08/04/2008 2:46PM

Weekend recap, Beyers


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures for last week's stakes races:

*Teddy Drone (Mth):  Rockerfeller (M. Wolfson/E. Castro) - 113

*Test (Sar): Indian Blessing (B. Baffert/J. Velazquez) - 111

*Clement L. Hirsch (Dmr):  Zenyatta (J. Shirreffs/M. Smith) - 108
*Honorable Miss (Sar):  Any Limit (H. Jerkens/C. Velasquez) - 107
*Haskell Invitational (Mth):  Big Brown (R. Dutrow Jr./K. Desormeaux) - 107
*Harvey Arneault Memorial (Mnr):  Are You Serious (T. Beattie/D. Whitney) - 105
*Fourstardave (Sar):  Red Giant (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 103
*California Dreamin' (Dmr):  Bold Chieftain (W. Morey Jr./R. Baze) - 102
*Prairie Meadows Sprint (PrM):  Greeley's Conquest (G. Thomas/Q. Hamilton) - 102
*Louisiana Breeders' Derby (LaD):  Star Production (J. Hodges/C. Gonzalez) - 102
*Cougar II (Dmr):  Zappa (J. Sadler/G. Gomez) - 102
*Pennsylvania Governor's Cup (Pen):  Heros Reward (D. Capuano/J. Castellano) - 100
*West Virginia House of Delegates Speaker's Cup (Mnr):  Salinja (H. Motion/G. Gomez) - 100
*West Virginia Governor's Cup (Mnr):  Zanjero (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 100

*John C. Mabee (Dmr):  Black Mamba - NZ (J. Sadler/G. Gomez) - 99
*Taylor Made Matchmaker (Mth):  J'ray (T. Pletcher/J. Bravo) - 99
*Lady's Secret (Mth):  Salty Response (S. Klesaris/E. Trujillo) - 99
*Oceanport (Mth):  Silver Tree (W. Mott/K. Desormeaux) - 98
*West Virginia Legislature Chairman's Cup (Mnr):  Lacewell (M. Beck/S. Carmouche III) - 97
*CERF (Dmr):  Coco Belle (J. Sadler/M. Smith) - 96
*Majestic Light (Sar):  Luck Money - Ire (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 96
*Flanders (Sar):  Porte Bonheur (D. Duggan/R. Dominguez) - 96
*Royal North (WO):  Akronism (T. Ritchey/E. Da Silva) - 95
*West Virginia Derby (Mnr):  Ready Set (M. Matz/J. Leparoux) - 95
*Joseph T. Grace (SR):  Pass the Heat (W. Morey Jr/F. Alvarado) - 94
*John Morrissey (Sar):  Ferocious Fires (A. Dutrow/C. Velasquez) - 93
*Lady Canterbury (Cby):  Quiet Queen (D. Kassen/T. Hebert) - 93
*De La Rose (Sar):  Carriage Trail (C. McGaughey III/E. Prado) - 92
*Chesapeake (Cnl):  Chasin Tiger (R. Jenkins/C. VanHassel) - 92
*Charles Hess III (Mth):  Cuba (R. Dibona/P. Cotto Jr.) - 92
*CERF (Dmr):  Highland Torree (R. DeLeon/M. Garcia) - 92
*Victoria (LaD):  Calmed (C. Tassistro/K. Clark) - 91
*Regret (Mth):  Hungarian Boatbaby (A. Dutrow/K. Desormeaux) - 91
*Ema Bovary (Crc):  Awesome Alexandra (M. Wolfson/P. Lopez) - 90
*West Virginia Secretary of State (Mnr):  Awsugahnow (I. Wilkes/C. Borel) - 90
*Mountaineer Juvenile (Mnr):  Terrain (A. Stall Jr./H. Theriot II)  - 90

