06/11/2010 4:24PM

Triple Crown 2010 Handle


Better late than never: Here are the wagering totals for this year's Triple Crown races as well as a pool-by-pool breakdown of Belmont Stakes Day:

As I noted in the Sunday column, these are contradictory and somewhat confusing results:

Derby: Main event up, undercard slightly down.

Preakness: Main event down, undercard slightly down.

Belmont: Main event and undercard down equally sharply.

As for Belmont Day itself, you can see from the sea of red type that the declines were apparent from the get-go and fairly consistent throughout the day with a couple of exceptions: The fourth race, the N1x allowance featuring Trappe Point and Tahitian Warrior, handled strongly. It also seemed more people tried to get out for the day playing the two races after the Belmont this year. The brightest spot of the day was the finale, where a 12-horse grass alowance race strongly outhandled a 10-horse conditioned-claimer off-the-turfer from 2009.

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