07/07/2008 7:03PM

Weekend thoughts, Beyers


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Tom Fool (Bel):  Lucky Island - Arg (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 113

*Prioress (Bel):  Indian Blessing (B. Baffert/J. Velazquez) - 109
*Salvator Mile (Mth):  Notional (J. Bravo/M. Hennig) - 109
*Locust Grove (CD):  Genuine Devotion - Ire (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 103
*Mr. Prospector (Mth):  Maddy's Lion (G. Sacco/C. Marquez Jr.) - 103
*CashCall Mile Invitational (Hol):  Diamond Diva - GB (J. Cassidy/D. Flores) - 102
*Jersey Shore (Mth):  J Be K (S. Asmussen/G. Gomez) - 101
*Firecracker (CD):  Thorn Song (D. Romans/K. Desormeaux) - 100

*Robert K. Kerlan Memorial (Hol):  Get Funky (J. Sadler/J. Valdivia Jr.) - 99
*Junius Delahoussaye Memorial Sprint (EvD):  Killing Me (F. Leggio/C. Bourque) - 99
*American Dreamer (Crc):  Mambo Meister (P. Gleaves/M. Cruz) - 99
*United Nations (Mth):  Presious Passion (M. Hartmann/E. Castro) - 99
*Triple Bend Invitational (Hol):  Street Boss (B. Headley/D. Flores) - 99
*First Flight (Bel):  Any Limit (H. Jerkens/C. Velasquez) - 98
*Pierre LeBlanc Memorial Sprint (EvD):  Coach Mike (T. Richey/J. Jacinto) - 98
*Vanity (Hol):  Zenyatta (J. Shirreffs/M. Smith) - 97
*Thunder Puddles (Bel):  Banrock (T. Bush/K. Desormeaux) - 96
*Sweet and Sassy (Del): Cash's Girl (T. Ritchey/P. Morales) - 96
*Lone Star Park Turf Sprint (LS):  Joe Move (R. Bird/E. Tejera) - 96
*Independence Day (Mnr):  Jungle Fighter (J. Nixon/W. Martinez) - 96
*American Oaks Invitational (Hol):  Pure Clan (R. Holthus/J. Leparoux) - 96
*Sam J. Whiting Memorial (Pln):  Scrumpy (W. Morey/K. Kaenel) - 96
*Sweet Briar Too (WO):  Executive Flight (D. Banach/C. Sutherland) - 95
*Dominion Day (WO):  Jiggs Coz (S. Attard/D. Clark) - 95
*Dwyer (Bel):  Mint Lane (J. Jerkens/E. Coa) - 95
*Stars and Stripes Turf (AP):  Silverfoot (D. Stewart/R. Douglas) - 95
*Mariensky (Bel):  Chestoria (W. Badgett Jr./E. Coa) - 94
*B. B. Sixty Rayburn Memorial (EvD):  Ide Like a Double (B. Gilbert/K. Clark) - 94
*Alameda County (Pln):  She's Sensational (J. Martin/J. Castro) - 94
*Firecracker (Mnr):  Si Si Mon Amie (A. Granitz/J. McKee) - 94
*Presque Isle Mile (PID):  Summer Doldrums (R. Violette Jr./D. Beckner) - 94
*Governor's (EmD):  Wasserman (H. Belvoir/J. Whitaker) - 90
*Ferdinand (Hol):  Lang Field (A. Sherman/J. Court) - 93
*Independence (LaD):  Candy Ball (A. Leggio Jr./F. Torres) - 92
*No Winking (Crc):  Bereba (R. Garcia/M. Cruz) - 91
*Pola Benoit Memorial (EvD):  Castle Berry Road (N. Leggio/C. Gonzalez) - 91
*Miss Liberty (Mth):  Dyna's Lassie (P. Fout/C. Marquez Jr.) - 90
*Proud Delta (Bel):  Runway Rosie (G. Contessa/R. Maragh) - 91
*Wadsworth Memorial (FL):  Rises the Phoenix (D. Conway Jr./N. Alvarado) - 90
*Lieutenant Governors' (Hst):  Spaghetti Mouse (L. DaPonte/P. Alvarado) - 90
*Colts Neck (Mth):  Who's the Cowboy (K. Sleeter/S. Elliott) - 90

