07/29/2008 9:35AM

Weekend thoughts, Beyers


Let's take a look at the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Whitney (Sar):  Commentator (N. Zito/J. Velazquez) - 120

*Alfred G. Vanderbilt (Sar):  Abraaj (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 109
*Amsterdam (Sar):  Kodiak Kowboy (J. Jones/G. Saez) - 108
*Taylor's Special (AP):  Mr. Nightlinger (W. Calhoun/H. Theriot III) - 107
*Bing Crosby (Dmr):  Street Boss (B. Headley/D. Flores) - 107
*Diana (Sar):  Forever Together (J. Sheppard/J. Leparoux) - 105
*Henry Walton (Sar):  Mambo in Seattle (N. Howard/R. Albarado) - 104
*Jim Dandy (Sar):  Macho Again (D. Stewart/J. Leparoux) - 102

*Sea O Erin (AP):  Karelian (G. Arnold II/J. Graham) - 98
*Skip Away (Mth):  Shopton Lane (B. Levine/J. Lezcano) - 98
*Prairie Meadows (PrM):  Wayzata Bay (J. Hicklin/I. Ocampo) - 96
*Silver Spur (LS):  Seacrettina (J. Petalino/K. Tohill) - 95
*San Clemente (Dmr):  Storm Mesa (W. Calhoun/E. Martin Jr.) - 95
*Don Fleming (NP):  Test Boy (R. Diodoro/R. Walcott) - 95
*Luther Burbank (SR):  Wild Promises (G. Gilchrist/D. Lopez) - 95
*Seagram Cup (WO):  Artie Hot (N. Gonzalez/E. Wilson) - 94
*Wickerr (Dmr):  One Union (R. Mandella/V. Espinoza) - 93
*Lake George (Sar):  My Princess Jess (B. Tagg/E. Coa) - 93
*High Rock Spring (Sar):  Stormin Normandy (R. Dutrow Jr./C. Velasquez) - 93
*Go for Wand (Sar):  Ginger Punch (R. Frankel/R. Bejarano) - 92
*Mataji (Crc):  Olympic (M. Wolfson/J. Santiago) - 91

*Tyro (Mth):  Fellow Crasher (A. Dutrow/J. Bravo) - 88
*Passing Mood (WO):  Authenicat (J. Carroll/R. Landry) - 86
*Matron (EvD):  Nice Inheritance (S. Asmussen/R. Toups) - 86
*Wonder Where (WO):  Northern Kraze (M. Frostad/C. Sutherland) - 86
*Mt. Rainier (EmD):  Chhaya Dance (M. Chambers/S. Martinez) - 84
*HPBA (ElP):  Sirmione (S. Penrod/J. McKee) - 83
*Lillian Russell (Sar):  Over Forli - Chi (M. Hushion/C. Hill) - 82
*Boeing (EmD):  Shampoo (D. Harwood/S. Martinez) - 81
*Ligature (Pen):  Capitano (H. Motion/R. Homeister Jr.) - 80
*Middleground (LS):  Early Final (W. Calhoun/M. Berry) - 80
*Denise Rhudy Memorial (Del):  Fareena (L. Delacour/L. Garcia) - 80
*Wolverine (Pnl):  It's a Ego Thing (R. Russell/R. Barrios) - 80
*Willy Fiddle (Boi):  Lookn East (M. Williams/C. Colledge) - 80

*Willow Lake (Yav):  Torrance (B. Brashears/D. Collins) - 79
*Sanford (Sar):  Desert Party (E. Harty/E. Prado) - 78
*Graduation (Dmr):  Babs Moossa (J. Hollendorfer/G. Gomez) - 77
*Minnesota Oaks (Cby):  A. J. Bakes (T. Hoffrogge/S. Stevens) - 76
*Wine Country Juvenile (SR):  Broadway Hennessey (J. Hollendorfer/R. Baze) - 76
*Larkspur (Pnl):  Valley Loot (R. Allen/M. Allen) - 76
*Doc Pardee and Earl Sande (Yav):  M J's Headache (T. Smith/D. Vergara) - 70

*Tippett (Cnl):  Glamorous Gal (S. Hobson/T. Foley) - 68
*Schuylerville (Sar):  Jardin (S. Asmussen/R. Albarado) - 67
*Mayors Cup Thoroughbred (Wyo):  On the Bill Daily (C. Bergeson/T. Nielson) - 67
*Columbine (ArP):  Vannacide (K. Gleason/O. Martinez Jr.) - 65
*Chenery (Cnl):  Captain Bry (B. Baker/C. Gibbs) - 64
*Inaugural (Cls):  Co Sassy  (J. Compton/J. Ponce) - 64
*Diamondback (Yav):  Engineer (R. Chappell/K. Kenney) - 62
*Tah Dah (RD):  Slides Choice (T. Hamm/A. Sanguinetti) - 60

