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Weekend Beyers, Spain, Salvino


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Lord of the Night (Bel):  Cool Coal Man (N. Zito/J. Velazquez) - 101

*Nepal (Pen):  Serene Harbor (E. Merryman/D. Cohen) - 99
*Aristides (CD):  Bold Start (K. McPeek/R. Albarado) - 98
*Gamely (Hol):  Magical Fantasy (P. Gallagher/A. Solis) - 98
*Nassau (WO):  Rutherienne (C. Clement/A. Garcia) - 98
*Wolf Hill (Mth):  Smart Enough (J. Fisher/E. Castro) - 98
*Golden Gate Fields Turf (GG):  Spring House (J. Canani/R. Baze) - 98
*Changing Times (Pen):  Acting Zippy (W. Bennett/D. Cohen) - 96
*J. Kenneth Self  (Ind):  Chamberlain Bridge (W. Calhoun/H. Theriot II) - 96
*Spend a Buck (Mth):  Lord Justice (T. Pletcher/C. Decarlo) - 95
*Prairie Express (PrM):  Native Ruler (C. Richard/I. Ocampo) - 95
*McKaymacKenna (Bel):  Scolara (W. Mott/K. Desormeaux) - 95

*Sands Point (Bel):  Gozzip Girl (T. Albertrani/K. Desormeaux) - 93

*Ohio Valley (Mnr):  Hadavision (D. Smithwick Jr./W. Martinez) - 89
*Dogwood (CD):  Hightap (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 88
*Honeymoon (Hol):  Well Monied (H. Zucker/J. Rosario) - 88
*Cool Air (Crc):  Marina Ballerina (K. Ziadie/E. Nunez) - 87
*New York Stallion Spectacular Bid (Bel):  Minnie Punt (M. Miceli/J. Velazquez) - 86
*Pepsi Cola (EmD): Noosa Beach (D. Harwood/J. Gutierrez) - 85

*Robellino (Pen):  Coastal Solace (S. Klesaris/A. Napravnik) - 84
*Plate Trial (WO):  Eye of the Leopard (M. Frostad/E. Da Silva) - 83
*Gerry Howard Inaugural (Yav):  Highland Games (L. Rollins/M. Hernandez) - 83
*Open Mind (Mth):  Love That Dance (B. Perkins Jr./J. Bravo) - 82
*Prairie Rose (PrM):  Elusive Sparkle (C. Nafzger/T. Thompson) - 80

*Yavapai Classic (Yav):  Beacon Falls (S. Gann/D. Salvino) - 78
*Arapahoe Park Sprint (ArP):  Hezamazing (R. Houghton/Q. Bui) - 78
*New York Stallion Cupecoy's Joy (Bel):  Mother Russia (L. Rice/R. Dominguez) - 76
*Fit for a Queen (AP):  Nursery Rhyme (I. Wilkes/J. Campbell) - 76
*Michael F. Rowland Memorial (Tdn):  Brother Terry (D. Rowe/C. Pilares) - 74
*Green Carpet (RD):  Halmi (J. Greenhill/P. Tolentino) - 73
*Power by Far (Pen):  St John's Gospel (A. Gonzalez/H. Ramos) - 72
*William Henry Harrison (Ind):  Unreachable Star (T. Glyshaw/O. Mojica) - 71
*Aspen Cup (Rui):  Canyon Yodeler (D. Wolochuk/A. Martinez) - 70
*Bluegrass (Lnn):  Ordway Falls NLove (T. Hemmer/C. Fackler) - 70

*Shelby County (Ind):  Fueledbymoonshine (R. Brown/J. Garcia) - 65
*Ingrid Knotts (ArP):  Vannacide (K. Gleason/A. Ramos) - 65

Here are the lifetime past performances for the highest and lowest Beyer stakes performers:

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Memorial Day Beyers (not available last week):

