08/12/2008 12:38AM

Weekend recap, Beyers


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figure from last week's stakes races:

*Duke of Magenta (Sar):  Fairbanks (T. Pletcher/R. Migliore) - 107

*Secretariat (AP):  Winchester (D. Weld/R. Douglas) - 106
*Beverly D. (AP):  Mauralakana - Fr (C. Clement/K. Desormeaux) - 105
*James Marvin (Sar):  Eternal Star (M. Trombetta/R. Dominguez) - 103
*Arlington Million (AP):  Spirit One - Fr (P. Demercastel/I. Mendizabal) - 103
*Major Moran (Crc):  Yesbyjimminy (E. Plesa Jr./P. Lopez) - 103
*Shepperton (WO):  Dancer's Bajan (R. Tiller/C. Fraser) - 102

*Hooting Star (Crc):  Lettie's Relic (S. Dwoskin/E. Nunez) - 99
*Nijinsky (WO): Seaside Retreat (M. Casse/P. Husbands) - 99
*West Point (Bel):  Banrock (T. Bush/K. Desormeaux) - 98
*Hatoof (2nd Division) (AP):  Lucky Copy (T. Pletcher/G. Gomez) - 98

*Select (Mth):  M J's Enchanteur (S. Lake/E. Castro) - 98
*British Columbia Cup Sprint (Hst):  And All That Jazz (C. MacPherson/F.  Fuentes) - 96
*My Frenchman (Mth):  Travolta (J. Servis/D. Cohen) - 96
*With Approval (WO):  Ice Bear (M. Benson/C. Sutherland) - 95
*Real Good Deal (Dmr):  Lethal Heat (B. Abrams/G. Gomez) - 95
*La Jolla (Dmr):  Sky Cape (K. Mulhall/J. Rosario) - 95
*Yaddo (Sar):  Latitude Forty (J. Hertler/J. Castellano) - 94
*Wheat City (AsD):  Monsoon Rain (M. Drexler/C. Marquez) - 94
*Solomon Northup (Sar):  Dr. D. F. C. (R. Ubillo/A. Arboleda) - 92
*Governor's (ElP):  Jonesboro (R. Morse/T. Hebert) - 92
*Monmouth Oaks (Mth):  Maren's Meadow (J. Jones/T. Thompson) - 92
*Forward Pass (AP):  Amazing Results (C. Block/R. Bejarano) - 90
*Madame Jumel (Sar):  Ariege (R. Frankel/A. Garcia) - 90
*Amadevil (Cls):  Bevys Best (L. Staroscik/C. Fackler) - 90
*Robert G. Leavitt Memorial (CT):  Ghostly Thunder (G. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 90
*Redekop British Columbia Cup Classic (Hst):  Spaghetti Mouse (L DaPonte/P. Alvarado - 90

*British Columbia Cup Nursery (Hst):  El Sinaloense (J. Olmos/P. Alvarado) - 88
*National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (Sar): Wesley (M. Hennig/J. Castellano) - 88
*New York Stallion Statue of Liberty (Sar):  Raffie's Treasure (D. Galluscio/K. Desormeaux) - 86
*Manitoba Lotteries Derby (AsD):  Matt's Broken Vow (J. Carroll/A. Cuthbertson) - 84
*Assiniboia Oaks (AsD):  Miss Missile (C. Smith/R. Singh) - 84
*British Columbia Cup Stellar's Jay (Hst):  Krazy Koffee (C. Krasner/C. Hoverson) - 83
*Vivacious (RD):  Sousaphone (M. Nihei/L. Martinez Jr.) - 83
*Best Pal (Dmr):  Azul Leon (D. O'Neill/R. Bejarano) - 82 (*Kelly Leak finished first, but was dq'd to fourth)
*Duchess (WO):  Sugar Bay (M. Benson/C. Sutherland) - 82
*New York Stallion Cab Calloway (Sar):  Doc N Roll (B. Tagg/E. Coa) - 81
*Hatoof (1st Division) (AP):  Ready to Paradise (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 81
*British Columbia Cup Distaff (Hst):  Alpine Garden (T. Jordan/F. Perez) - 80
*Twixt (Lrl):  Hartigan (R. Small/J. Santana) - 80 (*Pissarro finished first, but was dq'd to second)
*Spicy (ArP):  She's Outrageous (W. Harris/A. Lovato) - 80
*Madamoiselle (NP):  Tanika (B. Brown/S. Heiler) - 80

*Caliban (Rui):  Fullofenergy (J. Marr/C. Madeira) - 79
*Don Valliere Memorial Cup (FE):  Bright N Golden (D. Harvey/E. Lindsay) - 78
*Idaho Cup Classic (Boi):  Lookn East (M. Williams/C. Colledge) - 78
*Sorrento (Dmr):  Evita Argentina (J. Sadler/T. Baze) - 77
*Vandal (WO):  Win and Reign (N. Gonzalez/D. Clark) - 76
*First Episode (Suf):  Flirt for Fame (M. Gorham/J. Lopez) - 73
*British Columbia Cup Dogwood (Hst):  Remarkable Miss (B. Heads/F. Fuentes) - 72
*Sonoma (NP):  Lecturing Lynn (L. McCarthy/Q. Welch) - 71

