09/08/2008 6:26PM

Weekend Beyers, Woodbine Mile, etc.


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Ruffian (Bel):  Tough Tiz's Sis (B. Baffert/E. Prado) - 113

*Woodbine Mile (WO):  Rahy's Attorney (I. Black/S. Callaghan) - 107
*DTHA Owner's Day (Del):  P V Lightening (G. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 106
*Devil Diver (Bel):  Merchant Marine (H. Jerkens/J. Velazquez) - 104
*Endine (Del):  Sweet Hope (J. Jones/G. Saez) - 101
*Whippleton (Crc):  Yesbyjimminy (E. Plesa Jr./P. Lopez) - 100

*Pirate's Bounty (Dmr):  Delta Storm (M. Mitchell/A. Gryder) - 99
*Canadian (WO):  J'ray (T. Pletcher/J. Bravo) - 99
*Seaway (WO):  Akronism (T. Ritchey/E. Da Silva) - 98
*Northern Dancer Turf (WO):  Champs Elysees - GB (R. Frankel/G. Gomez) - 98
*Formal Gold (Mth):  Shopton Lane (B. Levine/J. Lezcano) - 97
*Foothill (Fpx):  Topper Shopper (B. Spawr/M. Pedroza) - 97
*Garden City (Bel):  Backseat Rhythm (P. Reynolds/J. Castellano) - 96
*Pucker Up (AP):  Closeout (T. Proctor/H. Theriot II) - 95
*Positive Gal (Bel):  Diamondrella - GB (A. Penna Jr./R. Maragh) - 95
*Daisycutter (1st Div) (Dmr):  Synnin and Grinnin (H. Zucker/J. Talamo) - 95
*Puck (Crc):  Atlantic Paws (J. Chapman/P. LopezA) - 94
*A. L. (Red) Erwin (LaD):  Lee's Spirit (R. Schultz/D. Simington) - 93
*Phil D. Shepherd (Fpx):  Freesgood (W. Currin/M. Garcia) - 92
*Daisycutter (2nd Div) (Dmr):  Queen Ofthe Catsle (H. Zucker/V. Espinoza) - 92
*Cape Henlopen (Del):  Dinner in Odem (P. Wasiluk Jr./T. Thompson) - 91
*Harvest (Alb):  Gold Coyote (W. Calhoun/B. Walker Jr.) - 91
*Speed to Spare (NP):  Test Boy (R. Diodoro/R. Walcott) - 91
*Turfway Park Fall Championship (TP):  Delightful Kiss  (P. Anderson/C. Borel) - 90
*Restoration (Mth):  Power Game (C. McGaughey III/E. Trujillo) - 90

*Florida Stallion Affirmed (Crc):  Big Drama (D. Fawkes/P. Lopez) - 89
*E. B. Johnston (Fpx):  Bai and Bai (C. Dollase/A. Gryder) - 88
*George Rosenberger Memorial (Del):  Pyramyst (P. Walder/R. Dominguez) - 88
*Honor Glide (AP):  Snoose Goose (M. Robertson/R. Bejarano) - 87
*Jim Kostoff (Fpx):  Trevor's Clever (T. West/M. Pedroza) - 86
*Del Mar Futurity (Dmr):  Midshipman (B. Baffert/T. Baze) - 85
*Arlington-Washington Lassie (AP):  C. S. Silk (D. Romans/R. Albarado) - 84
*Lakeway (Ret):  Ruffroundtheedges (A. Love/J. Collier) - 84
*Central Iowa (PrM):  Stop a Train (C. Janks/P. Compton) - 84
*E. T. Springer (Alb):  Cattleman Prospect (A. Gonzalez/R. Jaime) - 82
*Schenectady (Bel):  Under Serviced (B. Baffert/K. Desormeaux) - 82

*Catcharisingstar (Crc):  My Sweet Natalie (W. Ward/P. Lopez) - 79
*Seacliff (Crc): This One's for Phil (K. O'Connell/W. Galviz) - 79
*CTHS (Hst):  El Sinaloense (J. Olmos/P. Alvarado) - 75
*Terry Rak Memorial (MD):  Standoff (M. Taphorn/T. Moccasin) - 75
*Three Year Old Sales (NP):  Smile N Wave (J. Petrowski/S. Beauregard) - 73
*Saskatchewan Derby (MD):  Half Mine (M. Russell/S. Heiler) - 72
*Bustles and Bows (Fpx):  Dash Dot Dash (V. Cerin/M. Pedroza) - 70

*Florida Stallion Susan's Girl (Crc):  Aroma de Mujer (W. Rosas-Canessa/M. Aguilar) - 69
*Fasig Tipton Turf Dash (Crc):  Code Runner (R. Smith/E. Nunez) - 69
*Lindsay Frolic (Crc):  Got Clearance (M. Jablow/M. Studart) - 69
*Gin Talking (Lrl):  Miss Charm City (C. Garcia/H. Karamanos) - 68
*Three Year Old Filly Sales (NP):  Bears Artiste (D. Greenwood/Q. Welch) - 61

