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Weekend recap, Beyers, some question


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures for last week's stakes races:

*Woodward (Sar):  Curlin (S. Asmussen/R. Albarado) - 112
*Forego (Sar):  First Defence (R. Frankel/C. Hill) - 108
*Turf Monster (Pha):  True to Tradition (S. Lake/K. Carmouche) - 104
*Pennsylvania Derby (Pha):  Anak Nakal (N. Zito/J. Bravo) - 101
*Quick Call (Sar):  Salute the Count (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Coa) - 101
*Go for Wand (Del):  Seattle Smooth (A. Dutrow/R. Dominguez) - 101
*Windy Sands (Dmr):  Albertus Maximus (V. Cerin/R. Bejarano) - 100
*Tom Ridge Labor Day (PID):  Fatal Bullet (R. Baker/E. Da Silva) - 100
*Glens Falls (Sar):  Hostess (H. Bond/R. Maragh) - 100
*Barb's Dancer (Crc):  Saratoga Tango (M. Mora/M. Aguilar) - 100
*Adoration (Dmr):  Wake Up Maggie - Ire (J. Canani/T. Baze) - 100

*PNE President's Speed (Hst):  B R Remark (B. Giesbrecht/K. Nicholls) - 99
*California State Fair Sprint (Sac):  Tribesman (R. Hansen/R. Baze) - 99
*Eillo (Crc):  Dubai Distinction (M. Jablow/D. Coa) - 98
*Tri-State (ElP):  Gin and Sin (G. Compton/W. Troilo) - 98
*Del Mar Derby (Dmr):  Madeo (J. Shirreffs/M. Smith) - 98
*Palomar (Dmr):  Vacare (C. Clement/C. Nakatani) - 96
*El Cajon (Dmr):  Slew's Tiznow (D. O'Neill/R. Bejarano) - 95
*Loudonville (Sar):  Tommasi (H. Bond/R. Maragh) - 95
*Red Bank (Mth):  Buffalo Man (C. Gambolati/C. Marquez) - 94
*Mollie Wilmot (Sar):  Cagey Girl (D. Duggan/M. Luzzi) - 92
*Tex's Zing (FP):  Classic R. J. (T. Amoss/E. Razo) - 92
*Zip Pocket (Rui):  Going Wild (B. Hone/A. Castanon) - 92
*Kenora (WO):  Legal Move (M. Casse/P. Husbands)  - 92
*Saranac (Sar):  Marlang (D. England/R. Dos Ramos) - 92
*Rose DeBartolo Memorial (Tdn):  Pay the Man (M. Feliciano/A. Ramgeet) - 92
*R. J. Speers (AsD):  Monsoon Rain (M. Drexler/C. Marquez) - 91
*Halton (WO):  Society's Chairman (R. Attfield/J. Jones) - 91
*Ontario Colleen (WO);  Sugar Bay (M. Benson/J. Jones) - 91
*Icecapade (Mth):  Who's the Cowboy (K. Sleeter/S. Elliott) - 91
*Kent (Del):  Adriano (W. Mott/K. Desormeaux) - 90
*Elgin (WO):  Head Chopper (S. Owens/E. Wilson) - 90

*Twin Lights (Mth):  Julia Tuttle (A. Allen III/H. Karamanos) - 89
*Noble Robyn(Crc):  Malitzin (K. Ziadie/A. Smith) - 89
*Caveat Competor (Sar):  Remarkable Remy (J. Kimmel/R. Maragh) - 89
*Vice Regent (WO):  Sand Cove (R. Attfield/S. Callaghan) - 89
*Torrey Pines (Dmr):  Dawn Before Dawn (J. Sadler/G. Gomez) - 88
*Waquoit (Suf):  Judiths Wild Rush (J. Canet/O. Bocachica) - 88
*Richmond Derby Trial (Hst):  Krazy Koffee (C. Krasner/D. Wilson) - 88
*Gilded Time (Mth):  Run Sully Run (C. Gambolati/C. Marquez) - 88
*S. W. Randall Plate (Hst):  Spaghetti Mouse (L. DaPonte/P. Alvarado) - 88
*Taking Risks (Tim):  Five Steps (C. Grove/J. Acosta) - 87
*Emerald Downs Derby (EmD):  Gallon (J. Penney/R. Frazier) - 87
*Del Mar Debutante (Dmr):  Stardom Bound (C. Paasch/M. Smith) - 87
*Saratoga Dew (Sar):  Talking Treasure (C. Baker/J. Velazquez) - 87
*Pete Condellone Memorial (FP):  Indian Moonshine (R. Hellman/J. Campbell) - 86
*Alma North (Tim):  All Giving (F. Stites/J. Joyce) - 85
*Road Runner (Rui):  Dixieland Chime (F. Danley/A. Martinez) - 85
*Land of Enchantment (Rui):  Fullofenergy (J. Marr/C. Madeira) - 85
*Sapling (Mth):  Silent Valor (T. Pletcher/S. Elliott) - 85
*Halfmoon (Sar):  Silver Knockers (N. Zito/J. Velazquez) - 85
*Governor's Buckeye Cup (Tdn):  Smarmy (T. Hamm/L. Gonzalez) - 85
*Red Earth (RP):  Strategic Leader (R. Mitchell/B. Landeros) - 85
*Algoma (WO):  Arden Belle (R. Gerl/J. Jones) - 84
*Dowling (Pnl):  Hot Chili (J. Jackson/M. Doser) - 84
*Honey Jay (Tdn):  Pforperfectspistol (J. Radosevich/M. Allen) - 84
*Hopeful (Sar):  Vineyard Haven (R. Frankel/A. Garcia) - 84
*Ruidoso Thoroughbred Derby (Rui):  Quiet Again (J. Claridge/D. Sterling) - 83
*Pollyanne Pixie (FP):  Lune Rouge (J. Kasperski/J. Campbell) - 82
*Sorority (Mth):  Selva (D. Carroll/E. Castro) - 81
*Eternal Search (WO):  Authenicat (J. Carroll/R. Landry) - 80
*With Anticipation (Sar):  Bittel Road (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 80