*Testum (Boi):  Joe's Cannon (D. Hall/C. Colledge) - 58
*Silver Cup Futurity (ArP):  Major Big Time (W. Harris/T. Wales) - 55
*Minnesota Derby (Cby):  Cubfanbudman (B. Riecken/J. Betancourt) - 53
*Big Sky (GF):  Shouldbevictory (D. Johnson/F. Gamez) - 51

*Treasure State Futurity (GF):  C C Parson (B. Krone/S. Karr) - 49

*Ralph Taylor/Vance Davenport Memorial (Boi):  Silver Tail Lady (D. Hall/C. Colledge) - 47

Here are the lifetime past performances of the "Sandwich" horses on the list:

Download HighLow.pdf


Next time, I'll address some of your questions and comments.

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Dr. SwineSmeller More than 1 year ago
8/26/08 How To Spank a Horse's Rear, with Dr. SwineSmeller Fort Erie, Race 10. Backed into a corner on a losing streak, I have to fire out today with a power play in hopes of getting back in the game with one good lick. After reviewing about 30 races, I hope that I have cornered a single viable pick... ************************************************************** In Ontario, Canada lies Fort Erie Racetrack, said to be one of the most picturesque thoroughbred racing facilities in North America. I've never played a race here, but there is a first time for everything. In today's 10th race, Hot As Ice, a well bred collective grandson of Storm Cat and Skip Away will go to post racing six furlongs for a purse of $10,340. Hot As Ice was bred in Kentucky by Overbrook Farm and Parish Hill Farm. In three career starts, three year old Hot As Ice has posted a second and a thrid place finish for $12,000 in bank. M R Ramirez will climb up top for trainer Daryl Ezra. While Ramirez has posted only 8 wins in 91 starts thus far during the Fort Erie meet, given #10 Hot As Ice's sunrise odds of 4/1, while firing from the extreme outside, signals this game grey boy is ready for another solid effort today. If only half of Hot As ice's gene poole shows up to race, he can beat these challengers hands down. Hot As Ice will nary find a softer spot than this, save moving to Tijuana. Breaking from the far outside should clear Hot As Ice from trouble early, and if Ramirez can get him with the program early on, he will likely be the one to tackle as the field straightens for home. I'm banking that Hot As Ice is a step ahead of the class today at Fort Erie. I'll make a power play with Hot As Ice for $100 WIN. I'll also play a $5 exacta box coupling #10 Hot As Ice with #2 Judgmentday (12/1). Go baby Go!! Dr. SwineSmeller
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Ivan Sara #6 7/30..I like Borobudur ..because I actually was there on an Asian vacation. It was a fantastic site to see! Del Mar 7/30 race #2 Toppler (Old Toppler...poly sire) race# 6 Dr Zaentz...a friend once thought he was a good KD prospect, never matured as a 2 yo but maybe now.M/L 8-1 at a price..(Unusual heat)..& can't pass up.. race#7 Will stick with Big Booster, but also like Zappa comming into town.... Take 'em or leave them... SR Vegas
laura More than 1 year ago
Alan, I think I'll have a Tissy Fit for the Cougar II, lol. Friday evening could be good for a Haskell and other handicapping chat. Anyone else up for it?
Steve T More than 1 year ago
DEL MAR – Wednesday (07-30-2008) Race 1 – Topaz Moon, Princess Tracy, No Name Just Game DD: Storm Siege Race 2 – Sunshine In, Brite Ruler, Toppler DD: Crown of Splendor Race 3 – Sunny Peace, Love to Siphon, Mohaka DD: Keilly Belle Race 4 – Norway House, Spriggzee, Pawnee DD: Echezeaux Race 5 – Swiss Ski, Crimson Cowboy, Swift Demand DD: Steady Demand Race 6 – Earnednevergiven, One On the House, Brian the Bold DD: Dr. Zaentz Race 7 – Trevor’s Clever, Big Booster, Tissy Fit DD: Fado Race 8 – Cach D Fish, Tahoe Kid, Catalina Fog DD: She Made Me Do It
GunBow More than 1 year ago
