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Tell a friend about the Triple Crown


We Want Another buttonThe Triple Crown is the ultimate test of greatness in sports. If I'll Have Another wins the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 9, he will be only the 12th member of an ultra-exclusive club dating back to 1919. Many have failed where I'll Have Another hopes to succeed. Show your support for his quest to make history by telling a friend about the Triple Crown.

Here are 10 cool facts to share with new fans about I'll Have Another and the Triple Crown:

I'll Have Another is the ultimate underdog: He has won five of his seven career races and never been favored at any point. He's been the Rodney Dangerfield of racing -- "No Respect!"

► The phrase "Triple Crown" used to describe the Kentucky Derby-Preakness-Belmont stretch of races was popularized by legendary Daily Racing Form columnist Charles Hatton, whose writing career spanned five decades.


► I'll Have Another would be the 12th Triple Crown winner ever and the first of the 21st century.

► I'll Have Another was purchased at auction for only $35,000, a fraction of the usual cost for champion horses.

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► The Belmont Stakes is run at Belmont Park, the longest dirt track in North American racing. It is the oldest of the Triple Crown events, dating back to 1867.

► Secretariat's winning time in the 1973 Belmont Stakes of 2:24 has never been seriously challenged. Only two horses since then have come within 2 seconds of the time -- Easy Goer in 1989 and A.P. Indy in '92. Secretariat's victory by 31 lengths is arguably the most dominant performance in sports history.

► The Triple Crown Trophy was commissioned in 1950 by Cartier but sat unclaimed for 23 years until Secretariat won it in 1973.

► Family matters: The second and third Triple Crown winners were related -- Gallant Fox (1930) was the sire of Omaha, who won the Triple Crown in 1935. Triple Crown winner War Admiral (1937) was related to Seabiscuit by way of Man O'War, who was War Admiral's sire and Seabiscuit's grandsire.

► Nineteen horses that have won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness have lost the Belmont, including the past 11.

► There are no living Triple Crown winners. Seattle Slew (1977) was the last to die in 2002.