*Shiskabob (LaD):  Diggy Fresh (K. Bourgeois/G. Melancon) - 89
*Arlington Oaks (AP):  Sky Mom (S. Asmussen/R. Zimmerman) - 89
*Breeders' (WO):  Marlang (D. England/R. Dos Ramos) - 88
*Old Ironsides (Suf):  Nergal - Fr (C. Clement/T. Piermarini) - 88
*Staybridge Suites (Mth):  One Man to Beat (H. Motion/E. Trujillo) - 88
*Cajun (LaD):  Tortuga Straits (R. Irwin/L. Quinonez) - 88
*Crank It Up (Mth):  Kosmo's Buddy (T. Salzman/E. Camacho) - 87
*Nick Shuk Memorial (Del):  Stones River (J. Jones/T. Thompson) - 87
*Jenny Wade (Pen):  Rubber - Ire (D. Day/A. Rodriguez) - 86
*Fleet Indian (Sar):  Talking Treasure (C. Baker/J. Velazquez) - 86
*Valid Video (Crc):  Hypocrite (E. Tortora/P. Monterrey Jr.) - 85
*West Virginia Senate President's (Mnr):  Shytoe Lafeet (J. Jones/G. Saez) - 85
*Cliff Guilliams Memorial (ElP):  Cherokee Triangle (M. Maker/V. Lebron) - 84
*Seattle Slew (EmD):  Fear No Evil (F. Lucarelli/G. Baze) - 83
*Arapahoe Park Classic (ArP):  Mr Charlypotatoes (T. Klenakis/T. Wales) - 83
*Winnipeg Sun (AsD):  Polynesian Kitty (J. Ness/A. Cuthbertson) - 83
*Regal Gal (Crc):  Joffe's Run (M. Wolfson/J. Bridgmohan) - 81
*Jersey Derby (Mth):  Mr Maccool (D. Fawkes/E. Castro) - 81
*Louisiana Breeders' Oaks (LaD):  Superior Storm (R. Jackson/J. Jacinto) - 81
*Count Lathum (NP):  Papa Time (R. Grieves/J. Barton) - 80
*Walmac Farm Matchmaker (LaD):  Royal Madame (H. Hahn III/C. Meche) - 80

*Horizon (RD):  Call It the Blues (K. Nemann/N. Solomon) - 79
*Colleen (Mth):  Smokin Bayou (S. Asmussen/J. Lezcano) - 78
*Sissy Woolums Memorial (Cnl):  Citi Charisse (D. Kobiskie/D. Kobiskie) - 77
*Arctic Queen (FL):  Fly to Me (M. Lecesse/J. Davila Jr.) - 77
*Nandi (WO):  Cawaja Beach (S. Fairlie/D. David) - 75
*Bird of Pay (NP):  Dandy Dora (G. Tracy/R. Walcott) - 75
*GTOBA Juvenile Filly Turf Dash (Crc):  My Sweet Natalie (W. Ward/P. Lopez) - 75
*Mountaineer Juvenile Fillies (Mnr):  Corlett (D. Miller/H. Theriot II)  - 73

*Cavonnier Juvenile (SR):  Clare's Top Choice (J. Bonde/S. Arias) - 69
*Jamestown (Cnl):  So Vain (M. Trombetta/J. Pimentel) - 68
*Laurel Lane (LaD):  Run Don't Stroll (J. Hodges/K. LeBlanc) - 64
*Stardust (LaD):  Gaston (B. Brinkman/G. Melancon) - 62

*Doris Grundy Memorial (Yav):  Little Shimmer (T. Bartol/K. Kenney) - 58
*Hall of Fame (Cls):  Moon Odyssey (M. Gaede/B. Butler) - 54
*CTBA Stallion (ArP):  The Latest Twist (J. Kerr/R. Vicchrilli) - 53
*John Franks Memorial Sales (EvD):  Tiger Shark (R. Irwin/K. LeBlanc) - 51
*John Franks Memorial Sales (EvD):  Tensas Cool Town (A. Agilar/B. Patin) - 50

*Birdcatcher (NP):  Robo Willie (G. Tracy/R. Walcott) - 42

*Harlequin (MD):  J C's Action (R. Gardipy/T. Moccasin) - 24

Here are the past performances of the high/low Beyer performers:

Download RockAction.pdf


Back with some thoughts and responses to your questions and comments next time.

