05/26/2009 3:55PM

Weekend recap


Jockeys are doubtlessly the toughest athletes on the planet.  Day in and day out, without the benefit of an off-season, they struggle to make weight.  Once sufficiently weakened by starvation and the hot box, they proceed to ride 1,000 pound thoroughbreds at great speeds around tight turns and through tiny openings.  In the back of their minds, they know that the fragile legs of the racehorse could give way at a moment's notice.  Career-ending injury, paralysis, and even death loom around the corner.  Fearlessly, they climb aboard and perform acts of derring-do that would rival the acrobatics of any circus performer.  For most riders, it's a thankless job for little pay and less recovery time.  If they don't ride, their families don't eat.  Injured riders can be forgotten, replaced by the new flavor of the month. Out of sight, out of a trainer or owner's mind.  The Jockeys Guild provides little comfort thanks to years of inept management. The racetracks wash their hands of a rider's problems.  After all, they are merely "independent contractors."
Rene Douglas is known for his consistency.  Annually one of the top riders at Arlington Park, Douglas isn't afraid to save ground in an effort to give a mount, and the horseplayers that backed said mount, the best chance to win.  Best known for his 1996 Belmont Stakes victory aboard Editor's Note, Douglas has also won Grade 1 races like the 2004 Ashland with Madcap Escapade, the 2004 Yellow Ribbon aboard Light Jig, the 2005 Shoemaker Mile with Castledale, the 2006 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies with Dreaming of Anna, the 2007 Ashland with Christmas Kid, the 2007 Beverly D. aboard Royal Highness, the 2008 Manhattan with Dancing Forever, and the 2008 Secretariat with Winchester.
Now, Douglas faces the toughest stretch duel of his life.  The 42-year-old native of Panama was tossed from his mount, Born to Be, in a horrifying spill nearing the eighth pole of the Grade 3 Arlington Matron Handicap on Saturday.  Despite a marathon surgery to repair his spine, Douglas is now paralyzed from the waist down.  The next two weeks are crucial to his longterm future.  Hopefully, he'll come through with flying colors.  Our thoughts continue to be with him.


With all due respect to "Superstar" Billy Graham, it is Zenyatta that is "the reflection of perfection, the number one selection."  The Amazon, the freak, the scourge of the distaff division, Zenyatta is Beauty and The Beast rolled up into one divine package.  Despite a wonderful ride from Garrett Gomez aboard the talented Life Is Sweet, Zenyatta wouldn't be denied.  Again.  Gomez dared Mike Smith to move Zenyatta through a narrow opening on the inside entering the final turn of the Milady Handicap at Hollywood Park on Saturday, and when Smith took the bait, Gomez almost put him over the rail.  Undaunted, Zenyatta calmly began to build up momentum, and despite losing ground when wide turning for home, she steamrolled her opposition with the devastating ease that we've come to expect from the champion.  Rachel Alexandra may have thrown down the gauntlet by beating males in the Preakness, but she isn't the mare to beat until she tackles Zenyatta.


Alan's favorite horse, Miranda Diane, trained by "Super" Shane Seaton, earned a 102 Beyer in winning the Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs over the Memorial Day weekend.  Seaton claimed Miranda Diane for $15,000 in her first start of 2009.  At the time, the filly had won three of six starts with a career-best Beyer Speed Figure of 70.  In three starts with Seaton, Miranda Diane is undefeated with Beyers of 102, 97, and 102.  She has won those races by a combined 27 lengths.


This was a weekend that featured some favored oldies.  Joey P., and perennial favorite on the New Jersey circuit, took the John J. Reilly at Monmouth.  Sterwins won the Connaught Cup at Woodbine.  Thorn Song went gate-to-wire in the Shoemaker Mile, and the ageless Brass Hat rolled from the back of the pack to take the Louisville at Churchill Downs.