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matt More than 1 year ago
As much as I would love to see a Triple Crown winner, I don't think this is the year. IMO, Union Rags is stealing money, especially at 5-1 ish. This is the "taylor made Belmont horse". You get a rider who knows this track better than anyone else riding in this race, which makes a huge difference. Mario cannot get to know this track with just a couple mounts leading in. I will be sending it in at the window this Saturday on Union Rags!
Terri Bassett More than 1 year ago
This track is fast, I'll have another is noted to come from the back of the racing pack. He will win this race and finally " break the 34 year " Triple Crown " legacy. His rider is awesome (showing up all the other seasoned jockies" go Mario and " I'll have another " to WIN : )
Dennis Westgor More than 1 year ago
besides "I'LL HAVE ANOTHER" , a safer bet is that BELMONT PARK on Saturday June 9th will have a record crowd ! hope Super Mario and his horse ' have another' great ride left in them.
bpiets More than 1 year ago
How Do...'i'll' have another will be the call words at every sports bar when he does NOT become the 12 th triple crown winner BUT it will be noted that at the 12 round of drinks the bar tender and bouncers will be sending the happy losing sports 'men/ women ' on home in a taxie etc...lol.
Tyler Mathis More than 1 year ago
The average American is too stupid and distracted to play horses. The English have us here; racing over there is taken seriously in the sporting community and is quite popular with the general public. We'd rather watch crap like college basketball.
Robin Dawson More than 1 year ago
Couldn't agree with you more. It's in their culture and in their faces every day, per the wonderful free coverage that is provided by newspapers. Today Camelot looked like a super horse, winning The Derby...but he isn't the reason why people follow racing any more than Sea The Stars or Frankel. And people thinking that IHA is going to increase interest are very naive.
R. Martin More than 1 year ago
At least the Brits have Class, and name their horses with names worthy of Derby Winners. CAMELOT,... now there is a classy name... like SECRETERIAT! But the name "I'll Have Another"--Forget About It! The Gods of Class (in the Naming Committee) won't allow this travesty of a name to win the Classic Triple Crown! The Gods of Racing have destined DULLAHAN, or even better, OPTIMIZER, as classy, quality names, worthy of victory June 9. Even WAR ADMIRAL, CITATION, & SECRETERIAT have sided with the racing gods and won't allow this Commoner to join the Aristrocacy of racing. Forget about it!
Robert Meehan More than 1 year ago
Philistine!!! The name of the horse hasn't got thing one to do with class. Besides, it's the HEART of the horse that can carry him or her beyond their normal capabilities. I don't believe this horse (IHA) LIKES to be beat. He's got a great attitude, a very impressive late kick and a kid jockey who rides FOR the horse. I say Triple Crown WInner this Saturday.
Robert Meehan More than 1 year ago
Sure the Brits are more avid horse players, but then again, they like CRICKET for crying out loud!!!
Robin Dawson More than 1 year ago
What's the point? Doing so would just be another chapter in the never-ending Wolf, Wolf story. Getting people interested in horse racing has to be a daily thing that gradually develops a following because people discover that horse racing is so much more fun than mindless computer-generated games and slot machines.
Truthhurtssometimes More than 1 year ago
Yeah, I told lost of friends about the horse trying to complete the Triple Crown. What have I told them you ask? Well, that the horse I’ll have Another’s trainer was just sentenced to another 45-day suspension for another positive on one his horses for excessive carbon dioxide. Additionally, the gutless ruling body (California) this time took 2 years to settle this case. That the trainer was previously convicted of milkshaking horses and this is the third time his horses have been found to have excessive amounts of carbon dioxide while racings. I tell them while it’s great that the horse has the chance to complete the triple, does the trainer really deserve to be given such a spotlight with his sketchy past? Wouldn’t a win by him encourage other cheaters to enter the game for fame and fortune to the determent of the sport? I encourage others to avoid racing until such time that the racing boards take control and fix the problems they are well aware of. That the penalties fit the crime, and that the thievery that takes places regarding racing patrons, owners, trainers by cheaters be addressed in a timely manner that provide real penalties for the guilty parties. . Until then I would not suggest to any friends that they use had earned monies to line the pockets of crooks, who the racing board keep allowing the disparage the sport. Bui hey, maybe I’m not the right one to ask to get new fans involved.
Tom Smothers More than 1 year ago
No, you're not.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Now, back to your PETA meeting...
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
Apparently u r not. IHA deserved his wins and his fans. He should be a contender for the crown. The press, as usual, focuses on the negative. I brought two friends to the Preakness and one bc interested. Good odds. I bc a real fan this year bc IHA came to win the races and the hearts of crowd. He's even racing on same dates as Secretariat. 6/9/12. 3 is the charm.
Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
YOU should get all your facts together about drugs inducing, particularly this latest punishment on INS's trainer. The board's investigator stated that he found benevolence of wrong doing on O'Neil's part. He got the v SFsuspension under the insurer rule for trainers. Quit reading biased reports on racing and investigate it for yourself before blasting the sport. Sadly, some cheating goes on in this sport as in any other, but Idling it's to the extent you seem to think.
Caballo Castillo More than 1 year ago
You're an idiot my dude plain and simple. So Doug was suspended for milkshaking a horse but that was a total different horse. I'll Have Another has been clean all his life and deserves every but of fanfare. Now let's not forget Big Brown and all te BS his trainer was going through and is still going through not to mention his ten year ban from New York. Still everybody was cheering for Big Brown to win it now weren't we?
coocoolarue More than 1 year ago
Have to agree that Doug O ‘Neill is not the best to represent horse racing. He has previous positives for his horses. He also had three horses with excessive carbon dioxide at Del Mar. Isn’t it humorous that HIS HORSES had the 3 highest overages for the entire meet? I agree with the point that there have been no positive tests for IHA, but I don’t believe that was the point being made. I think racing needs to clean house and stop allowing convicted trainers to continue racing horses that may/may not be clean. Most people I work with know I enjoy the races and horses. But I offer no opinion on whether IHA should/will the Triple Crown. Personally, knowing that a trainer who has had suspensions for drug overages could complete the task leaves me cold.