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monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
wise words Marland, how's Saratoga?
Marland Suckie More than 1 year ago
The Arlington Million just proves it. Easy lead, easy money every time.
tony kelso More than 1 year ago
I think the thing to keep in mind with Einstien is his moderate record on the CD turf course: 7-1-1-3. I think the race to rate him is on the GP course, which is dirt based, like Arlington. On BRIS Class ratings Einstein is "right there" with the super-Euros (and actually Spirit One has the BEST class ratings, but they are are all on soft French courses).
Paul Revere More than 1 year ago
Contest Picks Beverly: Rosinka Million: Stream Cat Thank you Alan and all the best.
GunBow More than 1 year ago
Most exciting / memorable races seen in person: 2001 Breeders Cup Classic: Tiznow repeats. (Also saw 2000 Classic). 2007 Hollywood Gold Cup: Lava Man threepeats (also saw 05 + 06 Gold Cups). 1990 Hollywood Gold Cup: Criminal Type vs. Sunday Silence. 2003 Breeders Cup Turf: High Chaparral-Johar. 1997 Santa Anita Derby: Free House-Silver Charm 2003 Arlington Million: Crazy finish/Storming Home + Gary Stevens. 2004 Belmont: Birdstone over Smarty Jones. "Biggest" race I've ever seen. When it comes to memorable individual performances, that's a separate question.
Sun G More than 1 year ago
I have been lurking around the blog for awhile, been some time since I have posted. A couple of observations, dk, I agree Big Brown needs to step it up against the older horses. As for Curlin at the Spa for the Woodward, as long as that place has a holding area or isolation barn like Belmont and other New York tracks, I would not hold my breath on Big Brown going there. The connections already said no more holding barns for Big Brown- remember he freaked in one on Belmont day. They would be nuts to run him through that gambit again. Curlin's connections already know Big Brown is pointing to the BC Classic. For some reason they are chicken or weary of running Curlin on the synthetics in SA. If Curlin avoids the BC Classic and BB wins that race against older horses-I do not know what kind of case Curlin will have for US horse of the year, seeing how his two biggest races are out of the country. The BC Classic counts more than any other race if the previous year's votes have any bearing on it. Curlin's connections should think their schedule through with this in mind. Still, I am dying to see Big Brown against good older horses, and Curlin is the best. Regarding the Ron Turcotte scandal with vicstu- can you guys give it a rest? Its like I am back in my all girl's Catholic School in Maryland and Sister Mary Beth is rapping knuckles for spelling errors and speaking out of turn. One correction is enough, but do several of you have to perpetuate this? This is not the same Blog I remember from a few month's back. After all, I like to come here for the insight. I had no idea that Sister Mary Beth and her cohorts at Spalding had hijacked this Blog and organized the Smart Patrol to terrorize all who dare make a mistake. Give it a rest. It became old yesterday. Nice to see Steve T and Alan are still posting. Alan, good luck with your father.
Mike S More than 1 year ago
And the winners are going to be: TIZDEJAVU (in a romp) DREAMING OF ANNA (runaway) EINSTEIN (in a thriller)
vicstu More than 1 year ago
Turn Back the Alarm, What is really sickening is that Alydar was such a windfall of a stallion for them. If what they say is true, the love and want of money surely is the root of all evil. PGM, I am naturally the same way too, so I understand the need to correct. Its actually no big deal and I have to stop myself from posting a correction to everything I see posted...for instance, the is a poster at Crist's Blog who posted an otherwise very salient post about steroids, Big Brown, the industry, etc. However, when drawing an analogy between racing and baseball, he referred to Barry Bonds and steroids as "Bobby Bonds and steroids". Bobby, as anyone who is a true baseball fan will tell you, is Barry's father (RIP) and an All Star baseball player himself. Blessed with speed and power, Bobby was one of the first to put up 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in the same season-until the original Mr. Steroid (Jose Conseco) put up 40 and 40. But I digress. The point is, I just let it slide on by because its