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Top Beyers for the Week, Dubai spill, 3yo Pre-Derby Beyers


Let's get to some of your questions:

The racing channel was on this morning, I wasn't watching but my husband was. He said there was the most horrendous accident at Meydan. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the entries for Meydan, and the results. He wasn't paying attention so he doesn't know the race number, although it may have been the 5th. Our granddaughters were also watching - 16 and 13 yrs old - and we'd like to be able to reassure them, at least about the jockey. I used to be able to get info about the Dubai races, but since the new format (especially the entries) I've had trouble. I'd appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me.

Jockey William Buick went down twice at Meydan on December 30.  In the third race, the Meydan Sky Bubble for maidens at one mile on the Tapeta racing surface, Buick's mount, Sarbola, clipped heels and unseated the young rider.  Sarbola returned with lacerations on his legs, but otherwise seemed fine. 
Two races later, in another one-mile race on the Tapeta, Buick rode Foolin Myself, who "hemorrhaged and fell," according to the official stewards' report of the race.  Foolin Myself crashed through the plastic inside rail.  Buick escaped serious injury, but it has been reported that he will miss the start of the Dubai Racing Carnival meeting, which begins on January 13. 

You can find entries, results, and other information pertaining to Dubai racing at the following website:



dan, could you please post the pp's for one of my favorite horses of all-time "macho uno"
thanx, rich

Macho Uno's past performances are available at the bottom of this blog posting.


Dan, will you please post the highest Beyered races for 3 yo's pre-KY Derby?
Also, when was the last time the winners of all three Triple Crown races plus the winners of the Haskell and Travers retired after their 3yo seasons?
Captain Bodgit

Here are the highest winning Beyers for three-year-olds before the Kentucky Derby (since 1992):

120 - Bellamy Road (Wood Memorial)
116 - Sinister Minister (Blue Grass)
116 - Limit Out (Bay Shore)
116 - Coronado's Quest (Wood Memorial)
115 - This Ones For Phil (Sunshine Millions Dash)
115 - Kafwain (San Vicente)
115 - Texas Glitter (Spectacular Bid)
115 - Holy Bull (Florida Derby)
115 - D.J. Cat (Swale)
114 - Millennium Wind (Blue Grass)
114 - Event of the Year (Jim Beam)
114 - Serena's Song (Jim Beam)
114 - Unbridled's Song (Florida Derby)

In 2004, Smarty Jones (Kentucky Derby, Preakness), Birdstone (Belmont, Travers) and Lion Heart (Haskell) all retired to stud at the end of their three-year-old campaigns.


first off all, i loved "betting maidens and 2yos"
it has opened my eyes to a different approach in my handicapping regimen
do you have any other books in the works
i have heard alot of other handicappers
i tend to gravititate toward you and mikes way of reasoning
more often than not, one and/or both of you seem to process
races in a way i do
keep up the good work
rudy rudscoe

Thanks for the kind words.  After "Betting Maidens," I produced the "Trip Handicapping" DVD that is available on drf.com.  For the near future, I have no book or dvd projects in the works, although I do realize that "Maidens" probably needs to be revised and updated. 


The Sunshine Millions is inscrutable to me every year. can you post the pp's of the winners over the last couple years and let me know if you see an angle? I think it has something to do with trainers pointing to the race for a while, and has less to do with form, class, track preference (the three factors that have done zero for my handicapping).

The past performances for the Sunshine Millions winners (since 2003) are listed the bottom of this blog posting.  I'm not much for "pattern" handicapping as it pertains to a single race so I'll let you guys form your own conclusions concerning angles, etc.


Dan, I'm looking for PPs on some horses I owned in 2000-2002. Your help would be appreciated. Jab, Riot, Mister Approval, Spirit O War, Buffalo Bird Woman, Kinetic Bend, Never Bend, Rippin N Roarin, Lumberman, Norcielo

Keith's horses are available at the bottom of this blog posting.


Here are the top 20 winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's races (12/27 - 1/2):

102 - Jeranimo - San Gabriel Stakes (G2) - 9FT - SA
100 - Nicole H - Interborough Stakes - 6F - AQU inner dirt
99 - All Due Respect - 'n2x' optional claimer - 8F - SA
99 - Gladding - 'n1x' optional claimer - 8F - SA
99 - Icabad Crane - Alex M. Robb Stakes -  8.5F - AQU inner dirt
98 - Dilemma - Daytona Stakes (G3) - 6.5FT - SA
98 - Who's the Cowboy - $20,000 claimer - 6F - AQU inner dirt
96 - Cayambe - 'nc' allowance - 6.5F - SA
96 - Irrefutable - 'n1x' allowance - 6F - SA
96 - Toocleverforwords - Stage Door Betty Handicap (G3) - 8.5F - CRC
95 - Driven by Solar - 'n1x' allowance - 6F - AQU inner dirt
95 - Machen - maiden special weight - 6F - FG
94 - Celtic Princess - 'c' optional claimer - 8FT - SA
94 - Unzip Me - Monrovia Stakes (G3) - 6.5FT - SA
93 - Changing Skies - La Prevoyante Handicap (G3) - 12FT - CRC
93 - Grand Daddy - 'n2x' optional claimer - 6F - TP polytrack
93 - Saginaw - $50,000 starter allowance - 8F - AQU inner dirt
93 - Warren's Blossom - 'n1x' optional claimer - 6F - SA
92 - Ducduc - $16,000 optional claimer - 8.5FT - CRC
92 - Lester's Echo - 'n2x' allowance - 5.5F - SUN
92 - Masala - 'n2x' optional claimer - 8.5F - AQU inner dirt
92 - Western Prospector - Holiday Cheer Stakes - 6F - TP polytrack

Jeranimo's past performances are available at the bottom of this blog post.

