06/13/2008 12:34PM

Twilight Time


Go back to bed -- not just because it's Friday the 13th but because first post at Belmont today isn't until 3 p.m. ET, the first of six straight Twilight Fridays at Belmont.

The race on the card most worth watching is the 3rd at 4 p.m., the $75k Postponed Stakes for 3-year-olds at a mile and a sixteenth. The field of six includes Unbridled Heart, who won his career debut on the Peter Pan undercard by 10 lengths, earning a 101 Beyer; Mint Lane, the Peter Pan runner-up; and Spurrier, third in the Roman Emperor-Da' Tara Barbaro Stakes on the Preakness undercard.

Unbridled Heart, Darley/Albertrani in his debut, has been transferred to Godolphin/bin Suroor for his second start.

--Here's the lineup for the Stephen Foster Handicap card tomorrow at Churchill Downs:

Three of the six graded stakes have likely odds-on favorites: Hystericalady, who is 4-5 ML for the Fleur de Lis; Curlin, 3-5 ML in the Foster; and Dreaming of Anna, who could dip below her 1-1 ML in the Mint Julep. Derby refugees Pyro (7-5 ML fave), Recapturetheglory and Visionaire headline the Northern Dancer.

Richard More than 1 year ago
...I have been involved in horseracing for 45 years and I still say, until the US joins the rest of the world and makes medication of any kind illegal, you will see races contrived by medication. Think about it. This is the only country in the world where you can shove something into a horse with a needle, put them in the gate and tell them to beat everybody else. It isn't right and it is beginning to be carried forward in their gene pools and more horse are becoming contaminated and breaking down. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.
Kevin More than 1 year ago
I would like to respectfully suggest to some of you that you proofread (i.e., click on the "Preview" button and actually read what you wrote) before making your posts final (i.e., clicking on the "Post" button). Some examples: "Can mot believe" "you're a better," "people donn't get" "don't make raceing go" "horse raceing can't" Good God...
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Maybe Mr. Brooklyn could inform me about the great activities available to us punters between the end of the Siro's Seminar and the first late afternoon post. I've been to the Racing Museum and I've done the baths. What else is there?
Justin More than 1 year ago
Hollywood Park has been doing it for years, and look at what there handle and attendance is. I share your point about the small fields and Bloomberg. I can't wait to see Bloomberg get out of here, my property taxes are raised again he won't give anybody a raise, especially NYPD,they are still working without a contract. So it looks like a 1% increase if the deal goes through. The horseplayer, like the cigarette smoker gets it............you know where.
Flipper Dawson More than 1 year ago
Guess we're lucky up here in Eskimo Land. No trouble with the stewards, jockeys try every time, trainers are well respected (Roger Attfield is my fave, with Casse a close second.) Lots of high supers, play for 20 cents. Bet from home off computer, with all US tracks available, if you so wish. And the best about Canada---NO TAX ON WINNINGS)We can bet all US tracks, and pay no tax. Right now, am going over Race 10 on the turf at Woodbine. Best horse halfway through my studies is #5 TOUCHED BY MADNESS. Morning line is 6-1.Track is WO. Cheers to all.
Trotter More than 1 year ago
I just read your article on steroids and Congress and I have to agree with most of it. My problem with steroids is that if they are used to promote appetite and weight gain, doesn't that potentially mask problems. I have been a racing fan since I was unfortunate enough to hit the derby exacta in 1985 and the most used phrase I have heard from trainers on the condition of their horse is "He's eating good." After a big race a trainer will describe a tired horse as "going off his feed" or "he ate every oat" if the race was not taxing. So if how a horse's eating can be used to gauge physical well being, can't using steroids keep from detecting problems by artificially increasing appetite? Also, a comment on your IRS paper. While withholding hurts the game by taking money out of circulation, the current reporting guidelines and return procedures are destructive to the indiviuals and ultimately the game. Last year I had Social Security income that would not have been taxed but since I won reportable money at the tracks it was. Deductions need to be taken above the line so as to keep gambling winnings and losses offsetting.
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
Justin, racing at night on Friday evenings would mean that grooms & trainers likely would be working until 12 midnight. Then, they'd have to get out of bed 4-5 hours later. Horse chores have to be done on a daily basis at sunrise. Their workload then gets heavier if the barn has runners training in the morning. Then, if the barn has entries on the Saturday afternoon card, on only that same four-five hours of sleep, they'd have to be getting the horses over to the paddock starting @ 12:30 pm. If it's a big day with multiple barn entries, by 5 p.m., they'd be the walking dead. And getting your sleep cycle back to normal can't be done overnight, so they'd still be quasi-zombies on Sunday mornings. Under these conditions, there wouldn't be a single trainer with his sights set on a Saturday card - with its typically richer purses - willing to run horses on the previous Friday night. Belmont on some days now can barely field seven horses in a race. The fields on Fridays could end up being even smaller than they are now. That would make Friday night racing less attractive to the people that you think would be the beneficiaries of your idea. Stay enthused @ the 3 p.m. idea, but that's pushing it as far as it can go. What a difference a week makes! All four faves today - Curlin, et al - didn't see a single Da' Tara in their rear view mirror. Bloomberg vs. Paterson, Round Two, coming up! This ought to be interesting. Neither person hasn't the faintest idea of what constitutes the economics of racing, and a state legislature that needs one month's notice in order to get out of a burning building is somehow going to craft coherent legislation in forty-eight hours.
bochalls More than 1 year ago
Another day, another healthy load of turf sprints from NYRA. The fact that turf sprints are outnumbering turf miles at around 3-1 this spring/summer at Bel is BLASPHEMOUS! I fear that turf routes (the place where pedigree and class/stamina still matter) are going the way of the stolen base in baseball...rarer and rarer. Got 2 good ones for ya'll today: Beatrix Kiddo (R9 at Mth) is a horse I have been waiting for since a nice run behind Them There Eyes. Also, Caesar Beware in R2 at Bel...but it's a turf sprint so who knows???? Rough trip for Ceasar last time but he prevailed...let's see what happens today. All this talk about Kent's ride makes me think about a guy who never quits (no pun intended)....P Val!!! What kind of ride would he have given Brown? Also, he is a fitting combo to go with Dutrow and IEAH.
prizboy More than 1 year ago
How about the pick 6 at Churchill saturday. It paid 48(yes thats right) 48 American dollars in a pool over 100,000. The pick 4 paid 69 for 2. How would you like to cash this ticket? Absolutely brutal... priz
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
As far as the OTB takeover, they raise the takeout, which is exactly what the Mayor wanted, but give the franchise to the State anyway? I dislike Bloomberg greatly as my mayor, but he has a right to be upset at the way this played out.