05/30/2009 4:29PM

"Triple Crown" for $1,000, Alex


The answer is: Chateaugay, Middleground, Needles, Twenty Grand.

The correct question is: "Name the only four horses who won the Kentucky Derby, finished second in the Preakness, and then won the Belmont" -- which is what Mine That Bird will be favored to do Saturday. It would be the first time in 46 years that has happened:

Mine That Bird is only the 15th Derby winner to run second in the Preakness, and will be only the 10th such horse to try the Belmont. The other five skipped the Belmont, including the most recent two -- Street Sense in 2007 and Fusachi Pegasus in 2000.

The five most recent Derby winners before that who ran second in the Preakness all tried the Belmont and all five lost, but the previous four who tried it all won. So the total record for Derby winners/Preakness runners-up in the Belmont is 9:4-3-1-1. So history suggests not leaving Mine That Bird out of your superfectas.

--It's a light weekend on the graded-stakes front with only seven such races, four of them for turf fillies:

ml/nj More than 1 year ago
For Sean ... One wonders how you would "show" anyone the difference between Grade I horses and the ones in a 50K claimer except by looking at the money they have won, and that they run imperceptibly faster. Claiming races are more straightforward to handicap for someone being introduced to racing because it is more obvious that 50K is better than 40K than than ArkDby is better than BlueGr (recently anyway). And if the newcomers come back on a Thursday, or if they go to Finger Lakes, they are going to see Claiming races, not Grade I Stakes. You are the one who cares about these for whatever your reasons are. Casual fans only care about them to the extent that they are reported and discussed in the popular media. And those other Grade Is won't get anymore coverage than the opening NW1X (or whatever it is) will. They will all be obscured by the Belmont.
Sean More than 1 year ago
Mlnj - You made my point for me. Youre going with people that don't know what a Grade I is...well, you'll have 3 of them on Belmont Day to show them. That's the point...you have to get the people that come out once/twice a year to come back on other days.
beerbelly More than 1 year ago
Here are the positions & beaten lenghts of the Belmont winners after 10 furlongs from 1993 to 2008: 1993-Colonial Affair-3rd-2.5L 1994-Tabasco Cat-2nd-1.5L 1995-Thunder Gulch-2nd-hd 1996-Editor's Note-2nd-1.5L 1997-Touch Gold-3rd-1.25L 1998-Victory Gallop-5Th-7.5L 1999-Lemon Drop Kid-4th-1.25L 2000-Commendable-1st 2001-Point Given-1st 2002- Sarava-3rd-.75L 2003-Empire Maker-1st 2004-Birdstone-2nd-3.5L 2005-Afleet Alex-2nd-hd 2006-Jazil-1st 2007-Rags To Riches-1st 2008-Da'Tara-1st 10 of the last 16 Belmont winners did NOT have the lead after a Mile & Quarter. However, Belmont winners have led after 10 furlongs 6 of the last 9 runnings. Conclusion: Figure out who leads after 10F & key one slot in the superfecta. Give another slot to the Derby winner. Fill in the blanks for the other 2 slots & rotate or tier all 4 slots. The leader after a mile & quarter? Charitable Man or Miner's Escape. You make the call.
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
Scanning the Pp's there are a few other entrants perfectly capable of being in front at the quarter pole, Dunkirk, Chocolate Candy and indeed even little Mine That Bird, whose very quick middle move in the Derby would have him in front easily after 10f Saturday. As for actual attendance, I suspect 40k will be hard to achieve.
Bernard Downes More than 1 year ago
Why all the doom and gloom your side of the Pond. If the attendance is 40,000+ and the racing is competitive (at whatever grade), should be a great day out. We have our Derby at Epsom on Saturday (the real Derby) and they are hoping for 70,000+ given fair weather; and yet, 10 years ago, 35,000 would have been considered a good crowd. These things are surely cyclical. By the way, Mine That Bird is 5/4 with one of our Bookmakers, but even at that price I will be looking elsewhere. Regards - Bernard
buffalo joe More than 1 year ago
George from Tampa- I understand your point with Borel, but this ole boy doesn't have a malicious or arrogant bone in his body. Lets face it while he may be 2 or 3 bricks short of a full load, arrogant no. He is sincere, folksie, and fearless when on horseback. Maybe if he wins the Belmont, maybe he'll make that fiance' of 7+ years an honest woman and tie the knot with her or whatever they do down in the bayou. Anyway I'll be pulling for him and boxing him with Charitable Man in the exacta come Sat.
C More than 1 year ago
ml/nj, The bigger problem, and the reason the 1966 Belmont was the only stakes on the card, is that there are WAY too many graded stakes on the schedule today. Even if we sprinkle the graded stakes across the weekday cards, we'd still need to schedule several multiple-stakes cards. There are just too many of them. Every halfway decent horse gets a stakes race named after them when they retire. It's ridiculous. Do we really need a Birdstone stakes? Many of these stakes are weak... some of them have to be! Anak Nakal is a multiple-grade G2 winner. That should tell us something because a horse of his talent should not be even close to a graded stakes winner. He should be a mid-level claimer or allowance plater. As for your main point, I have to disagree. I don't see your point that "undercard" G1s are seen as less important. How would putting them on a Wednesday make them MORE important? That doesn't make sense. People work during the week, which is why the track is empty. The days of 25,000 attending on a weekday are long gone. I'd hate to break this to you, but those glory days are simply never coming back, no matter what. That's just reality. Anyhow, do you really want the Acorn, True North, or Woodford Reserve run on a day when NOBODY at all will even have a chance to notice? I, for one, wouldn't be able to see them live. How on earth would that be better? What about the Breeders Cup? Let's put the Sprint on a Tuesday and see how it does. If your friends don't know the difference between a G1 and a claimer, then why is this even a problem? And if you like claimers so much, you have weekdays full of them.
Speigal More than 1 year ago
40-45,000 tops. And that will be the "announced" attendance. There is zero buzz in NY regarding the race. They might do better if they lowered the parking (10 bucks) and addmission (10 bucks grandstand, 20 for the clubhouse) prices.
Dan MacKenzie More than 1 year ago
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bob m. More than 1 year ago
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