an easy error for someone to make. Obviously, the misspelling of Ron Turcotte's name is some kind of blasphemy. As of this time, I have a count of 6 posts asking me to PLEASE spell or say his name right. For crying out loud, guys. The spelling error was straightened out two days ago! Alan, Best of luck with your father. By all means, take care of your father first, your mother, and update the contest at your leisure. As you know, my dad was in the hospital getting his heart looked at recently. It comes with the territory, I guess, but it does not make it any easier. You'll be in my thoughts... Jim Tulley, I understand your frustration trying to find a horse to beat Tizdejavu. Yet, with the field, I do not see any horse challenging or pushing him up front. And he always does what needs to be done to get the job done. We may not have seen his best yet, and I am not sure what to make of the new IEAH addition Plan. Also, Your Round seems to have garnered some support here, but again, I just don't know if these can catch Tizdejavu-even at 10 panels on turf. One formblogger-I forget who-suggested that Secret Getaway was a sleeper. Does anyone else feel the same? The purses obviously could use some boosting to attract the very best in training right now-globally. Although I still do not expect top flight Euros to come to Arlington when there are still a few graded races on their side of the pond. Eric_T, Shhh. I agree with your analogy on Sudan and hope the novices will lay off him and jump on the chalk. Lets just hop not too many people pick up on this. The less said, the better. Steve T, That is an impressive list of sprinters listed in your post. And I find that sprinters usually do better off of a layoff than route horses, as far as being close to form. As long as their works are pretty solid, and as noted in some of the other posts, Asmussen tends to work all of his horses slower so I tend to use a different criteria with his horses that sprint. But with all the others, generally I would agree with what you said, but it varies from horse to horse. Had you not brought it up, I may have not noticed this pattern for some time. But I save many of my ppfs and results, so I went through many of them and it makes sense to me. And very impressive 7 furlong work from Midnight Lute. That distance is longer than most sprinters work, but Lute has had some time off. Looks like he is getting back to speed. BTW, with Lute back on the track, do you still consider Benny the Bull the best sprinter? He seems to me to still be the horse to beat in that division based on 2008 performances. Mathieu, Thanks for re-posting knm's plea for me to spell Secretariat's jockey's name correctly (i.e. Turcotte). Its the first that I have heard about it. Must of missed that post and the 4 that preceeded it! What is the point? Do you want me to write "I will not misspell Ron Turcotte's name"? That would be rather petty, wouldn't it? I realize it is heresy to refer to Mr. Turcotte as anything but Ron Turcotte. I pray the racing gods take pity on me for this grevious error. It must grate on you like someone running their fingernails on a blackboard to have signed onto the Ron Turcotte petition 24 hours after I had already been served notice and corrected this oversight. If you did not see the posts where this error was corrected, well, that was an error on your part then, I suppose. No big deal. Just like it was an error for me to misspell Turcotte's name. But I realize many here were probably just kidding or being tongue in cheek because no one can get that irritated over a simple misspelling-especially one I had already acknowledged and corrected. So, the spelling police can now go on and play "Gotcha" with someone else... YEAH!
Mathieu More than 1 year ago
Vicstu, Would you PLEASE stop referring to Secretariat's jockey as Ron Tourcette? His name is RON TURCOTTE! Posted by: knm YEAH!
Leo More than 1 year ago
Steve T, I use beyers in a very limited fashion, but for your questions, I think you have to follow the shipper/trainer rather than the beyers. Overall, I think Philly and Del are inflated, but the shipper is the key. Beyer comparisons between Fingerlakes and Saratoga would yield poor results. I do look for Suffolk shippers. Aqe, Bel, and Sar comparisons on ratings are fair. Monmouth can be inconsistent, but are overall reliable. The sloppy weather has made things very difficult. Good Luck.