06/09/2008 9:24PM

Wait 'Til Next Year


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Acorn (Bel):  Zaftig (J. Jerkens/J. Velazquez) - 113

*Woody Stephens (Bel):  J Be K (S. Asmussen/G. Gomez) - 108
*Brooklyn (Bel):  Delosvientos (G. Iadisernia/E. Coa) - 107
*True North (Bel):  Benny the Bull (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Prado) - 106
*Frisk Me Now (Mth):  Indy Wind (A. Tarrant/S. Elliott) - 105
*Manhattan (Bel):  Dancing Forever (C. McGaughey III/R. Douglas) - 104
*Eclipse (WO):  True Metropolitan (T. Jordan/J. McAleney) - 103
*Charles Whittingham Memorial (Hol):  Artiste Royal - Ire (N. Drysdale/D. Flores) - 101
*Just a Game (Bel):  Ventura (R. Frankel/G. Gomez) - 101

*Belmont (Bel):  Da' Tara (N. Zito/A. Garcia) - 99
*Ack Ack (Hol):  Rebellion - GB (H. Motion/R. Bejarano) - 98
*Longfellow (Mth):  Mr. Umphrey (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Castro) - 97
*Hill Prince (Bel):  Gio Ponti (C. Clement/G. Gomez) - 96
*Slipton Fell (Mnr):  Bernie Blue (M. Feliciano/D. Parker) - 95
*Steady Growth (Bel):  Dancer's Bajan  (R. Tiller/C. Fraser) - 95
*Redondo Beach (Hol):  Passified - GB (J. Cassidy/M. Smith) - 95
*Dynamic Lisa (Bel):  Rewrite (C. Clement/G. Gomez) - 95
*Yerba Buena (GG):  Wild Promises (G. Gilchrist/D. Lopez) - 95
*Hollywood Oaks (Hol):  Lethal Heat (B. Abrams/R. Bejarano) - 94
*Panthers (PrM):  Rasierra (R. Tracy Jr./B. Laviolette) - 94
*John W. Rooney Memorial (Del):  Rosinka - Ire (H. Motion/K. Carmouche) - 93
*Rossi Gold (AP):  Major Rhythm (D. Matthews/T. Agilar) - 92
*Alywow (WO):  Passion (T. Pletcher/J. Castellano) - 88
*Brooks Fields (Cby):  Prospective Kiss (M. Robertson/D. Bell) - 91
*Honeymoon (Hol):  Misty Ocean (J. Hollendorfer/J. Rosario) - 90
*Whimscal (Pim):  Oelectra (S. Klesaris/A. Napravnik) - 90

*TTA Sales Futurity (colts and geldings) (LS):  Lyin' Heart (S. Asmussen/Q. Hamilton) - 89
*Woodbine Oaks (WO):  Ginger Brew (B. Lynch/J. Castellano) - 88
*Candy Eclair (Mth):  Beau Dare (B. Levine/S. Elliott) - 87
*Washington State Legislators (EmD):  Victorina (G. Gilchrist/K. Radke) - 86
*TTA Sales Futurity (fillies) (LS):  Bridesmaid (S. Asmussen/J. Shepherd) - 85
*John Longden 6000 (Hst):  Spaghetti Mouse (L. Dubois/P. Alvarado) - 85
*Victoria Park (WO):  Secret Getaway (M. Stidham/E. Wilson) - 83

*Prairie Mile (PrM):  Shadowbdancing (T. Gore/J. Campbell) - 77
*SunRay Park and Casino (SrP):  Cape Time (C. Hartman/K. Tohill) - 76
*Ron Yanke Memorial (Boi):  Tracfurtogafur (R. Hyde/D. Crane) - 76
*Chantilly (AsD):  Miss Missile (C. Smith/R. Singh) - 75

*State Fair Breeders' Special (Lnn):  Tellin On You (D. Anderson/Y. Yaranga) - 54

*Colorado Bred Stallion (ArP):  Gold Is Cash (K. Gleason/O. Martinez Jr.) - 40

Here are the lifetime past performances for the high/low Beyer stakes performers of the week:

Download ZafCash.pdf


Usually, this is where I would congratulate all of the winning handicappers, but there was one poster last week that deserved to be singled out.  His post was so insightful, so helpful, and so prescient that it needs to be seen again in order to be truly believed.  Here it is:

Oh boyz ... that's right ... all you boyz with his "Why Big Brown Will/Can Lose" scenarios.  Point in fact, every iota of racing acument -- from the sheets, the BSFs, Bris numbers, analysis of competition, and even historical precedence v. the way the colt has been reserved thus far -- points to Big Brown winning the Belmont by 15.  ALL the hard data!  Which means all your hypothesizing and speculating is just that: total horsesheet without a shard of factual nor funtional data to back it up.  What I want to know is this: when it plays out just that way, how many of you will have the nads to get back on here and acknowledge that he's a nitwit?  My guess is NONE!
Theo L. Hozer, PhD

"Heckuva job, Brownie."

See you tomorrow.