*Lone Star Park (LS):  It's a Bird (M. Wolfson/J. Leparoux) - 107
*Ouija Board Distaff (LS):  Wasted Tears (B. Evans/E. Tejera) - 95
*Dallas Turf Cup (LS):  Seaspeak (R. Nicks/J. Leparoux) - 95
*Berkeley (GG):  Autism Awareness (G. Vallejo/D. Lopez) - 94
*Valid Expectations (LS):  Pious Ashley (M. Wolfson/J. Leparoux) - 90
*Cinemine (LS):  Sweet Relish (D. Von Hemel/M. Berry) - 90
*Honor the Hero Turf Express (Cby):  Moralist (T. Domenosky/J. Ferrer) - 88
*USA (LS):  Jake Wil Gallop (L. Hellman/T. Collier) - 85


Dan, Would like to know why you dimissed Diamond Diva in the Gamely at Hwyd today?
ray flack

I have to admit that while she's a very consistent performer, I've never been a huge Diamond Diva fan.  She made most of her reputation last year by beating Ventura in the CashCall Mile, but the argument could be made that the result was more because Ventura pulled herself up once she made the front than Diamond Diva outgaming her on the square.  After that race, she suffered from some physical ailments, and I wasn't overly impressed with her return in the Wilshire.  She ran well in the Gamely but, at 2-1, she didn't seem like that great of a gamble.


For the upcoming Belmont Stakes seminar luncheon at Gallagher's Steak House in NYC, what is your opinion on the over/under for the number of times that Easy Goer will be mentioned by the panelists???  I'm setting a line at 20, those guys just can't help themselves... :)
Blue Horseshoe

You can't blame any East Coast turf writer for waxing poetic about Easy Goer's Belmont.  It was the only thing we could crow about during his intense rivalry with Sunday Silence.  I'll guess they'll behave themselves this year.  I'll even go as far to say less than five times. 


Does anyone know if PLAN is the foal Spain was carrying while she was still running?
jim tully

Spain was bred to Storm Cat in May of 2002, and returned to win the Grade 2 Fleur de Lis at Churchill on June 15.  In her final career start, she finished third in the Grade 2 Molly Pitcher at Monmouth on June 29. 
Spain's first foal, Carpocrates, was born on April 27, 2003, and he sold for $2.4M at the 2003 Keeneland November sale.  Carpocrates raced three times in Ireland at two for Aidan O'Brien, but failed to hit the board.  Sent to South Africa, Carpocrates won three times for trainer Mike de Kock, but never ran to his sterling pedigree.  He stood at Middlefield Stud in South Africa in 2008.


Does anyone know anything about a Jockey D. M. Salvino. He shows up at Yavapai Downs, Prescott, Az (bush track) and 'rides the hair' off a couple of super long shots 5/30, one pays $82 to place... I'm not familiar with him at all.
Thanks  ds

According to DRF stats, Duane Salvino's first career winner came at Arlington Park on June 18, 1979.  He rode his 1,000 winner at Hawthrone in 2005.  He has ridden in 9,226 races with 1,021 wins, 981 seconds, and 1045 thirds (11% winners, $0.41 ROI).  He won 15 races in 2006, but only went 1-40 in 2007, 0-20 in 2008, and 1-22 in 2009.  Salvino won 104 races in 1990.


Back with more tomorrow.