*Northwest Stallion Knights Choice (EmD):  Ladyledue (B. Jenne/R. Frazier) - 69
*Charlie Palmer Starter (Fer):  Louisiana Lawyer (G. Tagliaferri/D. Boag) - 69
*Mike Anderson Memorial Cup (FE):  Sweet Lil Punky (J. Wilson/G. Cruise) - 68
*Idaho Cup Sprint (Boi):  Pirate's Journey (B. Bowman/B. Packer) - 66
*Paul Cacci - Eel River Starter Sprint (Fer):  Watch Me Go Byebye (F. Costa/R. Goodgame) - 65
*Idaho Cup Juvenile Championship (Boi):  Critical Response (D. Hall/C. Colledge) - 64
*British Columbia Cup Debutante (Hst):  P. S. Good N Ready (C. Krasner/C. Hoverson) - 64
*Debutante (Hst):  Lady Countdown (C. Smith/M. Anderson) - 61
*Gold Rush Futurity (ArP):  Major Big Time (W. Harris/T. Wales) - 61
*Idaho Cup Claiming (Boi):  Rainy Day (G. Wehrli/R. Boyce) - 61

*Idaho Cup Derby (Boi):  Silver Wildcat (T. Elison/R. Boyce) - 58
*Gold Strike Mile (Colts Div.) (AsD):  Spying Eyes (R. Gray/A. Cuthbertson) - 58
*Idaho Cup Distaff Maturity (Boi):  Opal's Song (G. Twileger/J. Crispin) - 52
*Cleveland Kindergarten (Tdn): Australis Day (V. Collazo/E. Oro) - 51
*Iowa Stallion Futurity (PrM):  I Vow to Win (L. Hunt Sr./P. Monterrey) - 51

*Thoroughbred Governor's (ArP):  Freesophistication (Z. Alder/T. Thomas) - 49
*Idaho Cup Distaff Derby (Boi):  Salsa Express (D. Hall/D. Crane) - 46
*Gold Strike Mile (Fillies Div.) (AsD):  Bella Mariella (M. Drexler/J. Stianson - 45
*Northwest Stallion Strong Ruler (EmD):  Enumerator (D. Harwood/J. Gutierrez) - 45

*Louise Kimball (Suf):  Silks Crown (A. Salim/O. Bocachica) - 39

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Nice picks and analysis this week, folks.  Be back in a couple of days for your questions and comments.

