06/11/2010 5:24PM

Triple Crown 2010 Handle


Better late than never: Here are the wagering totals for this year's Triple Crown races as well as a pool-by-pool breakdown of Belmont Stakes Day:

As I noted in the Sunday column, these are contradictory and somewhat confusing results:

Derby: Main event up, undercard slightly down.

Preakness: Main event down, undercard slightly down.

Belmont: Main event and undercard down equally sharply.

As for Belmont Day itself, you can see from the sea of red type that the declines were apparent from the get-go and fairly consistent throughout the day with a couple of exceptions: The fourth race, the N1x allowance featuring Trappe Point and Tahitian Warrior, handled strongly. It also seemed more people tried to get out for the day playing the two races after the Belmont this year. The brightest spot of the day was the finale, where a 12-horse grass alowance race strongly outhandled a 10-horse conditioned-claimer off-the-turfer from 2009.

You can find similar Derby and Preakness pool breakdowns in posts here and here.

Diceman More than 1 year ago
...[The Vanity] just happened to be the best race of 2010, including the Triple Crown Races! When the "smart money" pounded STT to 2 to 1 very late, I was convinced Z may well lose the Vanity. However, the "smart money" eventually was on the Winner who paid a generous 1 to 2, $3.00 to Win! Z is in a class all by herself! No one else compares! No other Horse, of either sex carrying 129 pounds, would have overcome the gamesness and tanicity displayed by STT in defeat! Now the bad news. Neither Horse, Z nor STT nor RA will meet again this year until the Breeders Cup Classic at CD on Nov 6, 2010. RA is finally regaining her 2009 form. On the other hand, Z and STT, both need a long rest. The Vanity took too much out of both horses. I would look for Z and STT to "bounce" the next time they race. As for the BC Classic Race,neither Z nor RA will hit the board. The quality and Quantity of Male Horses for the 2010 renewal is simply much stronger than last year's mediocre field. In my humble judgment, Z is the greatest Female to ever race in the USA. In fact, she may be the best Female to ever race! Her record speaks for greatness, 17 consecutive wins against males and females, on dirt and synthetic tracks and at many different locations! Z is Simply the Best! Diceman
jim More than 1 year ago
steve, How about a life changing near miss column. Borgia losing to chief bearheart cost me the breeders cup 6. (although i thought it was a seven then). Affirmed success getting nailed on the line in breeders cup turf cost me a $20 straight tri ticket. My consolation was the 7K $1 wheel with war chant over north east bound over all.
brainhurts More than 1 year ago
So, going into Belmont day would the bettor have been better off if there wasn't a carryover into the guaranteed million dollar pool? Is a million dollar guaranteed pool a more attractive bet at a 16% takeout than a guaranteed million dollar pool with a $129,000 carry over and a 26% vig? My rudimentary math skills tell me it comes up, almost eerily (to one with rudimentary math skills) a wash regarding Belmont Day's potential payoff, though these calculations can't factor in if the guaranteed pool for a million would have been bet more by bettors had it featured a 16% takeout. One day I would like to see a pool guaranteed by the bettors. Let's make it a million dollar pool with a base 16 percent take out. Track is guaranteed $160,000. If the bettors only put $500,000 through the windows (and I'm trying to keep the numbers simple here) they end up paying a punitive 32% takeout (which they would deserve) but if they ran with the idea and bet $2,000,000 into the pool the takeout would only be 8%. Now we're talking, baby. I know, State regulations and all that, but I still think it would make for an interesting experiment.
Mr. Chubby More than 1 year ago
I can't argue with those who say no to spending 6+ hours at the track, especially given the quality of the early part of the card this year. I fondly remember Belmont Day 2000 when the card opened with a competitive 3yo allowance race (N1X or N2L) won by a lightly raced Pletcher colt you might have heard of ... Left Bank. Need I rehash the garbage that opened the card this year? The real racing didn't begin until race 4 with Trappe Shot. That was follwed by graded stakes fields of 5 and 6 (with an entry) respectively that I was in no hurry to play. I vote quality over quantity!
Walt P. More than 1 year ago
After Zenyatta romped today: In my opinion, her connections owe it to the sport to bring her east and run her in the Delaware Handicap at Delaware Park on July 17, which while a Grade 2 at $750,000 is the richest race in the sport (aside from the BC) for females. That coincidentally is the next logical spot for Rachel Alexandra after her win on Saturday in the Fleur de Lis at Churchill. If I'm at Delaware Park, I offer to quadruple the Del 'Cap purse to $3 Million on the condition that both start, and if only one starts the purse is still $1 Million and if neither starts it remains at the $750,000 it currently is scheduled to be run for.
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Still, I'd like to know what NY State's take out of that 74 million was; and also what the rules are that got them to that number.
dogs up More than 1 year ago
Sitting in my backyard in Upstate NY watching Zenyatta run live at Hollywood while puffing on a good cigar. With all the aggravating issues in the game, this is as good as it gets. Let the Showdown begin. I still contend that in a match race or larger field, Rachel will look to her right, as Zenyatta approaches and closes ground,Rachel will bare out to her right toward Zenyatta to get a look-see and finally in her next race out will be wearing blinkers.
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Everybody is so perplexed by sharp drops in Belmont day handle above and beyond the drops on Derby and Preakness day. Let me offer my explaination.People like me have collectively stuck by their words and not made a bet at a NY venue since Zenyatta was robbed. I'm just a small minnow but NY has lost 10000 in handle from me. My bretheren and me are gonna make NY feel the pain. You all keep speculating on the economy as a factor or train schedules or simulcast outages and thumb your nose at the majority of players on diverse subjects pertaining to the game. I'm going to Hollywood today to watch Zenyatta. I'll churn several hundred through the window. Not a dime will wind up at Belmont.
gk__in wisc More than 1 year ago
ZENYATTA wow what can you say - fun to watch!!
Matt Harper More than 1 year ago
No horse will ever beat Zenyatta, but Mike Smith will.