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Sunshine Millions pars, Beyers, questions



One other thing. Does anyone know why Big Drama is on the injured reserved list at FormBlog? He just turned in a work and is pointing towards the Holy Bull at GP later this month.

Big Drama reportedly bent a shoe, and grabbed a quarter during the running of the Delta Jackpot.  He worked five furlongs on January 18, and should be ready for the Gulfstream race.  If you click on "View the Complete Disabled List," you should be able to access the entire spreadsheet.  It will show the name of the horse, the date it was added to the list, its age, sex, and pedigree, the trainer, the injury, the horse's last race, its next major goal, and most recent workout.


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Mr. Prospector (GP): Ikigai (M. Wolfson/J. Bridgmohan) - 113

*Dixieland (OP):  Silver City (W. Calhoun/M. Mena) - 99
*San Fernando (SA): Nownownow (P. Biancone/J. Talamo) - 98
*Evening Attire (Aqu):  Barrier Reef (T. Albertrani/R. Dominguez) - 97
*First Lady (GP):  Game Face (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 96
*Fire Plug (Lrl):  Suave Jazz (A. Dutrow/J. Rose) - 96
*El Encino (SA): Life Is Sweet (J. Shirreffs/G. Gomez) - 95
*American Beauty (OP): Rated Fiesty (S. Asmussen/J. Shepherd) - 95
*Truly Bound (FG):  Rolling Sea (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 95
*San Rafael (SA):  The Pamplemousse (J. Canani/A. Solis) - 95
*Triple Sec (DeD):  It Happened Again (J. Jones/G. Saez) - 93
*Pasco (Tam):  Musket Man (D. Ryan/L. Gonzalez) - 92
*Santa Ynez (SA):  Alpha Kitten (J. Sadler/T. Baze) - 90
*Cotton Fitzsimmons Mile (TuP):  Bingham (K. Lewis/G. Corbett) - 90

*Genesis (DeD):  Southern Yankee (O. Inirio/R. Feliciano) - 86
*California Derby (GG):  Chocolate Candy (J. Hollendorfer/R. Baze) - 84
*Sweetest Chant (GP):  Oilgonewile (J. Calascibetta/W. Henry) - 84
*Affectionately (Aqu):  Yet Again (K. Grusmark/O. Bocachica) - 84
*Glendale (TuP): She's Sensational (J. Martin/K. Kaenel) - 82
*Dania Beach (GP): Jack Spratt (M. Maker/J. Leparoux) - 80

*Cincinnati Trophy (TP): Tacky Cat (W. Mogge/O. Mojica) - 76
*Gasparilla (Tam):  Rock Candy (M. Zwiesler/C. Montalvo) - 70

*La Senora (Sun):  Excessive Victory (C. Sedillo/R. Jaime) - 65

*Invitational (PM): Rockinstyle (R. Wilson/G. Gavica) - 48

Here are the lifetime past performances for the highest and lowest Beyer stakes horses:

Download IkiRock.pdf


Can anyone help me please, my grand father was a jockey, won races in France.I would like to know from any who know the way about getting the racing info about my grand father when in the racing game, he was at newmarket, then epsom.If you can help thank you very much,
william claridge

I would contact these two major European publications:

Racing Posthttp://www.racingpost.com/shared/help_info.sd?cat_id=26&subcat_id=69&headline=CONTACTS



You commented a few days ago about the way the Gulfstream Park Allowance conditions are being written (i.e. OC75k/N$Y) and equated them to traditional N#X.  There is no question that this is effectively the case in measuring difficulty and class level!   I was trying to figure out who this condition is being written for (it's presence annoys me) and so the question is "where are horses clearing allowance conditions with purses of less than $12,500 ($7,500 to the winner) coming from?"
Blue Horseshoe

The only thing that comes to mind right now is the South American shipper that won a prior condition for a deflated purse in his/her native land.  Still, the mislabeling of the conditions is a disservice to the horseplayer, and needs to be corrected immediately.


I may have missed it, but is there a story on how or why, John Sherriffs came to be training Ryehill Dreamer?
Buffalo Joe

Ryehill Dreamer was privately purchased by Marsha Naify from IRS (Irish Racing Shares) Partnership, and turned over to Shirreffs.  While Ryehill Dreamer was no match for The Pamplemousse over the weekend, I have a feeling that Mr. Shirreffs didn't have him fully cranked up for his first start of the season.  Expect a forward move in his next start.


btw, couls someone tell me the name of the two horses who scratched in brother keith last race.  I wanted to track the one trained by tom amoss but i forgot to write it down, Thank you

The Amoss horse scratched out of Brother Keith's debut win at Churchill Downs is Victory Lane.  He's a Giant's Causeway colt that finished sixth in his career debut on grass at Fair Grounds on December 27.


