02/06/2009 4:45PM

Stakes horses, questions


DRF's Matt Hegarty is reporting that the Maryland Racing Commission approved a request by the Maryland Jockey Club to raise the pick 3 and pick 4 takeout from 14 percent to 25.5 percent at races at Laurel and Pimlico beginning on March 1.

Wonder if this is a way to pay for the ZZ Top concert and the women's pro beach volleyball doubles tournament scheduled for the infield on Preakness Day.

Where's the poker table?


I Want Revenge not a top 10 pick, and didn't even make it on your Honorable Mentions list.
How can that be?

Have you gone completely over the edge?
It's that East Coast bias.

No East Coast bias here as I originally had SoCal-trained three-year-olds The Pamplemousse and Square Eddie on the list.  After it was reported that Square Eddie was sidelined with sore shins, I added Mr. Hot Stuff for Eoin Harty.  I wasn't a big fan of the CashCall Futurity, but certainly can see I Want Revenge moving forward this weekend.  A big race from one of the horses in the Robert Lewis most likely puts them on the list. 
Sorry, Annie, but I'm not sold on Chocolate Candy just yet.  It's still early, and I'm sure he'll do his best to make me see the error of my ways.


Dan, with all the comments from veterinarians filling the blogs, why doesn't the Racing Form again list the infirmaties of race horse on their web page?
Dan, could you provide a link to the lifetime past performance of Zoffany.  Back in 1985 I won a $5 exacta bet with Zoffany and Win, along with seven others for a $40 play.  My father in-law at the time and I went for that particular race, the Hollywood Turf Cup after we came up with the same horse, Zoffany, as the highest rated.  Although I knew he was going only to show me that racing is entirely unpredictable, Zoffany in the stretch blew through his lungs and surged to the lead in a fashion I saw up close at the wire.

This blog has an up-to-date Disabled List that documents the progress of horses that have been diagnosed with injuries.  Just click on the "View the complete Disabled List" link on the right hand side of the blog to keep tabs on injured horses. 

Here are Zoffany's lifetime past performances:

Download Zoffany.pdf


In case you aren't overworked enough....
What ever happened to Mr. Mistoffelees (Storm Cat/Country Romance) $1.5 million purchase owned by Coolmore trained by Pletcher? He won his first start impressively then finished up the track in the Tremont, then....nothing. I've hunted for info on him and didn't find anything. Did he pull a Green Monkey? 
Also, Maimonides has been working regularly at Gulfstream so he could be removed from the injured list.

I'll remove Maimonides once he shows up in the entries, and am looking forward to his return to the races.  Haven't heard anything about Mr Mistoffelees, and he hasn't worked since September at Arlington.  I'll let you know if I find out anything.


Is Elusive Bluff dead or retired? Surely he be a leading chance if heads that way!!!!!

Elusive Bluff suffered a bruised right hind foot before the Breeders' Cup, and hasn't worked since the end of October.  He's listed on our Disabled List on the right hand side of the blog.  You can follow his progress there.


Isn't Nad Al Sheba a synthetic track now?
jim tully

Jim Tully,
It's a triangular shaped three-turn dirt oval for another year.  Then it switches to synthetic for 2010.

Nad Al Sheba still has it's sandy main track. Their new race track was to have the Tapeta surface installed. As far as I know, their Al Quoz training facility has the Tapeta surface.


Have a great weekend!