*Come Summer (Cby):  Cherokee Triangle (M. Maker/J. Lumpkins) - 89
*Flawlessly (Hol):  Starry Pursuit (J. Hollendorfer/J. Rosario) - 89
*A. J. Foyt (Ind):  Heza Wild Guy (B. Rhone/T. Pompell) - 88
*Sweettrickydancer (Crc):  Joffe's Run (M. Wolfson/J. Bridgmohan) - 88
*Mountain State (Mnr):  Place Your Bet (S. Lake/J. Stisted) - 86
*Sweetest Chant (AP):  Dreaming of Liz (W. Catalano/E. Fires) - 85
*Da Hoss (Cnl):  Mint Slewlep (W. Bailes/M. Franklin) - 85
*My Fair Lady (Suf):  Nijinsky Bullet (R. Ramos/D. Pena-Mora) - 85
*Spangled Jimmy (NP):  Teagues Fight (D. MacDonald/S. Heiler) - 85
*Bashford Manor (CD):  Screen Your Friend (B. Flint/C. Borel) - 84
*Mecke (Crc):  Zoobstick (J. Bozzo/J. Leyva) - 84
*Isadorable (Suf):  Flirt for Fame (M. Gorham/J. Lopez) - 83
*Ontario Damsel (WO):  Krz Exec (M. DePaulo/J. Baird) - 83
*Front Range (ArP):  Smokem Slew (B. Shuldberg/J. Torres) - 83
*J. Archie Sebastien Memorial (EvD):  Sammie Sam (S. Ducoing/F. Torres) - 82
*Vancouver Sun (Hst):  Lady Raj (T. Taylor/M. Gutierrez) - 81
*Frank A. "Buddy" Abadie Memorial (EvD):  Superior Storm (R. Jackson/J. Jacinto) - 81
*Stanton (Del):  Deal Making (H. Motion/R. Dominguez) - 80
*King County (EmD):  Firetrail (J. Coffey/K. Radke) - 80
*Chariot Chaser (NP):  Lecturing Lynn (L. McCarthy/R. Blinston) - 80
*Canada Day (AsD):  Miss Missile (C. Smith/R. Singh) - 80

*Hollywood Juvenile Championship (Hol):  Azul Leon (D. O'Neill/R. Bejarano) - 79
*Prairie Gold Juvenile (PrM):  My Dominick James (L. Rivelli/T. Thornton) - 79
*Florence Henderson (Ind):  Easy Tee (M. Reavis/E. Cosme) - 78
*Clarendon (WO):  Bucephalus (K. Attard/J. McAleney) - 76
*Blair's Cove (Cby):  Sir Tricky (M. Robertson/D. Bell) - 76
*Western Canada (NP):  Garys Buddy (T. Bensmiller/R. Walcott) - 75
*Stars and Stripes (Boi):  Tracfurtogafur (R. Hyde/D. Crane) - 75
*Juan Gonzalez Memorial (Pln):  Congo Kaye (J. Anderson/F. Alvarado) - 74
*Chris Loseth (Hst):  Krazy Koffee (C. Krasner/C. Hoverson) - 74
*State Fair Board (Lnn):  The Nutz (S. Hall/D. Herber Jr.) - 74
*Princess Elaine (Cby):  Seasahm (M. Robertson/D. Bell) - 73

*Prairie Gold Lassie (PrM):  Shining Moment (S. Asmussen/T. Thompson) - 69
*CTBA Derby (ArP):  Singin Vicar (J. Jones/R. Vicchrilli) - 69
*Supernaturel (Hst):  Remarkable Miss (B. Heads/F. Fuentes) - 68
*My Dear (WO):  Juliet's Spirit (S. Asmussen/J. McAleney) - 67
*D. S. "Shine" Young Memorial Futurity (Fillies) (EvD):  Shutupanddance (S. Roberts/G. Melancon) - 64
*Fillies and Mares (Boi):  Charging (D. Hall/C. Colledge) - 63
*Chris Christian (Boi):  Lordgivemealift (M. Williams/C. Colledge) - 62

*D. S. "Shine" Young Memorial Futurity (Males) (EvD):  Not Grounded (J. Gelner/S. Carmouche Jr.) - 55
*Frank Arnason Sire (AsD):  Custody Battle (C. Torevell/T. Gardiner) - 52

*Breeders' Special Fillies (Lnn):  Deputy's Whirl (B. Rising/C. Fackler) - 40

Here are the lifetime past performances for the high/low Beyer stakes performers of the week:

Download LuckyDeputy.pdf

Lots more tomorrow.

