06/05/2010 9:16AM

That's a Weather Forecast?


Driving to the track on an already steamy Belmont Stakes morning on Long Island, I heard the following weather forecast on a major New York City all news radio station: There is a high probability of hit and miss thunderstorms just about any time today.

Think about that for a second. A high probability of hit and miss storms, at any time. Ummm, thanks for the help. That really helps me nail it down. If you wanted to cover all your bases just so you don't look bad, consider your job well done.

My advice is, if you are going to wager on Belmont today, especially in multi-race exotic wagers such as pick 3's and 4's, find yourself access to a weather website and check the radar for western Long Island on a frequent basis. We might not get a drop of rain, or we might get a deluge, and the weather forecast I heard will be exactly right either way.