bob More than 1 year ago
$80 exacta mine that bird over chocolate candy. $10 triple key mine that bird over chocolate candy and luv gov
TejanoRun More than 1 year ago
Annie, PGM, et al. You were wondering what happened to Bejarano last week. CHRB finally posted a ruling that showed he got days - Saturday (30), Sunday (31), and tomorrow (6/4) - but as often happens, the best jockeys get to ride in whatever stakes races they already have mounts assigned, and Bejarano finished 2nd in the Honeymoon Sunday despite being suspended. Never been able to understand that! Makes the ruling process a joke. http://www.chrb.ca.gov/Rulings_Hollywood_Park/Ruling_HP_09_05_27.pdf
p ensign More than 1 year ago
"There was an objection on Saturday against Executive Coach (who finished 2nd) by the 4th place horse-I happened to be sitting with Mike and an owner and they more less guaranteed the horse was coming down (which would have cost me about $280) but he didn't." That was the claim by Lalo's Baby Bear who is going to beat these horses easily when he comes back next time. I don't know whether there was any actionable behavior by the other horse, but Lalo backed up HARD around the turn, then came on to beat all but the first three. Looks to be a talented little drug-free state-bred...
Annie More than 1 year ago
Let's not forget those OTHER Formblog horses that will be running in the 7F Woody Stephens on Sat. CAYMAN, Hello Broadway wants to come back home, and he thinks he can do better at this 7F distance. P ENSIGN's Hull SKYDIMEAUNTIE's Munnings LAURA & SLEW's Regal Ransom Good luck with your horses! Annie
Blue Horseshoe More than 1 year ago
Dan, I'd like to suggest that the Daily Racing Form correct the nomenclature from Beyer Speed Figures to Beyer Performance Figures since time has increasingly become less meaningful in the calculations of their figures... I'm certainly not merely referring to synthetics, I'm referring to all surfaces... The new nomenclature captures the reality of the what the figures actually are (have increasingly become), including the fact that they are derived in a highly subjective analytical process... From my point of view, this departure from time which has elevated in recent times, is disappointing and renders the figures far less meaningful at face value in my handicapping process (they absolutely must be accompanied by the Simulcast Daily Winner's Book data). Further, the arguments that C makes are valid and while I don't share his complete disregard for the value of speed figures, I can't help but agree with the obvious points that he is making... At least with Ragozin and Thoroughgraph, while you might not agree with their fixed value different variable interpretations, at least you know what these values are and how they impact their figures, with Beyers, an unknown handicapper employed by Beyer is winging it, SWAG style... What was ever wrong with saying this is how fast the race was run after a reasoned assessment of the relative track speed???? There are other variables in the handicapping process, right??
meadowlake59 More than 1 year ago
Stephen Taylor: And while I was writing that long post above, you were writing about the same race from AP (I obviously needed Executive Coach to come down). Perhaps my use of the descriptor "laughable" was a bit strong but as you pointed out, it does even out (after 30 years of handicapping I'm still waiting for the evening out process to begin--but that's another story). All we ask for is consistency--that's what I see lacking.
meadowlake59 More than 1 year ago
vicstu, I enjoyed your well-written tirade on the amelioration of due process rights. As you pointed out, the judicial consensus is that agencies like the racing board, which have been created by legislative bodies, enjoy adjudication privileges that separate them from the scrutiny of more strict interpretation of personal rights. In some ways, I see the precedent. For instance, a private citizen is not subject to the whims of a local condominium board (or in this case the Illinois Racing Board) until they purchase property (in this case, work in racing) which then falls under the auspices of a governing body created by those whose interests are collectively served by the board. At that point, they are subject to decisions and interpretations that are not comparable to a private citizen. That is how employers force employees to take drug tests, and that is why I have to spend $600 to replace a perfectly good garage door since it was deemed that we all should have the same door (Maybe a little resentment?). Anyway, while the fair thing might have been allowing Theriot to ride while he appealed, the politically correct thing would have been for him to issue a statement regarding his concern for Douglass and to publicly accept any decision of the board. That would have given the board at least an opportunity to be more lenient. Instead, Theriot has boxed himself into a legal corner--one which he has little chance of escaping from. I'm not as sure the jockey is being made a "fall guy" as much as the IRB is determined to control the process and outcome. ___ How DiVito's horse on Saturday in the 7th at AP didn't get dq'ed for interference on the backstretch I'll never know. (Watch the 6 horse take up sharply as they approach the turn.) The consistency of decisions by stewards--at ANY track--is laughable. _____ I agree with an earlier blogger about CC's BSF being adjusted by so little (he was my Derby longshot). However, most anyone who has been at least paying some attention to BSFs over the last few years, has long realized that the synthetic figures were noticeably low. Either that or Cal./Keeneland/AP horses were all slow. This just confirms what we already knew and makes the information available to everyone. ____ Back with Belmont predictions Friday. Godd Luck and Good Racing!