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Ed More than 1 year ago
Ed’s Handicapping School Day #5 (7/6/08) Recap My selections for AP #2 did not post to the blog before the race went off, so I will not count it in my totals. In fact, I really messed up because I wanted my wager to be a P/S bet rather than a W/S bet. As luck would have it, #7 Sharp Surprise ran huge for second and paid $39.80 and $11.20 for the minor awards. That Alvarado/Yanez combo is always dangerous. The #5 Shades of Success did not put in a good run in AP #5. However, #11 Coronet of a Baron looked like the real deal in AP #7. He rushed up from the outside at the start, then sat off the pace. His quick move at the start did not phase him and he still dominated the field in the stretch. It was a very solid win. Harty now has two live babies at AP. In AP #8, #4 Return to Paradise ran great. I guess her company lines were legit. Finally, in AP #9 I got lucky. I did not think #7 Mustang Martha was going to win, but included the horse because others had said it was live. I need to learn to structure my bets better so I am not just hitting saver bets after doing an okay job of overall handicapping. Week #1 Bankroll Recap – After losing money the first two days I got lucky and hit a nice superfecta, but then basically only did a little better than treading water. In total, my starting imaginary bankroll of $600 has grown to $1,137.77. The big challenge now is to stay disciplined and keep picking good spots. I have to be very careful of just betting races for action thinking I can do it because my bankroll is on the positive side. Day #6 (7/9/08) Selections It was a struggle to get excited about many of the races I looked at for today. AP #6 does have an interesting layoff horse I like, HP #3 could be a fun baby race, and HP #8 has some potential. AP #6 (1 M turf, 3 yr. and up F/M, ALW $16K) #1 Stage Glitter – poor turf record #1A Superfine Time – could be dangerous with her turf exp. #2 Palm Breeze – possible pace factor #3 One Perfect Day – a possible pace factor who takes on easier today, she should get a good trip #4 Miss Stack – she needs pace to be effective and should get it today, however I am going to play against her because of the lack of works #5 Boffo – lots to like (turn back in dist., good form, recent works, etc.) #6 Misssparkle Too – Seems a cut below from the others #7 D’Code – another possible pace factor, has good works, but the outside post maybe a problem #8 Fortheboysatthebar – 4-9 lifetime, 3-4 this year, comes back off a short layoff in a nice spot (I do not think the connections will play around with a horse who is 4-3-0-1 this year) #9 Ca Ching the Green – MTO HOL #3 - #6 Overdraft goes MDN-MC and #7 Legacy North is an In Excess baby (I am always a sucker for horses related to In Excess). I think they have a good chance to upset the #5 Golden Rocketship (a legit favorite, but no sure thing). HOL #8 – The four I like in here are #2 Source of Pleasure (cuts back and drops), #7 Brite Ruler (looks like he prepped for this in his last), #9 Nasty Gent (should last in his first back in a while), and #10 Warren’s Jack V (I think all he needs is a better break). Here are my plays: AP #6 $2 W/P/S #8 $0.50 Tri #3, #5, #8 / #3, #4, #5, #7, #8 / #3, #4, #5, #7, #8 HOL #3 $2 W #6, #7 $2 Exacta #6, #7 / #5 HOL #8 $2 W/P/S #9 $2 Exacta Box #2, #9 $1 Trifecta Box #7, #9, #10 $0.10 Superfecta #2, #7, #9, #10 I think that is $50.40 in all. Good luck to everyone who is playing today. Ed PS – Regarding Insider Picks and Power Plays from Twinspires/Brisnet, they do not offer anything earth shattering, but they do identify some interesting angles. I usually find I can come up with these angles on my own. I guess it might be good it you need to save time and are okay with having someone else identify some possible angles for you. I typically want to do that for myself. What I think they are best for is that they provide a lot of information in a small format. I think they would be outstanding if they listed each horses Bris run style. When I first started handicapping, I would print out the Insiders Picks and Power Plays and then mark them up with selections from other “public”/track handicappers. Then I would have a quick reference guide for each race and some idea of who others liked in that particular race. My handicapping style has changed and I rarely used them any more, unless I want/need a one/two-page “reference” guide for all of the horses on a particular card.
