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Not to dwell on Sunday's good fortune, but since several of you asked how the A-B-C play in the last post translated to 10 tickets and a $1,026 investment, perhaps my shorthand's been a little too short. Here's how it worked out -- you can scroll down to the previous post if you want to see the A-B-C breakdown for each race.


The A-B-C method requires that you get home one of the following three configurations:

--6 A's (ticket #1 above); or

--5 A's and 1 B or C (tickets #2-7); or

--4 A's and 2 B's (tickets #8-10.)

In the array above, I've boldfaced the "deviations" from the main ticket, and highlighted in yellow the winning tickets.

In practice, you can usually cut down on the number of tickets you put in by combining some of them. This play is not a particularly good example of that, but even here you could (and I did) combine tickets 1&2 by going "1,4,5,8" in the first leg, followed by the five A's, for a $216 ticket that combined the separate $54 ticket #1 and $162 ticket #2.

Consos still confuse people and I usually have to write out the tickets in this fashion to figure out how many I had -- 11 in this case, Here's how it works: On ticket #2, I got three consos, for the first five winners plus losing #'s 9,10 and 13 in the last leg; on ticket #7, I got one conso, for loser #1 in the first leg followed by five winners; and on the winning 6/6 #9 ticket, I got seven more consos, one for each losing horse on the ticket (#'s 5 and 8 in leg 1, #'s 1 and 2 in leg 2, #'s 3 and 7 in leg 5, and #5 in leg 6.)

Hope that clears things up. There's also, ahem, a book about all of this.

--That $21, 741 carryover from Saturday night in the Meadowlands pick-4 drew a robust $91,816 pool on the Monday afternoon card. (The previous Monday, the pool was only $35,200.) So even after 15 percent takeout of $13,722, they paid out $99,835 on Monday betting of $91,816.

I didn't play it particularly well, leaning too heavily on third-leg favorite Stevil, but managed to get 6-5 on my money when it paid $703.10 for each $1. Without the carryover money, it would have paid $550.

I had half an hour to kill when the sequence was over and the only thing NYRA Rewards was still taking at that point was Portland Meadows, so in a moment of pure degeneracy I downloaded the PM pp's and made my first-ever parimutuel wager on Oregon racing. There were some familiar names from my summer Emerald Downs pick-4 playing, but there were also horses coming out of races at tracks with three-letter abbreviations I'd never seen before -- Brn? Prv? Til?

I put together a little 2x4x6 caveman pick-3 play. Bingo -- but alas it came back only $33.90 for each $48 invested.