Take care,


alhattab More than 1 year ago
Thoughts for today: I'm with cayman and Greg on the DiBona entry in the Iselin. I'm not sure who I like better, but I like them both for many of the same reasons you state- Grasshopper has been getting beat by better but not finishing in front of much (in fact beaten by DelPark wonder Barcola in Foster). Vulnerable. Gottcha Gold isn't the same without Chuckie and Plesa tries another jock for this hard-to-handle horse(I would've used Felix Ortiz, I'm serious). Not sure about Honest Man's distance capabilities. DiBona is good of the layoff and both of his want the 1 1/8. Saratoga- anyone else think that the wide close is death? Horses coming off the pace seem to be saving ground, with those fannnig wide around the turn apparently on a treadmill. Anyway, in the Sword Dancer I like Grand Couturier. He's sort of a wise guy horse it seems, but the price should still be ok. He returns to seemingly preferred 3-turn race. Last is a toss. Ground firming up based on time of yesterday's Lake George and with no further rain should be ok (labeled "good" as I write this) and that is a plus. Presious Passion and Equitable both benefitted from rail rides in the UN, in which the rails were down for the first time in 3 weeks. Good luck everyone
larryk More than 1 year ago
Point made at TRD: Frunners win 43% of mile races at DMR, however its flipflopped when they go 1 1/16. Closers rule the roast. Pretty interesting. Lets see how race shapes up.
Chase More than 1 year ago
Alan- Can you give me Pressious Passion and Wessman in the contest races this weekend? Thanks!!
dk More than 1 year ago
Think it is going to be oldtimer's day at the SPA! Predicting that Better Talk Now runs a big one and just gets up in time to catch the pace-pressing Equitable by a neck. Late-charging Dancing Forever another 1/2 length back in third... Win bet on BTN and box the three in exactas & tris. Also like Intoxicating Beauty in the 4th. Del Carroll has been trying to get her back on the turf and today may be the day at a pretty long price. Cornelio strings along for the late rushing victory. Using with Sweet Bama Breeze- 5 seconds and a third from 7 starts- and longshots Bella Cherokee and Marian B. W-P: #4 ex box: 1-4-6-8 tri box: 1-4-6-8 good luck!
vicstu More than 1 year ago
Mike S, Just a quick note. I too enjoy the discussions on Big Brown, Curlin, etc. - although I will believe BB and Curlin will race when I see it... And, your points are all well taken, however, you have stated a few times that none of BB's times have been fast or anywhere near a track record. Just off the top of my head, his 9 furlong time at Gulfstream Park (FL Derby) of 1:48.16 was just .37 seconds off the track record set by Brass Hat at the time it was run. Pretty fast considering the opening quarter-mile fractions were 22.76 and 45.83 for the half. Besides, Bob Black Jack and El Gato Malo broke the track record at 6 furlongs and 8 furlongs respectively at Santa Anita last winter. EGM broke a three decade old track time (despite running on synthetic ) and BBJ broked the world record (ditto). EGM was short on earnings for the Derby, and BBJ was short, despite getting in. Track records do not equate to records as a matter of course. Also, Thoro-Form said that when distance traveled is factored in, BB ran the fastest Kentucky Derby in the last two decades, and had the highest score ever awarded in that race. When distance run forward and laterally is factored in, BB ran 10 furlongs in just under 2:00 flat, and actually ran a few dozen yards further than 10 furlongs from the time he left the gate until the wire. Say what you will about BB, but the Derby performance was a "once in a lifetime" level performance. It will be some time (I will wager) until we see another winner from the 20 post. Only then will people look back and realize how much the horse had to overcome (foundation, post, no seasoning, etc.) in his first 2 grade 1 wins. But, I still am not claiming he can beat Curlin at this juncture, I just wish they would race. One last point, about the Pink Elephant in the room. Curlin's connections in jail, drug violations, etc... As far as disliking connections, everyone should not forget Curlin's connections (Midnight Cry) are in jail for refusing to comply with a judge's order in a criminal fraud case. They were charged with stealing cash belonging to seriously ill Phen Fen consumers from a class action lawsuit. Whatever anyone thinks of Dutrow, he has never done or been accused of doing something so slimy and reprehensible. Jackson deserves credit for working through this and doing right by the horse, but Midnight Cry and Asmussen are every bit as jaded and dark as Dutrow and Iavarone. Why no disparaging the jailed or drug violation laced connections of Curlin? They represent racing well. To me this is a double-stadard. Anyone who says they are not has no idea what Midnight Cry (the lawyers) did and what they are charged with. And Asmussen is no choir boy himself with his drug violations. Given that, why does no one ever mention Curlin's connections? They have reached lows that Big Brown's connections can only dream of reaching?! Both connections have slime on them. If you only want to call out Big Brown's connections, you are being subjective and biased. And that calls the rest of your objective reasoning into question. So, lets all admit both connections leave much to be desired in the class and or criminality department. And do not forget, Dutrow's run ins with the law are small time and negligable compared with what the two lawyers connected to Curlin's owenership group are going through as we speak.
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Captain Illman; Arrrggg...you scurvy dog...me thinks you have foresaken we scallywaggs for a lot o' land-lubbers!!! Aaayyy, me wishith that thoust would come back! The ship is in good sorts, but some of the bucs are restless...we keep waitin' for the shwing of thee boom!!! Aaarrrggg!!! Van Savant
cayman01 More than 1 year ago
For those who need the Longacres pp's" http://www.brisnet.com/bris_link/pdfs/darley_121195.pdf As for my picks for the Longacres I'm going with an old friend in FLAMETHROWINTEXAN. Probably throwing away four bucks, but he can wire this field and although he hasn't raced in over a year (!) he's got bullet workouts everywhere and a great workout pattern. Why not take a shot at a Grade 3 if he's ready instead of wasting a bullet on an allowance race. Just wish his regular jock had stayed, but it should be fun to watch for at least 6 furlongs.Hope Baze doesn't fall off as the horse looks ready to RUN. So for the contest I'll take two bombs in Presious Passion and Flamethrowintexan.
Alan More than 1 year ago
HEY...You're all keeping me on my toes today!! Please check your picks for accuracy, as some of you have changed your picks already or haven't picked yet today! Also, please note the scratches (Red Rocks and Champs Elysees) in the Sword Dancer. Buck1097, You made two picks in the Sword Dancer - I elected to give you Equitable, since the 4yo is a "Premier Pick" (when in doubt, always support our Formblog Family horses!!) I want to thank all of you again for your support and prayers - it has meant so much to me and also to my family. I am starting to feel somewhat better and will slowly try to return to those activities I love, including horseplaying (after all, I do have an NHCqualifier next weekend - as of now, I am woefully prepared for the contest.) I will sorely miss my Travers phone conversations with my dad later this week (he loved to bet the "big" races at his local LI OTB, but was a much more conservative, practical horseplayer - for example, he loved Big Brown in the Derby.) Hopefully, these memories will slowly evolve from the negative to the positive over time... Thank you so much again for your understanding.
Steve T More than 1 year ago
Check out the latest standings in this handicapping contest - #3 "Feather Fall" is our very own Laura! http://www.publichandicapper.com/standings.cfm
Calvin Carter More than 1 year ago
Alan, Sword Dancer - Champ Elysses. If he scratches I'll be Dancing Forever. How's that Annie!