest and lowest Beyers:

Download HighLo.pdf


Swamped today so tomorrow night's big blog will feature Handicapper(s) of the Week as well as responses to most, if not all, of your questions and comments.

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Sal Viola More than 1 year ago
Since i was unable to find where to place a letter to the editor,i would like to make a comment about a few of the letters i read. First of all to the person who wrote how great it was for Big Browns first five races and the failure of him to win the big one. Maybe it was because he didn't have the needle like he did in the first five. Drugs should be outlawed period in this game or it will never be true as to what great horses they really are. I stated earlier in a comment to you that this horse is another one who people pay outrageous prices for,and you will be lucky to get a few winners out of him.I have played horses for 48 years and seen the best he isn't among them in my opinion. Sal Modesto,ca
monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
Man , why are there any other trainers in racing other than Dick Dutrow?? According to himself, himself being his best press agent, everyone else does every thing wrong--trainers--jockeys, just about everyone. According to " King Dick" the world is inferior to him.. Even if you dislike Pletcher or Frankel, at least they still have a respect for the sport, they know just what can happen so quickly to their stars. And most of all the act LIKE THEY WON SOMETHING BEFORE.. Some people think that Dutrows WWF approach to racing is great..I think its garbage. And I hear people think he's a HOF trainer??? Then I guess Oscar Barrera Sr. IS TOO. They both probably even use the same syringes..
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Boy, don't know where to start. Get home from the BBQ, and first off Steve T, is retiring his and, Dr D's picks (bummer). Nashoba's Key was put down from a freak accident in her stall this morning. Then read that Clem Florio has passed. Made me think of an old Delbert McClinton song "To Much Stuff". Well I wished Steve well in a personal email. Will state it is really sad a talented filly like Nashoba's Key lost her life in her stall. Maybe this sheds a slight perspective on the loss of Eight Belles. Won't elaborate any further, use your own imagination. Clem Florio, what a character. And yes I am easily old enough to remember him. Clem brought a substance to the sport of horse racing we so desperate ly need today. Not only was he a very good reporter, he also showed a love, and vibrance for the game that can't be bought. The only tribute I could possibly do for Clem is share this video, a few seconds of screen and a few of his thoughts on Secretariats Belmont Win. http://www.youtube.com/waKtch?v=k-KvaeuIIsw&feature=related Laura, glad you enjoyed my freshmen sire post. An update on Alke (Grand Slam) I posted last night his best was Tipsy Saint, well that is still true from a $ aspect. But on 5/25 a son of Alke won a MSW @ Golden Gate. This speedball went 4F in a track record time of 45.34, his name is AK Racer. Another Grand Slam freshmen sire I like is Stong Hope. His dam sire is Deputy Minister, his sire family of El Gran Senor and Try My Best speaks loudly of his chance of putting some good young ones on the track. Have an idea for a contest amongst us pedigree degenerates. Will shoot you an email in the next couple days. Mr Zayat, and Sonny Sonbol-what an incredibly nice gesture to offer info on your 2 yr olds! Our sport while in some ways seems to be locked in the dark ages, does have a very bright ray of light with progressive owners and managers such as yourselves. Thank you for trying to elavate our sport. Also have to add, the most talented mind concerning pedigree, and bloodlines in the USA, if not the whole world is Lauren Stich. Lauren is trying to decide what direction she is going in her career. I feel she would be a great addition to your team. You know the best + the best = greatness! Best Of Luck To All!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Alan ...where have you been?...nice to see you back with some very witty Beyers Speed fiqures. he-he-he... Hope all is well with the housing market. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Belmont.. .................... Katieatherail... I know you are traveling in the UK, but I don't want you to be forgotten here. So Formblogers, Denis of Cork , her "Crush Horse" is going to the Belmont...I know she love's him...and was so proud of his last to third finish in the KD... I'll just start touting him for her ( in her abscence) So go DOC! SR Vegas
RobertSD More than 1 year ago
Dear Mr. Sobhy Sonbol - First let me say thank you for the time and energy that you, Mr. Ahmed Zayat, Justin Zayat (as well as one of your trainer's sons Riley Mott) have given so freely to those of us at Dan's amazing drf.com FormBlog. I would gather that most of us who are not thoroughbred owners would give anything to be owners but unfortunately the financial costs simply don't allow us to follow those dreams at present -- at least that is the case for myself at this moment in life. So all of your abundant sharing of information about Zayat Stables allows us to vicariously take the ride with so many of your stable's runners. That said, I have always wanted to share a philanthropic idea I have had for many years with a serious owner of thoroughbred race horses but have never had the proper forum -- though maybe through a stroke of fate we both find ourselves on FormBlog. My e-mail is -- rmh95ucla@cox.net -- and I look forward to privately sharing my thoughts if you would be so kind to listen. - RobertSD
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
wire2wire re: Iavarone This is what Black Squirrels posted earlier: Here's the link: http://bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aGle6KcO9IJ0&refer=home Posted by: Black Squirrels SR Vegas
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Claire S, Yes, that's exactly what I felt when I heard about Nashoba's Key. "A kick in the gut" sums it up. I've also been a fan from the start and to watch her rack up so many wins in a row....and then the slop at Belmont, and to come back well this year. I had such hopes to see her develope later this year. Yes, so sad. I feel for Carla Gaines, and her connections. ...and at this time my belly still aches... ............... Lawduck07... Nice to see your post, I hope you got a nice ride with your horse today, and gave him a BIG HUG...these animals give so much, and you are so lucky to have a horse in your life.. SR Vegas
Annie More than 1 year ago
Steve T, Wow, is right! Here we thought there was a lot of concern about Big Brown retiring after the Belmont. Apparently you rank right up there with a possible triple crown winner. lol Seriously, you should be proud to see all the affection and respect you have earned from so many. Certainly, take all the time you need and I know we all hope things go well for you during such a difficult time. Arazi, Liked the humorous remark about President Bush not even having so many supporters. Fits right in with the usual tone of this blog. Sometimes we have to lighten up, have some fun and make some $$$. Hope you will stay too and we can all go on from here. Alan, LOL, welcome back! No, you didn't miss a thing. Annie
MudhoundMojo More than 1 year ago
Vicstu, Thank you, so much, for the kind words. That really meant a great deal too me. I had a dad like yours, do what you have too do. I know we are basically stangers, so this may sound odd, but you are my friend.
Steve T More than 1 year ago
Here is a question for the horsemen: What exactly are they trying to do with Shamdinan?? They have tried dropping him in turf races to a very low level without success and now they enter him on the main track against Tiago, Heatseeker, Surf Cat, and Albertus Maximus. Not exactly a bunch of $25K claimers. Hard to believe he is the same horse I dropped a bet on in the BC. I don't know what is going on with the California horses but it is not good. We have not been on a roll with our best horses - Country Star just became average, Midnight Lute disappeared from the face of the planet, Magnificience came back and was less than magnificent (even though she won). Black Seventeen can't seem to get more than a couple of works before they have to stop on him. Georgie Boy has yet to work, Colonel John is on the shelf, and now Nashoba's Key...