Bob D More than 1 year ago
Question regarding your "parley" comment on your pick 6 on Sunday. You wrote the parley returned $20,540 but when I do the math (22.2/2)*9.4 = 104.34/2*3.1 = 161.72/2*6.7 = 541.72/2*16.4 = 4,442.45/2*10.6 = 23,545.97. Am I doing something wrong?
Dan MacKenzie More than 1 year ago
A local media outlet in Mass. ran this story about Suffolk Downs today (14NOV). I welcome ANY good news about our beloved sport: http://www.enterprisenews.com/business/x1178311064/MASS-MARKET-Suffolk-Downs-investor-betting-on-track-s-future
El Cachorro More than 1 year ago
I hate to be the anal retentive type but could somebody at Drf correct the running line at the stretch call for Atlas Mountain at Bel 30Apr08 Race 9. It's an eyesore.
Steven_Crist More than 1 year ago
bob_d, You're right -- I thought the second winner paid $8.20, not $9.40. Geezerdom means mistaking 3.70 for 3.10 in the charts....
tbone More than 1 year ago
Til stands for tillamook and the prv I believe is Prineville. These are fair tracks that meet for about 3 days each summer. If you're playing emerald again next summer look for horses that have had good form at emerald near the bottom of their pp's then go to the bush tracks and come back to emerald. They usually get overlooked even though they fit with the emerald horses simply because they're coming from the bush tracks and most people playing emerald aren't going to dig too far into the horses pp's to see the back class. Great horses to have as b's or c's in those cheaper claiming sprints that are wide open. And a late congrats to Peppers Pride on 18(?) in a row on sunday.
jlove More than 1 year ago
Still my hero Steve. I know many asked for it and as previously indicated I have read the book but even with the intellect that I have I sometimes struggle to keep up with you and Andy in your literature. I am resilient and determined to learn and appreciate the chart to better illustrate the logic. I'm sure I speak for others in saying thanks specifically due to the fact that I hope to one day share a pool with you :). Best always!
race More than 1 year ago
NHC---Steven---Good Evening. We met at the NHC in Las Vegas last year and I enjoyed talking not only about the Horses, but also about our dogs, I have an Aussie---The reason for this "E" mail, is the NTRA is contemplating reducing the number of qualifiers from the present top 3 to the top 2 in Tournaments---What?? In the beginning it was four, now they are moving to reducing it to two? This will surely reduce the enthusiasm and will eliminate many of the Handicappers that either don't have the money or time to travel to double the amount of Tournaments for the same amount of chance to qualify. So instead of being the best Handicapper, you in essence will be the most well financed Handicapper that was able to buy enough plane tickets and attend more Tournaments than others. Is that what the NTRA wants? Don't we want to grow the interest in Horse Racing? A comment by you would go a long way I'm sure to stick up for us Handicappers, I thank you in advance----race
Jason Beem More than 1 year ago
Steve, As the track announcer at Portland Meadows, we are flattered that you took the time to bet on our humble little track. Take a look at our Pick 5 bet on Sunday, a nice carryover of 1500 bucks i think!! 100% net carryover bet! :) By the way, Til is Tillamook, Prv is Prineville, brn is Burns. all fair meets. At Tillamook everyone who enters a horse gets a block of Tillamook cheese, and if you win a race, you get a whole wheel of cheese. Best Wishes, Jason Beem
Jeff Tatus More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the exact detail of the Pick 6 tickets... it is often difficult (even for "advanced" players) to comprehend without the benefit of having read "Exotic Betting" and this is really helpful to see the the logic of constructing multi-horse, multi-race exotic bets. I have read EB 4 times in the past 3 years. At this time of the year, I am almost done with a self-imposed hiatus that I was forced to take after I sloppily played my tickets on both Breeder's Cup days. Your recent successes playing the Pick 6 is another great example for all of us horse-players and another compelling reason why I'm now reading "Exotic Betting" for the 5th time. While I don't want to appear like a pop-up ad in a chat room, there are certain things in life that need and have to be said... 1) because they're true, and 2) because they translate into real money if you follow the instructions. Jim Cramer (of "Mad Money" fame) writes books with his investment advice that don't come close to blue-printing trades like Steve's book does... and you'd never get to see Cramer's monthly account statements like we see Steve's Pick 6 tickets. "Exotic Betting" isn't a great book because it immediately produces great results; it's a great book because it consistently produces great results when we "go on tilt" and have to stop for a few weeks to clear our thinking. When I've played myself out and can't seem to think straight, the first thing I do before I go back is to re-read EB; if I don't re-read, I don't go, period. As much as I hate to admit this in a public forum, my handicapping skills tend to erode over a period of time. I do not know all the reasons why, but it's something that I have to admit if I wish to continue to enjoy wagering on my equine friends. I am grateful that for every time I've had to lay off, I had a handbook like EB to read that made me feel confident and centered and in full "attack-mode" again. Never once have I failed to return to my highest and most profitable levels. For all of the readers that "believe in luck" I'd say to any of them that "trying to hit Pick 3's, Pick 4's and Pick 6's without having read "Exotic Betting" makes about as much sense as traveling to another country without a passport." I hope Steve doesn't monitor this too closely because he might pull it as an obvious plug, but it's still all true.
Hammer More than 1 year ago
"in a moment of pure degeneracy" been there and done that!!