More tomorrow.

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Tom More than 1 year ago
Hi Dan. I think there is much to like on the ML fav, like pedigree, speed and drop. $20 W 8 $30 Ex 8/6 $10 Ex 8/1 $10 Ex 8/5 $1 tri 8/1,5,6/1,5,6,7,10,11,12 $1 tri 1,6/8/1,5,6,7,10,11,12
chicago gerry More than 1 year ago
Hg 117 Looking at this race I would consider: 1. All Md Sp Wts dropping in class 2. All others dropping down 3. Tote Board activity all (Tote on 1st starters-who knows what thry will be?). Some observations: Why Because and Sig's Happy Dancer get 8 lbs. Gotta think Mambo Jumbo's hitting the gate, was the reason for poor showing off *1.50 beaten favorite start. Who Plays Brams and Paltina Rose are the only two with a trip over the track and that should help. Love the running line and for #8 No Speed Limit who could win. My experience is, these types usually run 3rd and many times 2nd. Is 3 works off last lay off enough? Am leaving Ariel Rose out of top four. Hate to do that because of the big drop. If I get the opportunity, I may reconsider. Spirit Seeker. Coming out of Key race and slight drop in class makes her interesting. At least as far as gettinging into the money is concerned. I actually like the 'blinkers on' for Swap Mandate. She did show some interest early on last out and now cuts back in distance. No sense getting worried about he race because it is ripe for somebody jumping up.
cayman01 More than 1 year ago
Scratch the AE's only in HG 117. So nothing gets a little clearer. lemme haul out the dart board........might have better luck.
Oldgraymare More than 1 year ago
Tiznow + Pepper's Pride= Tiz A Peppinator Kelley
meadowlake59 More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the brain twister p ensign. I actually enjoy trying to figure these puzzles out (especially with Dan's mythical money). #6 Why Because--The daughter of Whywhywhy (same as Nownownow and Ikigai) who seems to have had what I call an "ah ha" race last time and only needs a bit of improvement to take the top prize. Coa should help and I anticipate a stalk-and-pounce strategy. #5 Who Plays Brahms-- Trouble in last two and this seems to be a consistent sort who may be ready with a clean trip. BSFs figure to be good enough-now I need some honest fractions #8 No Speed Limit--Probable post-time favorite drops in class and has the connections but really hasn't shown anything other than some early speed--which seems in abundance. #3 Ariel Rose--Half-sister to the #2 but with more experience--all of it bad! Still, its her first time for a tag and the turf route to sprint angle might be worth a shot at a juicy price. #11 Happy Feet--Firster has nice pedigree and trainer gets a solid percentage with debuters. #12 Sig's Happy Dancer--Looks like a turfer but a slice today wouldn't surprise. Jock switch is a plus. Here's my betting strategy: $6 Tri Wheel: 5,6/5,6,8/3,5,6,8,11,12=$96 That leaves me with $4 for a cold soda pop-Dan, I'm from Chicago and we're kind of particular about our hot dogs. Never had a good one in Florida. Good Luck to all!
Cliff More than 1 year ago
HG117: $1 Super Key: 8 with 1,2,6,11,12 = $60 $10 ex: 6 with 1,5,7,11 = $40
Oldgraymare More than 1 year ago
Handigambling 117 I really think the last two races for the 9 are throw outs, and if she runs back to the first time out, I think she easily handles these. At the price, I think that the 8 is extremely vulnerable, and a non-play. So..... $10 Exacta 9/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,12 Gals, wish this first time thong starter luck. Kelley
Mickey Hoops More than 1 year ago
HG 117 50 minutes to 1st post & GP's website doesn't have changes up. Way to go MEC! Wanted to play the 1st timer # 14. $4 tri 2-8/2,3,6,8,12/2,3,6,8,12.
Lane More than 1 year ago
HG 117 $3 tri 6,8,5/6,8/3,11,1($36) $3 tri 6,8/5/3,11,1($18) $3 tri 6,8/3,11/5($12) $4 tribx 6,8,5($24) $10 win 11 = $100 Good luck all
Calvin Carter More than 1 year ago
Handigambling 117: I like the #1 Strollin in Paris for my longshot pick and I’ll play her with the other three top class horses in the field: #5 Who Plays Brahms, #6 Why Because, #8 No Speed Limit. $8 W/P: #1 = $16 $2 ExBox: 1,5,6,8 = $24 $2 TriBox: 1,5,6,8 = $48 .50 Super Box: 1,5,6,8 = $12 Total = $100