C More than 1 year ago
Keith, You bash Beyers in one paragraph, and then quote a BSF in the next when justifying your pick(???) It can't work both ways. JohnnyZ, 8-1 to 10-1 on "forgotten" Dunkirk? Talk about wishful thinking! As for the Epsom Derby, this may not be Aidan O'Brien's year, even though he has 6 of the 13 runners. It's hard to say his string towers over this group. Fame and Glory has done no wrong, but he's worth trying to beat, as I question some of the competition he's been facing. Among the O'Brien horses, Black Bear Island might be the better value bet, as he may have (quietly) turned the corner last time. The other O'Briens are hard for me to like. But enough on O'Brien... out of the 2000, both Sea the Stars (1st) and Gan Amhras (3rd) were making their seasonal debuts. I like both here and wouldn't be totally shocked if Gan Amhras takes a step forward and turns the tables. They look like the most logical winners to me. For total bombs, I'd be looking for Crowded House or Debussy. Crowded House has had some recent physical issues and ran a poor race last time. That was just a leg stretcher anyway and he was the winterbook favorite for this race. He ran some nice races at 2, and IF he can recapture that form, he could get a minor award here. But that's a pretty big IF. Debussy is a little more playable. Apparently, he didn't like the faster ground last time, but did handle quirky Epsom before that. He could get a piece of this if others don't fire at Epsom. So, I'd probably use Gan Amhras, Sea the Stars, and Black Bear Island on top and the rest as fillers. We'll see.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Calvin, The Epsom Derby, while not many runners this year is a fascinating race. I am going with the chalk; Fame and Glory. By Montjeau (Sadlers Wells) and out of a Shirley Heights mare (Gryda). I posted on this blog last October after he won the Group 1 Criterium that we might see another 3 yr. old win the Arc in 2009. So I have been high on F&G for sometime. Just so much to like historically and pedigree wise. He won his last, which was the 10F Derby Trial @ Leopardstown and, appeared to have plenty in the tank . The Sadlers Well's line has provided 5 Derby winners in the last 8 yrs. and, Montjueu has already sired two Derby winners in Motivator and Authorized. I could go on for quite awhile with more reasoning such as the close relationship to Monmarte but, no need to. Fame and Glory is the clear class in this field. Gan Amhras (Galieo), who sired last years Derby winner New Approach. Who also happened to be trained by J. Bolger. Gan Amhras appears at least to me to have moved forward as a 3 yr. old. Will be a decent price and my main play in the UK races is the exacta/tri box, so I will use. Age Of Aquarius, another by Galileo. Will go off at huge odds (31/1ML). He has won at 11F which I don't think any others in the field have been that far yet. Also while finishing 4th in last yrs. G-1 Criterium to Fame And Glory, he was just 1 1/4L back. Is another Obrien trained that has improved from 2 to 3. Sea Of The Stars, while he could win I feel there is being to much read into his form after winning the 2000 Guiness. Yes he looked good winning but, no gaurantee he will relish 12F. With that said Sea is by Cape Cross, somewhat of a speed influence but, also happens to be the sire of one my all time favs-Quija Board. His dam, Urban Sea is a former Arc winner, so Sea winning would not be total shock to me. I don't like Rip Van Winkle at all, even with Murtaugh up. I am not that big a fan of him anyway. Main reason is the 12F, don't think Rip will like it. If it rains or they water the track a lot I like J. Gosden's longshot Debussy (89/1ML). Might be one to use under in any circumstance has he is the only entrant to have a win over the Lingfield track and at 10F. Quick Belmont thought, I stated on Laura's chat last Friday that Mine That Bird and Dunkirk would be my top plays. I felt Dunkirk would be the forgotten horse. WELL so much for that. DRF's front page has an article titled the Forgotten Horse and, A. Beyer on Byk's show today stated that he thought those two were the only possible winners! So there goes my 8/10-1 on Dunkirk. With that said, I agree with A. Beyer-for the first time in my life. I also think MTB or Dunkirk will win the BLM! Good luck to all!
p ensign More than 1 year ago
I certainly am not saying anything illegal has gone on, merely that I've always understood the appeals process as providing a stay to a jockey as standard operating procedure until a proper hearing can be held. It's just the perception of guilty before proven innocent that makes me feel uneasy. nice column basically saying what I'm feeling here by Pricci: http://www.horseraceinsider.com/blog.php/John-Pricci/comments/05282009-race-riding-or-reckless-riding-that-is-the-question/#comments