I contacted Ray earlier this morning, and am waiting on him to select this week's HandiGambling event.  If he doesn't choose one by tomorrow evening, we'll have our official scorer, tencentcielo, make the call.  Once the race is selected, I'll post the past performances on this blog.

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dale tillotson More than 1 year ago
My horse of year prediction. Blame180. Zenyatta 46. others 6.
Whackymacky More than 1 year ago
Gulfstream Changes: Scratch's Fast and Firm Rail is at 36' and 96'. Race: 1. 3,4,8 2. 1A,4,14 3. 1 4. 2,5 5. 1A, 13,14,15 6. Clean 7. 1A,11,13,14 8. Clean 9. 1A,4,13,15 Total = 21 Good Luck!!! Wackymacky out!!!
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Blackstone I see someone else had Zenny with 120, so I will revise my number one last time. Zenny 116 Dick W
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Curt V I knew you were just messin' with me. I should have thrown in a few LOL's so as not to sound so serious. But no deals. I am going to be selfish and keep Brethren to myself. Especially that I now know for certain that he is a SLEWSTER ! Dick W
Alan (Reverend Al) More than 1 year ago
Annie, Thanks! Updated HG Wager $50WN #9 (Shadow Warrior) $25EX #9/1,4 (Shadow Warrior over Black N Beauty and Printing Press) $100 TOTAL LilChok, Congrats on the P6 score! We now know who's paying for Thursday night dinner in Vegas! :-)
blackstone More than 1 year ago
Dick W Got the new vote estimates. I'll back-date the number to your original post, then see who is earlier-you or Billy and let both of you know. I can't access the spreadsheet from work, but will do it tonight once home. BigChok Wow-a really big deal. Tell LilChok a hearty congrats.
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Blackstone My revised HOY vote prediction: Zenny - 120, Blame 112 Dick W
Curt V. More than 1 year ago
BSB, It's "Broccoli Rabe", not UR regular run of the mill Broccoli...One can get that regular stuff anywhere. It's a whole different animal...The local stuff has stems the size of Telephone Polls{gag to death} {thickness}. It means "Wild Broccoli", & Andy Boy{thin stems} is more expensive than Steak..It's bitter, until a "Talli" girl{Italian} cooks it right. Like what else is new ? LOL....It takes about $10 worth just to get a side dish.. At first it looks like you buy a ton, but it shrinks down...I just wanted you to know how much I love Cali.......LMAO.........Here's the truth>>I brought home a case of the stuff one day, {it's readily available here, so I was kiddin'}, & my wife cooked it up for some visitors, from no less, California>>& they said, "OMG you have Andy Boy.......How did you get that ? OMG we can't even get it in California........."....."Can I buy some from you.." & They're from California & they can't get it..........It all ships East, 'cause this is where the true Talli's live..........LOL.... Okay !! So make it some Cali. Tomatoes...They're second best on the planet, behind only the Mountains in Naples, Italy....Forget Jersey Tom's, their skin is thicker than UR hide, & a total waste for cooking, 'cause they're 70% water......& Cali Toms{all pulp} are grown all year....So, other than you not coming because of UR ex, convenient excuse, I'll expect a full case of Tomatoes to share w/Mike A............He tells me he can cook too...............Lets put it this way..Jersey's cost about $5 a case in summer, & Cali's are about $15, & in the winter Cali's shoot to about $35..You get what you pay for.......Did I say, I love Cali....except the horses..........unless Slewster's..
Annie More than 1 year ago
Pippen, That sure is a pretty picture of your TO HONOR AND SERVE on the frontpage. I swear that is a tornado in the middle of his forehead. That could account for it. :) ........................................ Taz, I think you have to give the number of votes, not just how many more. :) Annie
Pippen0707 More than 1 year ago
Annie... Yes i saw To Honor and Serve was being pointed to TFOY stakes... will be very exciting. Taz... GP has the widest turf course in the country, they use the portable rail often. Knm... Calder runs from end of April thru beginning of Jan., although even in April the course looks like crap(imo). I heard a couple years ago they were gonna replace it but nothing yet.
Annie More than 1 year ago
OK, we're going to have our very first MKB matchup on Sat. at GP in the Spectacular Bid Stakes: CURT V'S Cane Garden Bay VS. TMONTY'S Leave of Absence Apparently, SR VEGAS' Razmataz decided to sit this one out. :) Good luck with your horses! We at least want one of the MKB horses to win. Annie
BigEasyBigChok More than 1 year ago
If anyone is interested Little Chok will be interviewed by Bruno Dejulio this weekend for Bruno's radio program. Why, you might ask? Because Little Chok hit the PK6 sunday at Santa Anita and is a subscriber to Bruno's workout newsletter. I taught him everything he knows.. NOT!! SR VEGAS, we will be seeing you in a few weeks loaded with Bazookas and little chok on a major hot streak. BEBC
Annie More than 1 year ago
BEBC, My goodness, that's fantastic! Give my congratulations to Little Chok. Tell him to keep that hot streak going for the NHC. :) I don't know how to access Bruno's radio show, or if I even can. Thank you for letting us know. Annie
taz More than 1 year ago
hoy hg contest I think it will be Blame by 4 votes.
Taz More than 1 year ago
revised hoy guess Annie thanks for the clarification of what I needed to do Zen = 111 Blame = 115 other = 5 Pippen thanks for the GP rail response (still hard for me to imagine, but ..) taz