02/12/2009 3:29PM

Vineyard Haven, Blog Problems


Also Dan, i noticed that in your initial derby list Pioneerof The Nile was no where to be found. Although he was a G1 winner at the time you came out with the list. I think his last race made believers out of everyone although people still try to find a hole in him while other than his talent he has been the most consistent and continuos 3 yo running in the country. Every other horse got beaten, threw a clunker, or missed time because of something.
Sobhy Sonbol

You'll be glad to know that my most recent top 10 list (published Monday morning on nycotb.com) has Pioneerof the Nile in the lucky seven spot.  After today's dismal performance by Vineyard Haven, I'll probably bump Pioneerof the Nile up one when I post in tomorrow's blog entry.
That being said, I'll have to respectfully disagree with some of your comments.  Being a Grade 1 winner in this day and age isn't the accomplishment it was even ten short years ago, and certainly doesn't automatically make one a Grade 1 horse.  Cases in point include Da' Tara, Frost Giant, and Champs Elysees.  All Grade 1 winners, but certainly not Grade 1 horses.  The jury is still out on Pioneerof the Nile's potential, but I, like most handicappers, wasn't very enthralled with the Hollywood Futurity, and thus didn't place him in my original top ten rankings. 
Granted, the Bob Lewis was a much better performance, and Pioneerof the Nile now deserves to be listed with the best of his generation at this point.
I'd say he is one of the more consistent three-year-olds, but to say he's more so than the undefeated Old Fashioned, champion Midshipman, multiple graded winner Friesan Fire, or Square Eddie is pushing it a bit.
Anyway, best of luck with the colt, and we're all rooting for you here on the blog.


  I came up with the winner based upon a close Byer but with a red hot trainer. Dan what percent is horse racing the trainer what percent the jockey and what percent the horse.

It's my opinion that the horse is 90% if not more of the equation.  You could have a top trainer and jockey, but if they're sending a cow out onto the track, it's not going to make the difference.


Does anyone happen to know anything about trainer Mark Tsagalakis, won 4th at SA yesterday 2/11/09... won his first start at the SA meet.
Dave S

Here are Tsagalakis' numbers from the last few years:

2008:  1-14 (7%, $1.77 ROI)
2007:  2-23 (8%, $2.23 ROI)
2006:  0-13
2005:  2-10 (20%, $2.60 ROI)
2004:  2-14 (14%, $3.94 ROI)


Talk to you tomorrow.