Stephanie More than 1 year ago
I Pulled this off of Paul Morans site- This ought to get everyones ire up. Horseplayers, in fact, rank low on the list of priorities at NYRA. Horseplayers, in fact, are regarded openly by at least one executive with contempt On the night before the Belmont Stakes, while he was extolling the brilliance that resulted in the construction of a large wooden desk in the Belmont Park clubhouse lobby, it was suggested to a high-ranking NYRA executive that the organization has lost sight of the core audience. What, he asked, was the core audience? The horseplayers. “ ------ the horseplayers,” he said, employing a widely used euphemism for copulation. That’s where you stand in New York. Yay!! just what I wanted to hear. I pay $ so you can have your 7-8 figure salary and all you can say is F*ck the horseplayers!!!! Well right back at ya man--last time I wager in NYRA.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Steve T In analyzing a race, how do you regard a jockey switch such as the following: Anzisong in HP Race 5 tomorrow is the 2-1 favorite. In his last race he led all the way until tiring and just losing 3rd, and he won his previous race he won by 5, wire to wire. In both races, he was ridden by Flores. Now, Flores is off, but is riding no other horse in the race and Becerra puts Pedroza up. What is confusing to me is that Pedroza has ridden only 6 times for Becerra in 2007-08 with no wins. If it was a jockey that Becerra uses alot, I would assume it was a trainer choice since Flores didn't go to another horse. But, I don't know what to think here. Did Flores just not want to ride the horse, or is there some reason why Pedroza was picked? He's never ridden the horse before. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Annie
Steve T More than 1 year ago
My old friend Colonel John looks like he bulked up, he's gonna pull a Tiznow and come alive at 3 and a half. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrLIk6g9uNM&feature=related And whilr you're there, check out Well Armed's work videos. Tell me they both don't look like their Daddy. Here come the Tiznow's!
Annie More than 1 year ago
Katieattherail Thanks! It will be out in hot, steamy August. lol Laura Mr. Hotstuff, umm. Maybe Stud Muffin will run in the same pick 6 sequence. And if Yes Yes Oh Yes is still trying to break her maiden in another race, it could be quite the pick 6. Annie
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Steve T., Shhh, on Behindatthebar. I agree he will win the Swaps. That said I am a big Colonel John fan, was my pick to win the Derby. While I really respect Harty as a trainer, I think CJ's road map for a race horse sucks. CJ ran a good Derby, not much racing luck. Which, is normal in the 20 horse Derby field. BUT WHY keep a feisty 3 yr old on the side lines for over 2 months??? IMO, could possibly have ruined the horse.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Steve T, Slew, Stephen Taylor, Thanks so much for your great input! It is all very helpful. And, Stephen Taylor, My early PP's had Flores listed on Ata Honour in the 6th and Cold Pursuit in the 8th. That was the first thing I had looked for - if he was riding at all on Wednesday. Now that I have the entries/odds, I see that Gomez is listed on both of those horses. This could be an important heads up for me, which I may not have noticed without your comments. Thanks Annie
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Annie I like it! ...any chance of you becomming a romance writer , when you're not picking the horses? ........................ Laura Thanks for the note on Mr. Hotstuff! SR Vegas
Hillbilly More than 1 year ago
Am I the only person still skeptacle about Big Brown running in the Haskell or at all ever again? I believe he has something seriously wrong, probably a back problem, I just don't like how he's moving and I don't think Dutrow likes it either. I'm no expert but I noticed it before Belmont and never used him and I think he still moving less fluidly. This happened to Funnycide and Mr. COnservative Barclay never i.d. it for a while either. He was never the same.
bochalls More than 1 year ago
In the future, when referring to the greatest team in the history of American sports, please capitalize the word Steelers!