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races;

*Frisk Me Now (Mth):  Solar Flare - Arg (J. Jones/G. Saez) - 110

*Shadwell Metropolitan (Bel):  Bribon - FR (R. Ribaudo/A. Garcia) - 106
*Memorial Day (Crc):  Finallymadeit (J. Negrete/E. Nunez) - 105
*My Juliet (Pha):  Indian Way (A. Dutrow/D. Cohen) - 103
*Big Earl (LaD):  Brother Bean (V. Arceneaux/B. Patin) - 102
*Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs (WRD):  Miranda Diane (S. Seaton/N. Matz) - 102
*Vagrancy (Bel):  Carolyn's Cat (K. McLaughlin/A. Garcia) - 101
*Elkwood (Mth):  Get Serious (J. Forbes/P. Fragoso) - 101
*John J. Reilly (Mth):  Joey P. (B. Perkins Jr./J. Bravo) - 101
*Jim Rasmussen Memorial (PrM):  Shadowbdancing (T. Gore/R. Meier) - 101
*Connaught Cup (WO):  Sterwins (M. Pierce/P. Husbands) - 101
*Shoemaker Mile (Hol):  Thorn Song (D. Romans/M. Smith) - 101
*Seaport Mac (Bel):  Wishful Tomcat (R. Dutrow Jr./R. Dominguez) - 101
*Milady (Hol):  Zenyatta (J. Shirreffs/M. Smith) - 101
*Vigil (WO) - Field Commission (D. Vella/T. Pizarro) - 100

*Louisville (CD):  Brass Hat (W. Bradley/C. Borel) - 98
*Lazaro Barrera Memorial (Hol):  Charlie's Moment (W. Solis/A. Solis) - 97
*Arlington Matron (AP):  Euphony (D. Von Hemel/M. Berry) - 97
*El Segundo (Hol):  Bamaha Breeze (S. Miyadi/M. Garcia) - 96
*Sheepshead Bay (Bel):  Criticism - GB (T. Albertrani/J. Castellano) - 96
*Decoration Day (Mnr):  Lindelaan (C. Clement/K. Carmouche) - 95
*Winning Colors (CD):  Dubai Majesty (W. Calhoun/H. Theriot II) _ 94
*Arlington Classic (AP):  Giant Oak (C. Block/E. Razo Jr.) - 93
*Fox Sports Network (EmD):  Kruger Park (C. Moreno/J. Matias) - 93
*Memorial Day (Mnr):  Blues Street (T. Pletcher/K. Carmouche) - 92
*Hanshin Cup (AP):  Vacation (C. McGaughey III/J. Velazquez) - 92
*Sales (NP) (colts):  Diamond Doc (A. Strumecki/P. Winters) - 90

*Dedicated Rullah (Bel):  Redefined (A. Dutrow/J. Lezcano) - 89
*MGK 102.9 DeBella Derby (Pha):  Kurbat - CHI (H. Motion/J. Rose) - 88
*Monmouth Beach (Mth):  Maren's Meadow (J. Jones/J. Shepherd) - 88
*American 1000 Guineas (AP);  Consequence (C. McGaughey III/J. Velazquez) - 87
*Lamplighter (Mth):  Sleepless Knight (K. Breen/J. Bravo) - 86
*OTA Classic (WRD):  Marq French (K. Nolen/C. Kimes) - 84
*Zen (AP):  Wildeydsouthernboy (H. Robertson/E. Baird) - 84
*Gray's Lake (PrM):  Karl's Speed Demon (M. Natale/I. Ocampo) - 83
*Your Ladyship (AP):  Magnetic Miss (J. Broussard/P. Compton) - 83
*Little Silver (Mth):  Platinum Girl (T. Pletcher/E. Castro) - 83
*Norgor Derby (Rui):  Concordes Saint (H. Dominguez/J. Bourdieu) - 82
*Ride the Rails (Crc):  Livingston Street (W. Kaplan/M. Cruz) - 82
*George W. Barker (FL):  Mr. Windjammer (J. Buckley/G. Suarez) - 82
*Alcatraz (GG):  Run It (D. Patterson/C. Schvaneveldt) - 82
*Powder Doll Starter (LaD):  Judy's Light (T. Journet/J. Riquelme) - 80