*Bungalow (FP):  La Joyeria (S. Fridley/C. Goncalves) - 79
*I'm Smokin (Dmr):  Babs Moossa (J. Hollendorfer/G. Gomez) - 78
*Aspirant (FL):  Dagnabit (R. Dutrow Jr./R. Rodriguez) - 78
*First Snowbound (Yav):  Little Shimmer (T. Bartol/M. Kenney) - 78
*Spinaway (Sar):  Mani Bhavan (S. Klesaris/A. Garcia) - 77
*Troy Our Boy (FP):  My Dominick James (L. Rivelli/T. Thornton) - 77
*Simcoe (WO):  Mean Green (S. Attard/J. Jones) - 76
*Generous Portion (Dmr):  Ten Churros (B. Baffert/C. Potts) - 76
*MTA Stallion Auction Laddie (Cby):  Hesablumin (C. Richard/R. Monterrey) - 75
*Hong Kong Jockey Club (Hst):  Lecturing Lynn (L. McCarthy/D. Wilson) - 75
*Jack Hardy (AsD):  Miss Missile (C. Smith/R. Singh) - 75
*Sylvia Bishop Memorial (CT):  Saxet Heights (J. Runco/L. Perez) - 75
*Send More Money (PID):  Juke Joint (L. Stokes/D. Beckner) - 74
*Cradle (RD):  Night Action (M. Maker/V. Lebron) - 74
*New York Oaks (FL):  Afleet Alexandra (M. Ferraro/J. Davila Jr.) - 73
*Elge Rasberry (LaD):  Suzy Zip (S. David/R. Torres) - 73
*Muskoka (WO):  Van Lear Rose (C. Day Phillips/C. Sutherland) - 73
*Bassinet (RD):  Afternoon Stroll (T. Hamm/A. De Leon) - 72
*Vichy (Sar):  Goodday (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Prado) - 71

*Ann Arbor (Pnl):  Dancing Till Dawn (D. Waite/O. Vargas) - 68
*Bill Callihan (Cls):  Dazzling Seville (C. LeGrande/L. Ranilla) - 67
*Freedom of the City (NP):  Dandy Dora (G. Tracy/R. Walcott) - 66
*Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association Lads (EmD):  Gallant Son (F. Lucarelli/L. Mawing) - 66
*Barbara Shinpoch (EmD):  Cherokee Echo (B. Klokstad/G. Mitchell) - 64
*Thoroughbred (YD):  Shouldbevictory (D. Johnson/F. Gamez) - 64
*Lady Finger (FL):  Mother Russia (L. Rice/M. Luzzi) - 61
*MTA Stallion Auction Lassie (Cby):  Bump'ndazzle (F. Bravo/J. Garcia) - 60
*Channel Three (PID):  First Class Fever (M. Scherer/J. Castanon) - 60

*All Sold Out (FP):  Miss Fontana (J. DiVito/I. Karlsson) - 58
*Captain Stanley Harrison (MD):  Lady Bluejay (R. Gardipy/T. Moccasin) - 56
*Opelousas (EvD):  Shining Moment (S. Asmussen/C. Hernandez) - 51
*Henry P. Mercer Memorial (CT):  I'm Fuhr Real (J. McKee/C. Castro) - 50

*Columbus Futurity (Cls):  Pats High Life (D. Anderson/D. Leeds) - 38
*Prairie Lily (MD):  J C's Action (R. Gardipy/T. Moccasin) - 36

*North Dakota Futurity (AsD):  Copper Badges (B. Miller/T. Gardiner) - 24

Here are the lifetime past performances of the Hi/Lo Beyer stakes-winners of the week:

Download CurlinCopper.pdf


Was pretty impressed with the 100 buck Lukas firster Be Smart in her debut last week.  She went about 1.20 seconds or 1 1/5 seconds faster than the other division of the race, so she was much more impressive than the Romans entry that won the other division.  Do you know what BSF she received, and what was your impression of her effort?  I thought it was a strong field as well that she beat.