*Cree-Way Gas (MD):  Just Callme Blonde (A. Flegel/K. Ragbirsingh) - 56

*CTHS Sales (Hst):  Golden Ratio (C. Krasner/F. Fuentes) - 45

*Gold Strike (MD):  Unbridledapalachee (F. Zdunick/A. Scarlett) - 18

Here are the lifetime performances for the High/Low Beyer runners (and yes, that is an 18):

Download Tough18.pdf


I have never seen anything like Martin Pedroza and his dominance of Fairplex. Today he had 8 mounts - 6 wins and 2 seconds. Add that to the previous two days and he has 16 wins in THREE DAYS! I guess this should convince people that he is truly the King of Pomona.

You have watched us since Day 1, do you agree that this is a good group of handicappers?
Steve T

Pedroza is an amazing 19-37 (51% wins) at the current Fairplex meet.  Jockey Paco Lopez had six winners over the weekend at Calder including five stakes wins.  Dale Beckner won six races at Presque Isle Downs on Saturday, and followed that up by booting home three more winners on Sunday. 
I think you guys and gals are tremendous handicappers.  Each and every week, it seems that one or more of you are picking winners at excellent prices.  Great going!


Would you be able to post some old result charts of the Woodbine Mile?

Here are the last five runnings:

Download woodbinemile_2008.pdf

Download woodbinemile_2007.pdf

Download woodbinemile_2006.pdf

Download woodbinemile_2005.pdf

Download woodbinemile_2004.pdf


Take care,


Travers More than 1 year ago
Here are some interesting hips for the upcoming day at Keeneland: Hip 507- 3/4 brother to David Junior; dam is a full sister to Arlington Million winner Paradise Creek Hip 764- dam a 3/4 sister to Sadler's Wells and 2nd dam is a half sister to Nureyev. Hip 831- great bloodlines and dam is a half sister to Spend a Buck.
tbone More than 1 year ago
BELMONT RACE 8 - As a personal rule I won't play last out maiden winners who were either favorite in that race or ran on or close to the lead in that race. It seems to me like they get overbet first time out against winners. So in this race I will chuck out the morning line favorite #7 Valiant Humor. My top choice is #10 At Attention. I wanted a horse who will be close to the lead, and like the switch to Coa here at Belmont. I don't think he'll have to go 4 wide like he has the last two times. Like horses trained by either Brown right now (Chad or Bruce). I like the #1 Papa Jerry to finish somewhere in the money so will use in ex. and tri. the #'s 2,8,11 will fill the other spots. Bets: $5 trifectas 1,10/1,2,10/1,2 1,10/1,8,10/1,8 1,10/1,10,11/1,11 so that's $15 each for a total of $45. $5 exacta 1,10/1,10,11 is $20 $2 exacta 1,10/1,2,8,10 is $12 If my math is right that leaves $23 win on #10. Dan, I like the choice of race because in my opinion these are the races you're going to have to be able to make some money on if you want to come out ahead at this game. (Something I am still hard at work to accomplish.)
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
I just saw one of my favorite quotes, I had forgotten it, but it is horse racing in a nutshell: Reporter: Mr. Shoemaker what was your philosophy as a jockey? Bill Shoemaker: Get there first Hey, he asked LOL
Greg More than 1 year ago
Allright, been really busy for a few weeks, excellent job on the blog. I've been trying to follow even though I haven't posted or handicapped a race since the Travers. Belmont race 8: No world beaters here, decent amount of speed. #7 Valiant Humor 5/2: does look like he can rate, drawn well, probably short price though. #5 Phobia 8/1: His two best numbers were on a loose lead against state-breds, but this field is also weak, and his last race was quite good. It fell apart, and he was up there on the very fast pace. I like this one. #4 Bobcat Brody 15/1: I doubt he'll be 15/1 but I'm interested at about 8-1 or higher. If the race falls apart...3rd off layoff, lightly raced, plus he ran some good races over the winter, so factor in some 3yo maturity, and a much faster pace than he got last time, I think we got something. So I would do something like this: $16 win 4 (min 8/1) $12 ex 4 / 5 7 $6 ex 4 / 1 8 $8 ex 5 / 4 7 $1 tri 4 / 5 7 / 1 5 7 8 10 $1 tri 4 / 1 5 7 8 10 / 5 7 $1 tri 5 / 4 7 / 1 4 7 8 10 $1 tri 5 / 1 4 7 8 10 / 4 7 I think the race is deep enough to take a shot at the tri, if it was a smaller field, I would have no problem taking my entire play in a race to win or in a 70/30 exacta provided the prices are good enough, ie 7 ex 1 2 / 3 and reverse it for 3 bucks. Here, if I'm exactly right, 4 / 5 7 / 5 7, or 5 / 4 7 / 4 7 I can have the tri twice ($2). A little more runs through the 4, but some runs through the 5 too. Normally I don't like splitting the bet but they're both good prices and I think they both have a shot here. ________________ Regarding Big Brown...it's going to rain, it appears he'll get yielding turf, for what that's worth. They'll definately be on the grass, they baby the turf course down there so much it's ridiculous. And we saw what they ran on last year in the Breeders Cup. We'll see, it looks like they are going to pull together a decent field.
