06/27/2008 8:29PM

Tick Tock


Saturday's Sixty Minute Six at Bel/Mth/Del/Pha/Bel/Del, with a $65k carryover from last Saturday's inaugural running, is all yours: I can't play it because I can't get past the second leg, a race that seems an especially poor choice for inclusion in a multirace, multitrack wager.

Here's the lineup:

The second leg, the only dirt race in the sequence, is a maiden-special-weight five-furlong sprint for 10 New Jersey-bred 2-year-olds -- every single one of them a first-time starter. If the race were the first leg of the sequence, at least you'd get a look at how the betting goes. But with the firster fest as the second leg -- albeit scheduled to go just 10 minutes after the first leg, from Belmont -- you'll be lucky to get one quick look at the opening betting and pick-three probables into the race before your Sixty Minute Six tickets are due. Thinking of betting more than 15 minutes before post time for the first leg? Happy guessing.

A race consisting entirely of first-time starters really shouldn't be part of a bet like this at all, especially when Monmouth had plenty of other races it could have positioned in this spot. Instead of carding the maiden race in the 3:50 pm slot, either of the two following races -- both turf stakes -- would have fit perfectly. Either nobody thought about it at all, or somebody thought it was more fun or more daunting (and thus more likely to produce a double-carryover) to include a race among 10 horses with no past performances.

Conversely, I suppose this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for someone who specializes in New Jersey-bred juvenile firsters.

Alas, no double-carryover on Belmont alone. Improvers of the breed bet $241k on Friday's twilight pick-six into a $38k one-day carryover, and one of them collected a nicely overlaid $177,832 for an $11.60/$5.70/$28.80/$11.20/$10.20/$8.30 sequence.

Arcstats More than 1 year ago
prozac-jack, interesting comments. But everything you and all the other posters point out, all hinges on one concept - CREDIBILITY. And this industry/sport has none. There is no other gambling activity, with the exception of cards, where the winners gain at the direct expense of the losers. But the big difference between the racetrack and the card table is the handful of outside agents that factor into horseracing - tracks, trainers, at el that make the game seem so dirty today...
kevroc More than 1 year ago
Re:60min6 I had the first two winners (including MTH).. But, I had singled Fareena at Delaware and did not snag the PHA winner, so 4 of 6... 4 of 6 also in the big HOL P6. Tough game.. tough game...
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
Race Two's order of finish, Ararat Race Course (Australia), on June 30th, 2008: 1st Sally's Comet: $5.20 $3.10 $5.20; 2nd Chixdigit: $382.30 $36.30; 3rd Hooligan: $3.90 That's right. $382.30 to place. Chixdigit's post-race odds were listed as "99-1." And you thought you got over cashing a place bet on Never Retreat, after Proud Spell got poked in the eye by the stews.
Flipper Dawson More than 1 year ago
Note to jcp--I could hear the splash away up here in Canada. Proud Spell went off at 3-5. When bumped back to 3rd, the winner paid $5.30 and $11.60. There was no show wagering. So, play the second favorite, and get back $116.00 for every $20.00 place bet you made. Free money, but well worth the wait. A lot of people don't understand how this works. The only bad thing is you have to wait to see if there is a play. 1 Hamsa 13 $19,478 $7,129 2 Proud Spell 1/2 $181,764 $179,449 3 Never Retreat 10 $24,969 $8,616 4 Music Note 8/5 $104,234 $15,883 Pool Totals $330,447 $211,078 The first pool is Win, the second pool is Place. Over 179 thousand bet to place on Proud Spell.
jcp More than 1 year ago
Was there some splashing from the bridge jumpers yesterday when Proud Spell got taken down?
Bill More than 1 year ago
Steve, you were right about the Monmouth MD race. I should have listened
PP More than 1 year ago
Does anyone have any wagering strategies on the HOL Super Hi-Five (pentafecta?)...seems like it pays unbelievably every night, and seems like the ultimate "get-out" play. Some might not agree with the approach of playing speed that quits for the 4th or 5th slot, but check the results for the past few days and you'll see a bit of relevance here....
steve wolfson, sr. More than 1 year ago
Give us a break, Michael Iavarone! You would not be on the map were it not for Rick Dutrow. Just let him do what he does best, while you [sadly, to me and a diminishing breed of purists]do what you seem to excel in: raise money and turn the sport we love into a numbers game focusing on the economic value of thoroughbreds. Despite his obvious shortcomings, Rick and his father before him put the horse first. And, for all his critics, I venture to say that given an even playing field [no drugs to enhance performance, or mask pain], Rick would still excel, shake up the establishment, and be a winner.
buffalo joe More than 1 year ago
Will someone send don reed a memo, Tinky & andy scoggins hit the nail on the head. I feel almost any trainer who wants to be successful in this sport at the highest level must employ competent veterinary help, if it is legal for training they have to use these drugs to stay competive. The problem appears that it is not an exact science in regards to withdrawal time. It is illegal durgs that appeared in this most recent assmussen case pending in texas that i question. But please don't get me wrong i'm not in favor of any drugs in racing, i haven't had a winner since the legalization of lasix. In defense of Gasper, Pete and the others maybe they had great feeding programs, with teriffic vitamin supplments?
Prozac Jack More than 1 year ago
...Carding a race full of non-starters as part of the pick 6, this CATERS to "High Rollers," suck the public in, let them contribute to the pot ,and let the "big Ticket" boys scoop up the money. I don't mind going up against the BIG ROLLERS when I can actually have some kind of form to work with, but the powers that be, ONLY care about the size of the pools, not that it bleeds the pockets of the little guy's more than any other bet that horse racing has to offer. NOBODY forces a person to play the pick-6, but they promote the hell out of it, and wave a carrot in the face of the "little guy" and every once in a while someone will get "lucky" and hit it on a $12.00 ticket. I wish I could get back all the money I've spent on my pick-6 tickets under $200.00. The point I'm trying to make is Horse racing management should have no concern on the outcome of a pick-6 card, this is actually what makes Horse racing different than Las Vegas, where THE HOUSE is always concerned...Pick-6 money is the hardest money to get back..Trainer's having more than one horse in a pick-6 race SHOULDN'T be allowed. I've ask management to card a pick-6 once a week, that has horses with form, just once a week, let the "little guy" compete on a LEVEL playing field just once a week...Horse racing has ALWAYS been a rich man's game, Millionaire owners, Millionaire Jockey's Millionaire trainer's ALL at the expense of the "LITTLE GUY'S" and this great game of ours CONTINUES to decline,50% of the audience over the past 30 years have left the game....The little guy's might be little, but THEY ARE NOT DUMB............