Be Smart earned a 79 Beyer Speed Figure for her debut win.  A Smarty Jones filly, Be Smart cost $325,000 at public auction last year, and is out of a three-quarter sister to Wood Memorial winner Buddha.  It looked like a solid effort as she was hustled up along the inside to set a quick pace, then put away her challengers in upper stretch en route to the win.  I'm not sure it was the greatest field she beat.  While many of her opponents boasted quality bloodlines, they hadn't been working that great.  We'll find out more about Be Smart when she tackles better opposition next time out.

Here's a list of the top 20 Beyer Speed Figures earned at Del Mar and Saratoga:

Del Mar:

1.  Midshipman - 91 - Bob Baffert
1.  Details R Sketchy - 91 -  Carla Gaines
3.  Stardom Bound -  87 - Christopher Paasch
3.  Street Hero - 87 - Myung Kwon Cho
3.  Empressive Lady - 87 - Jeff Mullins
6.  Alpha Kitten - 86 -  John Sadler
7.  Lady Schnapps - 85 - Jerry Hollendorfer
7.  Unzip Me - 85 -  Martin Jones
9.  Streamin Heat -84 - Wesley Ward
9.  Speedin Excess - 84 -  Ted West
11.  Oyster Cat  - 83 - Eoin Harty
11.  Saucey Evening - 83 - 83 H. Motion
11.  Princeandrew - 83 - Bob Baffert
14.  Azul Leon 82 - Doug O'Neill
14.  Kelly Leak - 82 - Michael Machowsky
14.  Palacio de Amor - 82 - Myung Kwon Cho
14.  Toro Bonito - 82 - Bob Baffert
18.  Believe in Hope - 81 Ronald Ellis
18.  Montana Fields - 81 -  Jerry Hollendorfer
18.  Fitzmo - 81 - Adam Kitchingman
18.  Donttellmewhattodo - 81 - Doug O'Neill


1.  Mani Bhavan- 99 - Steve Klesaris
2.  Charitable Man - 96 - Kiaran McLaughlin
3.  Regal Ransom - 93 - Kiaran McLaughlin
4.  Run Away and Hide - 92 - Ronny Werner
5.  Precious Package - 91 - Richard Dutrow, Jr.
5.  Brave Victory - 91 - Nicholas Zito
7.  Gone Astray - 90 - Claude McGaughey III
7.  Munnings - 90 - Todd Pletcher
7.  Cribnote - 90 - Richard Violette, Jr.
10.  Break Water Edison - 89 - John Kimmel
11.  Hello Broadway - 88 - Barclay Tagg
12. Trinity Magic - 87 - Steven Asmussen
12.  Imperial Council - 87 - Claude McGaughey III
12.  Valiancy- 87 - Steven Asmussen
15.  Capt. Candyman Can - 86 - Ian Wilkes
15.  Girolamo - 86 - Kiaran McLaughlin
15.  Mine All Mine - 86 - Wesley Ward
18.  Fiddlers Afleet - 85 - Thomas Bush
18.  Majestic Blue - 85 - Kiaran McLaughlin
20.  Vineyard Haven - 84 - Robert Frankel
20.  Casanova Move - 84 - James Jerkens
20.  Nowhere to Hide - 84 - Nicholas Zito


Anyone know why Pepper's Pride was scratched today?

The connections didn't want to try her on an off track.



Hey Dan -
Could you post Volponi's PPs please?

Download Volponi.pdf


Dan-a form question  that popped into my head when looking at the last race. Is there any way that the form could show when a horse is privately purchased. (The price would be nice as well but that may be harder to do since it may not always be available) The reason it would be important is, unlike a claim, these horses have usually been checked out by a vet so you're probably getting a for the most part sound animal to wager on. (Or at least, along with a change  of trainer, list changes of ownerships) Some of   us who do  this for a hobby don't have the time or resources to go back and check on previous ownership, was the horse sold or transferred to a different trainer, etc. and  this would be a tremendous handicapping tool in my opinion.
Stephen Taylor

If you have access to the Formulator program, you'll be able to find out if a horse was privately-purchased by clicking on the chart for the horse's last race.  You'll see the owner listed for that race, and can compare it to the ownership group for today's heat.  If they're two different entities, then it's moret than likely that there was a private purchase.


What happened to the Stakes Results feature on the DRF website?  I love this--it's so convenient!  But I can't get it to display anything.  ???

I didn't have any problems when I tried it. 


I was looking through my watch list, and I noticed Bella Shambrock on it. Does anyone know what happened to him? I remember him running well in a few 2 yr old races a few years back.

Bella Shambrock last raced in the Tyro at Monmouth on July 29, 2006.  After winning that race, he injured himself during a workout in preparation for the Sapling, and had to be turned out.  He worked six times in 2007, but hasn't been on the tab since May 27 of that year.  He was sent to Argentina later that year, presumably to become a stallion.


Does anyone know the stretch at Saratoga vs Churchill or Belmont.

According to the American Racing Manual, the distance from the last turn to the finish at Saratoga is 1,144 feet.  At the Churchill, the length of the stretch is 1,234 1/2 feet, and at Belmont, the stretch is 1,097 feet. 


Congrats to all who picked winners over the  weekend.

Back tomorrow with a Past Champion Retrospective.

Take care,