05/19/2008 2:10PM

Triple Crown Bids


Time to get The Chart down from the attic for the first time in four years:

The 31 horses who have won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness are 11-for-29 in the Belmont Stakes (Burgoo King in 1932 and Bold Venture in 1936 did not run.) There's a day-and-night difference before and after 1950:

Before 1950: 8 for 9 (89 percent)
Since 1950: 3 for 20 (15 percent)

The total tally is: 29: 11-7-6-3, with only War Emblem (8th) and Carry Back (7th) finishing worse than fourth.

All 29 except Gallant Fox (second choice to Whichone in a four-horse field) were favored, 23 of them at less than even-money.

Nick Briglia More than 1 year ago
Steve, With all of this fallout from Eight Belles tragic Derby, would you support a nation wide day where we put away the whips? Personally I don't care if jockey's carry the whip or not, as long as everyone is in the same boat. It would be interesting to see if it would affect our enjoyment of the game in any way. How else will we find out. If nothing else, it could buy horse racing some good publicity.(something rare these days)
george quinn More than 1 year ago
How many more chances for Pat Valenzuela? I would not let him walk my dog! George in Lexington Ky.
cjsluckyboy More than 1 year ago
Arazi, Very well said, couldn't agree with you more about the trainer and the owners. It's time to, at the very least, quit glorifying the people that have no respect for the sport, and sportsmanship.
doglover More than 1 year ago
The chart on Derby-Preakness winners' fortunes at the Belmont is interesting. One small slip: If Assault went off at 75 cents to the dollar in 1946, he would have paid $3.50 for a $2 win ticket -- not $4.80.
kohltwo More than 1 year ago
Are the IEAH people really any worse than any of the other syndicates involved in horse ownership? They aren't quaint old racetrack folk, like Smarty Jones's owners (who didn't keep SJ racing), or a folksy buncha guys like Funny Cide's, but they are nothing like the only ownership group working on a shares basis. I'll grant that they do smell rather of too long with the image consultants. I'm assuming focus-group studies showed them that dark suits and no-remove sunglasses and references to hedge funds are big sellers with the youngish, overpaid males whose money they are trying to attract (ditto their choice of a trainer, talented, risk-taking, self-destructive, barely in control). What 29-year-old commodities broker wants to be associated with hay-seeds, straight-arrows, and born-agains? It's all marketing but, if racing fans want owners with deep enough pockets to keep the best American horses from being sought out by interests from Dubai, we'll probably have to live with these guys, and others like them.
kelso13 More than 1 year ago
to Arazi,where do I start?First of all who bets $2340 on a horse hoping that your bad racing luck will cause B.B. to lose?Incredible!Second,don"t knock the Sheiks and IEAH.Racing would be in real trouble if not for them.They have essentialy stepped into the game at the same time that the old blue blood families died out and or left the game.We need them and the other group ownerships to help fill the entries.Arazi,you call yourself an "enthusiast racing fan",but you sound like a disgruntled failure as a bettor who blames the game for your failures.As I said in an earlier post ,go out to Belmont,bet on B.B. or not but root him home,because this great game needs a Triple Crown winner,and in spite of what you think of his trainer and owner the horse is a magnificent animal or as Sunny Jim used to say,a "grand beast".Remember this is horse racing not owner racing or trainer racing.
Florida Larry More than 1 year ago
As I now plan to head North for the Saratoga meet (and their Jazz Festival), is it safe to deposit 10K with Xpress Bet to play at the the Saratoga meet? I have heard that Magna may face BR! this may have nothing to do w/ XPB but .. Steve has provided us such a fun site to enjoy, enlighten us and exchange info, ideas and opinions ..let's be cool and nourish it. "May the horse be with you!"
Stewart More than 1 year ago
The primary reason for the decline in handle on Preakness day was the small, unbettable fields in the undercard stake races. If I were the czar of racing for a day, I would implement changes to the traditional triple crown schedule and format in order to generate more interest in the races and the 3 undercards: 1. Acknowledging that times and racing have changes, I would abandon "tradition" and properly space the races 4 weeks apart. Have the Preakness on the 1st Saturday in June and the Belmont on July 4th. This would increase field quality and excitement for the triple crown and the undercard. Imagine if BB were going for the Triple Crown on July 4th in NY. Horseracing would be the leading sports story for the entire July 4th holiday, not to mention the build-up over the month. 2. Re-institute the bonus program for horses that run in all 3 races, which would be much easier and more competitive if the races were also a month apart. 3. Create a similar 3 race series or "triple crown" tie-in for the undercard stakes at CD, Pim and Bel, providing increased purses and bonuses for horses that run in all 3 races. This also would work if the races were a month apart. For example: KYOaks/BBS/CCA Oaks WRTurf/Dixie/Manhattan Louisville/DuPont/Phipps Foster/Pim Spec/Suburban TurfMile/Galorette/JustAGame MattWinn/HJ/RivaRidge Other than BSharpsonata in the Black Eyed Susan and Gayego in the Preakness, no horse of consequence wheeled back on two weeks, thus creating small fields and poor quality undercard stakes at Pimlico. With a 4 week spacing, bonus system and Breeder's Cup tie-in, horses such as Proud Spell and Einstein would not skip the Pimlico races and point for the entire series. Of course, if I were really czar, Belmont would then close on July 4th weekend and Saratoga would open for an 8 week meet. One can dream...
jcp More than 1 year ago
Same old debate...Did BB win so easily because the competition is so bad this year, or is he really a superstar? If he wins the Belmont, we should lean toward the latter...running 1 1/2 miles after running on 5/3 and 5/17 is grueling for horses age 3, just staying healthy enough to run is tough, let alone winning three times...
mike k More than 1 year ago
I will tend to agree with trackbaby...... How many of you thought that Smarty, Funny Cide, and War Emblem were locks to win the Belmont?? War Emblem won the first two legs against better crews than BB. Was he a superstar?? I don't know, maybe BB will win---but he won't get a win bet by me. We all know that a 1 1/2 mile race is a whole different ballgame which most horses are not bred for. Big Brown reminds me of War Emblem, and Casino Drive reminds me of Empire Maker.