Stephen Taylor More than 1 year ago
Alan- Thanks for the PP's Here's my $100 (actually I like to play $50 on races lots of times, so all I'm doing is doubling the way I play many races which offer super wagering) $20W1 $4 EXBOX 1/5/10 $2 TRIPTWHEEL 1,5,10 w 1,5,10 w 1,4,5,10 $2 SUPERPARTWHEEL 1,5 w 1,5,10 w 1,4,5,10 w 1,4,5,7,10 (The way that super is set up is actually $16 for a buck, and I've hit a few. The thing I like about it is that it gives you a one horse "margin of error" in that one of the 5 can throw a complete clunker without knocking me out of at least a chance at the super.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Early scratches at BP today: Moneymoneymoney Phobia Artytheonemanparty Annie
Annie More than 1 year ago
Did anyone see the jockey episode on "The Cleaner" last night? I thought it was really good. Sarafan played Dandelion Wine. I thought his acting debut was great. lol They will probably show the episode again if anyone missed it. It even had, I think Steve Lawrence playing an obsessed horseplayer. I was looking at the point standings for the BC and noticed that Notional has been retired. I don't remember seeing that. Annie
Tinky More than 1 year ago
Alex – I am HIGHLY skeptical that any objective studies have been done on Tomlinson turf figures which support the notion that using them blindly will yield a profit – or anything close to a profit. They may be a moderately useful, general guide for those who know little about pedigrees (i.e. better than nothing), but there is something seriously wrong with his basic methodology, as they are, far too often, so out of line as to be badly misleading. There are examples of these problems found in every day's Racing Form, but I'd point out in particular how absurdly wrong his numbers can be with respect to horses with foreign pedigrees. Just take a look at last Saturday's Belmont form, and you'll see a horse which was entered in the Garden City (3rd race) called Shaker. She's an Irish-bred by Key of Luck, out of a Saint Estephe mare. Now, if Tomlinson's formula was based on anything relating to the real world, a horse with such a pedigree would be a 400, or whatever the highest possible number is in his system. Every single aspect of the pedigree is turf ONLY, yet she is given – wait for it – a 204!!! Look, when a system shows such a huge, and ridiculous flaw such as the one above, one should be very careful not to take ANY of the numbers at face value, as it casts serious doubt on the system as a whole.
chicago gerry More than 1 year ago
Dan, Here's lookin' at the Thursday's 8th race at Belmont: 1. #7 Valiant Humor is Litfin's 'Best Bet' of the day. I don't care for the 47 day layoff and it is a big concern dispite the workout. It's curious that a guy with his breeding raced only once as a Maiden Special Weight. 2. #1 Papa Jerry should have been named Papa Gerry; there is a question mark as to whether or not he can run back. 3. #6 Charing Cross is a curiosity in the sense that he looks better in the Bris PP's rather than DRF; vice versa #3 Catch Up Chris. You can't leave Garcia out in this situation. 4. #4 Bobcat Brody has been in the money 4 of 5 races and is coming up on his 3rd race of the form cycle; is hard to leave out. 5. #5 Phobia could be in the mix; question is if he can carry his speed all the way around. 6. #8 Estimator will improve after being steadied last two. The double 69 beyers and good jock bodes well. 7. #At Attention looks good to go. Great looking PP's, gets blinkers, and switches to high % Jockey-Trainer combination. A handicapper can't leave him out. In general, I prefer the win/place wager. This race could hold great opportunites in that regard, but would want to observe Tote Board. My guess is VH will go off at 6/5,1-1,or 4/5. Wager $2 Tri 7/1,10,4,3,8 $2 Tri 7/1,10,4,6,8 $1 Tri 7/1,10,4,3,2 Thanks
Steve T. More than 1 year ago
BELMONT – Wednesday (09-10-2008) Race 1 – Pay What You Owe, Fly The North Wind, Up The Limit DD: Precisely Greg Race 2 – Selective, Reforestation, West Court DD: Curry Cat Race 3 – Captivating Cat, Eon, Formidable DD: Deputy Inspector Race 4 – Western Call, Fort McCoy, Rock Key DD: Kid Doc Race 5 – Tobruk, Beneath The Crown, Dos Hombres DD: Dubliner Race 6 – I’m Entitled, Dr. Decter, Bullstar DD: Sir Dunston Race 7 – Prince Rahy, Trimaran, Out of Gwedda DD: Private Scandal Race 8 – Catch Up Chris, Tomlinson Hill, At Attention DD: None Race 9 – Freedom Rings, Outstanding Henny, Concorde’s Dance DD: Siren Serenade