08/01/2007 2:35AM

On to Week Two

Mike C More than 1 year ago
Mr. Crist, Love your work. Regarding your Computer problem, try reseting the router and/or modem by powering off completely for 10 seconds or so. I had a similar problem several months ago. Good Luck
toddsincharge More than 1 year ago
I'm looking forward to the Haskell this weekend. The last time Hard Spun was freshened, he ran huge. Add AGS, Curlin, and the rest, and you get a very interesting race.
Mut More than 1 year ago
Steve, Care to pass along any other restaurant suggestions for those of us heading to the Spa later in the season? Mut
breth More than 1 year ago
That would be John's SONG, not John's CALL. Even John's CALL couldn't run forever. . . .
PAT TAMMARO More than 1 year ago
Dear Steven, I look forward to your Saratoga Journal every year! I thoroughly enjoy your insights and "pearls of wisdom" Please allow me to recommend another website to you for your enjoyment(full disclosure: I am the Father of the writer I am about to recommend) www.racingdispatch.com This site was created by a racetrack official at Lousiana Downs, and the blogs and columns are worth reading. My son picks the "horse d'jour" at Saratoga and is in the black for the first week! Check it out! Thanks, Pat Tammaro
Van Cushny More than 1 year ago
While Grade I winner John's Call is in Saratoga being used as a stable pony by the Master of Monkton - Tom Voss, it was John's Song that buried the carryover by winning the 9th race at Saratoga on Monday. Speaking of Tom Voss, both of his entries are live in the 1st on Thursday, but I expect Rum Squall to beat both of them.
Steven Crist More than 1 year ago
El Angelo, Your point is a good one and is even stronger if you consider that the P6 STILL would have paid >$25k if several shorter-priced horses had won the finale. There were 14 live combos going into the race: 7 to the #2, 2 each to the #3, 7 and 8 and 1 to the #4.
El Angelo More than 1 year ago
Today's Pick Six was the definition of hittable for even someone with a small ticket (
Walt More than 1 year ago
Grasshopper sounds like a potentially really special horse off his win Monday. Maybe he can't jump up to take the Travers now, but if his connections are smart, perhaps the Pennsylvania Derby (Grade 2, $1,000,000) at Philadelphia Park on September 3 will be his next start. As for Lawyer Ron's figure, it doesn't surprise me they lowered it a bit. The time was probably correct, it's likely there was some sort of abberation in the track that caused it to suddenly speed up for a race and then return to normal right afterwards. I did a my own set of Speed Figures using the Beyer method in the late 1980's and early '90s (mainly before they became prominent in DRF), and occasionally, I would encounter a situation like Lawyer Ron's when I did the figures (and not just when a track's condition changed as it sometimes did during the card). Sometimes in that situation, I would simply "box" that figure (isolate it from the remainder of the card) and have what came up as it's difference be the variant for that race only, using whatever the variant was for the rest of the races. That usually proved to be the correct response to a situation like Lawyer Ron's this past Saturday.