*Sales (NP) (filly division):  Ubettorubet (D. Nicholson/R. Simard) - 79
*Wild Rose (PrM):  Celeritas (J. Mamakos/G. Corbett) - 75
*Bob Bryant (PrM):  Sakakawea (R. Tracy Jr./T. Thompson) - 74
*Lady Angela (WO):  Sans Souci (M. Doyle/C. Sutherland) - 72
*Federal Way (EmD):  Ladyledue (B. Jenne/R. Frazier) - 70

*Journal Star (Lnn):  Reach One More (D. Anderson/M. Ziegler) - 69
*Dr. T. F. Classen Memorial (Tdn):  Money Card (S. Girten-Drake/J. Magrell) - 68
*Big Red Mile (Lnn):  Blumin Attitude (D. Coughlin/L. Ranilla) - 66
*Shine Again (Pim):  Amie's Legend (H. Motion/L. Garcia) - 65
*Inaugural (ArP):  Kid Rambo (T. Rushton/J. Rochabrun) - 62

*Lone Star Park (LS):  It's a Bird (M. Wolfson/J. Leparoux) - N/A
*Ouija Board Distaff (LS):  Wasted Tears (B. Evans/E. Tejera) - N/A
*Dallas Turf Cup (LS):  Seaspeak (R. Nicks/J. Leparoux) - N/A
*USA (Ls):  Jake Wil Gallop (L. Hellman/T. Collier) - N/A
*Cinemine (LS):  Sweet Relish (D. Von Hemel/M. Berry) - N/A
*Valid Expectations (LS):  Pious Ashley (M. Wolfson/J. Leparoux) - N/A
*Berkeley (GG):  Autism Awareness (G. Vallejo/D. Lopez) - N/A
*Honor the Hero Turf Express (Cby):  Moralist (T. Domenosky/J. Ferrer) - N/A

Here are the lifetime past performances for the highest and lowest Beyer stakes performers of the week:

Download SolarRambo


I'm trying to do a little study on Tomlinson Distance ratings and the Triple Crown. The trouble is that no ratings were published in the original versions of the form before 2001.
I have noticed that any past races you access from your PDF database now show up with the Tomlinson Distance ratings for each horse. Even as far back as the mid-90's.
I was wondering if I could get the Tomlinson Distance ratings for the Belmont entrants of 2000 and 2001?
If it's also not too taxing on your generosity I wouldn't mind the same ratings for the Derby entrants of 02', 01', 00', 98', 97', 96'

Here are the Belmont Stakes Tomlinson Distance Ratings for 2000 and 2001 (in order of finish):

2000 (12 furlongs):

Commendable - 323
Aptitude - 451
Unshaded - 322
Wheelaway - 367
Impeachment - 282
Appearing Now - 304
Postponed - 325
Tahkodha Hills - 311
Globalize - 333
Curule - 332

2001 (12 furlongs):

Point Given - 333
A P Valentine - 348
Monarchos - 366
Dollar Bill - 347
Invisible Ink - 306
Thunder Blitz - 255
Buckle Down Ben - 325
Balto Star - 309
Dr Greenfield - 253

Here are the Kentucky Derby Tomlinson Distance Ratings for the years you requested (in order of finish):

1996 (10 furlongs):

Grindstone - 328
Cavonnier - 359
Prince of Thieves - 344
Halo Sunshine - 307
Unbridled's Song - 370
Editor's Note - 290
Blow Out - 288
Alyrob - 354
Diligence - 310
Victory Speech - 346
Corker - 242
Skip Away - 313
Zarb's Magic - 388*
Semoran - 249
In Contention - 327
Louis Quatorze - 338
Matty G - 276
Honour and Glory - 351
Built for Pleasure - 273

1997 (10 furlongs):

Silver Charm - 298
Captain Bodgit - 274
Free House - 279
Pulpit - 339
Crypto Star - 346
Phantom On Tour - 256
Jack Flash - 338
Hello - 289
Concerto - 363
Celtic Warrior - 328
Crimson Classic - 349
Shammy Davis - 373
Deeds Not Words - 277