Vicstu: I think you are spot on with your analysis of Beyer speed figures. Almost as important as final times and track variants, horses past Beyers are pivitol in determing the Beyer of a particular race.The Beyer boys are usually hesitant, although not with this Whitney, to award horses figures that are much higher(or sometimes much lower) than previous tops(lows) and a great distance from their pars. Thus, horses are boxed into a particular range from which the Beyer gang makes it difficult to break out of. Another case in point is the 2004 Woodward in which Ghostzapper beat Saint Liam by a neck. Randy Moss calculated the raw figure to be a 124. Given that Zapper had just run a 128, such a fig seemed within the "acceptable" range. However, Saint Liam had been only beaten by a nose, but his par figues were 108-110 with a previous top of 113. The figure makers could not accept such a huge jump for Saint Liam and, thus, ultimately settled on 114 for both. Interestingly, Saint Liam would be awarded a fig in the 124 range. When did this occur? In the 2005 Whitney when he lost by a head to none other than Commentator. Why was Saint Liam given different figures for performances that, using raw times, were the same? Why was a 123 acceptable for Saint Liam in one race but not the other? No reason, just subjective adjustments. For consistency, Saint Liam should have received either a 123 for both races or a 114 for both. For those using Beyers to place Saint Liam in some historical perspective, whether he ran two 123+ figs or had a career top fig of just 114 (that 04' Woodward represnts his co-top if the Whitney is downgraded). Interestingly, Saint Liam would run a 106 and 112 in his final two races, winning the Woodward and Breeder's Cup Classic.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Morgan1133, I am playing Saratoga tomorrow, but won't play the 5th. Even with the carry in the P/6, because of the 5th if I do play the P/6 it will be very small. R#2: Mdn 56k 5 1/2F 2yo Fillies, The ML fav Akilina (5/2), who I think will go off at closer to 8/5 looks beatable. I am going to play #3 Glory Gold, mainly on pedigree, and breeze figs. The Trombetta trained filly, out of Medaglia d'Oro'/Gayla by Lord Gaylord should fire. #3 Glory Gold W-bet. The Spa late P/4. Is one tough cookie, IMO. Still a good play, as with the large fields will pay well. R#7: #1 Frenchman's Cove, #2 Veritable, #9 Great Emperor, #10 Chobe. R#8: #2 Medley, #6 Fasta Farian, #7 Stormy West. R#9: #1 Ice Cool Kitty, #6 My Dinah, (really wanted to single this one). R#10: #3 Messa Nera, #9 Valiant Humor. $48.00 ticket. If there is more than two scratches in the P/4, all bets OFF. The scratches have been killing me. If it does rain and the turf races move to the main track, Discreet Treasure is entered MTO in the 6th. Probably would be no odds, but something to keep an eye on, as rain is in the forecast.
Leo More than 1 year ago
Del Mar (7/30/8): R1: Princess Traci (2); No Name Just Game (5); Storm Seige (1) R2: Toppler (1); No Laughing Matter (8); Sunshine In (7) R3: Love to Siphon (1); Alley Theater (5); Ditto This (7) R4: War Scandal (1); Pawnee (4); Norway House (2) R5: Partywithlarryz (8); Swift Demand (4); Crimson Cowboy (1) R6: Dr. Zaentz (4); Unvarnished (8); Earnednevergiven (9) R7: Big Booster (6); Tissy Fit (3); Marsh Side (7) R8: Cach D Fish (4); Catalina Fog (9); He's a Handful (7) Best Bet: R7: Big Booster (6); Longshot: R2: Toppler (1) Good Luck All!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Annie I also noticed that he (Zappa)was entered in The Claiming Crown at Canterbury,and also the Cougar II at Del Mar.... Which made me think... why would a trainer/owner ship him out west for this race? I love Big Booster....he can run forever, but at a high weight might be vunerable with his off the pace style. So....I was second guessing...and re-thinking the same. Is Zappa in Del Mar/or is he in Canterbury....With Del Mar today/tommorow....depending when you read this, I'll guess he is scratched from Canterbury on Saturday. I'll stick with Big Booster, but with Laura's 8$ wager would box them. SR Vegas
Danny B. More than 1 year ago
Contest: In today's contest, give me Fado. Thanks!
GunBow More than 1 year ago
Steve T: Off the top of my head, the biggest flop I remember is Excavate.A Charlie Whittingham horse with a glowing chestnut coat and a large and powerful frame, Excavate was built up as a Derby favorite after only a maiden win. He broke his maiden in his debut in 90', and was ranked ahead of Best Pal in Derby favoritism out West. Best Pal had won the Del Mar Futurity, Norfolk, and Hollywood Futurity.While Houston did go on to win a couple of graded stakes, Excavate could do not better than a few stakes placing, a far cry from being the star of the 1991 Triple Crown.