1998 (10 furlongs):

Real Quiet - 317
Victory Gallop - 331
Indian Charlie - 244*
Halory Hunter - 327
Cape Town - 305
Parade Ground - 360
Hanuman Highway - 294
Favorite Trick - 173
Nationalore - 323*
Old Trieste - 347
Chilito - 283
Robinwould - 321
Artax - 269
Rock and Roll - 306
Basic Trainee - 342

2000 (10 furlongs): 

Fusaichi Pegasus - 357
Aptitude - 451
Impeachment - 282
More Than Ready - 276
Wheelaway - 367
China Visit - 320
Curule - 332
Captain Steve - 295
War Chant - 405
Deputy Warlock - 305
Trippi - 248
Exchange Rate - 365
Anees - 348
The Deputy - 170
High Yield - 302
Hal's Hope - 173
Commendable - 323
Ronton - 319
Graeme Hall - 222

2001 (10 furlongs):

Monarchos - 366
Invisible Ink - 306
Congaree - 282
Thunder Blitz - 255
Point Given - 333
Jamaican Rum - 324*
A P Valentine - 348
Express Tour - 245
Fifty Stars - 307
Startac - 369
Millennium Wind - 310
Arctic Boy - 358
Songandaprayer - 204
Balto Star - 309
Dollar Bill - 347
Keats - 310
Talk Is Money - 319

2002 (10 furlongs)

War Emblem - 281
Proud Citizen - 276
Perfect Drift - 342
Medaglia d'Oro - 237
Request for Parole - 270
Came Home - 285
Harlan's Holiday - 312
Johannesburg - 250
Essence of Dubai - 283
Saarland - 367
Blue Burner - 269
Castle Gandolfo - 404
Easy Grades - 315
Private Emblem - 275
Lusty Latin - 242
It'sallinthechase - 240
Ocean Sound - 230
Wild Horses - 229


WILL YOU PLEASE POST THE PP'S FOR gENTLEMEN AGAIN?  I've tried to google it but you can imagine what happens when you google "Gentlemen"

Here they are:

 Download Gentlemen


Before he won the Wood Memorial, Broad Brush won a race at a track abbreviated LAT.
What track is this? Latonia? Please tell.
Steve D.

Broad Brush won the Jim Beam Stakes at Latonia as a three-year-old.


Congrats to Jim Tatus for finishing first in last week's HandiGambling contest.  He deferred his race selection to Annie, and she picked race seven from Woodbine on Wednesday. 

Remember that you have a mythical $100 with which to wager on the race, and the entrant with the highest money total will receive a "Monthly Enhanced 60-Card Past Performance Plan."   Anyone going over the $100 limit will be disqualified.  In the event of a tie, the earliest post gets first preference. 

I know that there is a time issue for some of you, but let's remember why we began the HandiGambling races in the first place.  The goal was to share ideas on why we like these horses, and why we're betting them the way we are.  I'm not asking for a novel, but if you could spare a sentence or two outlining your handicapping angles, and thought process about wagering, it would be appreciated.

Here are the past performances:

Download HandiGambling 135


I thought Cooler by the Lake actually ran better yesterday,and DAN I need your help! (Ours is a partnership where the trainer makes all final decisions so I need some "amo" regarding next starts for a couple of horses) If you could give me the beyers for COOLER BY THE LAKE for Monday, May 25th (4th race at Arlington) TRIPPIT for Sunday May 17th (11th race at Arlington) and DIGI'S TOLERANCE for April 27th (8th race at Hawthorne) they may help me "get my way". I'm trying to talk him into something and if the numbers are what I think they'll be I may be able to pull it off-I'll let everyone know if I do and how it ends up working out!
Stephen Taylor

We haven't received the Memorial Day Beyers from Arlington as of yet.  I'll let you know when they get here.

Trippit received a 53 on May 17.

Digi's Tolerance earned a 43 on April 27 at Hawthorne.


Take care,