C More than 1 year ago
Slew, Dont' give up, these races happen sometimes. It doesn't matter what the maidens did earlier. Sometimes, nobody is too keen to take the lead and the leader is just allowed to have a soft pace up front. It's hard to predict when that's going to happen; it seems to come up almost by accident. Look at it this way, there is no way of knowing what WellArmed would've done if he was challenged. He might've responded by picking it up or eyeballing the horse for a while. Maybe he would've put Informed away, we don't know. The point is, we can't go back and say so-and-so would've won if he was put on the lead. It assumes the lead horse would've run the same exact race, which is not true. Also, don't further frustrate yourself with the 4F workout time. That opens up a whole new can of worms, as Steve could probably tell you by now.
Ray Manley More than 1 year ago
Tinky, I love betting on first time starters on the grass out of Lord At War mares. For many years Wimborne Farm, who stood Lord At War, raced home breds that offered great betting value first time out on the lawn. Now I know where Lord At War got it.
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
Welcome back, LarryK!!! Just in time to take over for me (a burned out wreck) for a little while. Smile. Before I leave, I do want to say that I come down on the side in favor of Stardom Bound. I thought she looked better than I have ever seen her yesterday and if she takes to the dirt, I think she's a logical contender against what may be an average, if abundant class. Taking into account the opinions of others, I have lowered my opinion of this class, although I think the jury is still out (midshipman and vineyard still count). I may have mistaken an abundancy of good 3yos for excellence. I am pleased that we seem to have a lot of decent ones, in any case. That's it.
turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
Annie, It wouldn't take me eight years to figure out if a male was well endowed.... I remember seeing Stormin' Fever at Monmouth and wondering how he could comfortably run. That particular problem is often an issue with dressage stallions with the types of hind leg cross over moves they are expected to make at the highest levels of competition. It radically affected a top rated stallion in the show barn I rode out of. I think we should make Mr. Fantasy and Mr. Hot Stuff the honorary Blue Thong picks for Derby Dreaming! Tinky, Sounds like you're way ahead of me on Mr. Fantasy! hahaha I originally noticed him because his name brought back some great old memories of listening to the song with the same name. I also like Lord at War as a broodmare sire. Who wouldn't?
Buffalo Joe More than 1 year ago
Molesap- Thanks for the new site, I have tabbed more sites on my fav. list since joining up with you guys last year. Only one problem, if I visited each one every day I would never get out of my condo, but it is nice to know where they are and check occasionally. I have just been made aware of a new one, it is cangambling, and there is much discussion on the Fort Erie racetrack, which is my home track when at home in Buffalo (about 7 miles door to door) They are in danger of not have a meet for the first time in about 110 years due to tough economic time in our area as well as all over the country, but being a boarder town they have some unique problems conpounding their plight. Chi Gerry, I was aware your speach the other day was tounge in cheek, and when I read it I knew it was familiar, but couldn't recall where I heard it before. When you mentioned Gomez, the light went off and I recalled saying to myself while watching "Jockey" what a cocky SOB for a guy only 3 years removed from the ravages of addiction and the P-Val Hall of Shame. If I was in his position I would hope I would be taking a one day at a time attidude towards what I was doing, knowing life can change on a dime.
Stephen Taylor More than 1 year ago
Laura- Thanks for setting up the league again. I picked one team already and noticed we had 6 of the same horses. Even though I really like Pioneer of the Nile and Stardom Bound (the way both won despite not being "fully cranked" is scary) but didn't use them because they aren't going to run until after the supplemental draft. (And I'm not totally convinced that they won't "call an audible" with SB, even if their goal is the Derby, and run in a fillie prep instead. After all, whoever you are, it's hard to turn down "free money" which, in my opinion, is close to what would be the result if SB ran against the fillies leading up to Derby weekend). The trainers/jocks were a little bit tougher for me this year-ended up on McPeek (gut feeling) and Asmussen (sheer volume of horses) and Gomez (right now he's the top rider in the country) and Bridgemohan (should get live mounts from Asmussen). As for Giant Oak, and I said this before the Risen Star, as much as I love my home state (after all, no state has as many politicians for sale as we do) of Illinois, this horse will not be a factor on the TC trail. One 2nd as a 2yo (other than races in Illinois) does not, in my opinion, spell Derby Contender.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Turnbackthealarm, I read the article on Magnum in which they said he was - um, very well endowed, which made him susceptible to bruising and they decided to give him the ultimate equipment change. My question is - it took eight years for them to figure this out? Annie
tinky More than 1 year ago
turnbackthealarm - Mr. Fantasy traces to Brigadier Gerard through the same sire as does Pioneerof the Nile, though he is much closer up in the latter's pedigree. Lord at War – a grandson of BG – was, in my view, one of the most underrated sires of the past 25 years to stand in the U.S. He got remarkably tough, sound and versatile runners. Most were miler types, and they succeeded at all class levels. His daughters are proving to be quite successful as well.
CM More than 1 year ago
1987 had the best crop of three year olds I have seen: Alysheba, Bet Twice, Java Gold, Gulch, Lost Code, Polish Navy, Cryptoclearance, Temperate Sil. I believe all but one of them (Lost Code) raced in the Travers that year, which was the best Travers field I have ever seen.
Dale More than 1 year ago
On Stardom Bound's chances against the boys: DO NOT TAKE HER LIGHTLY based on this one race. From my observation, she has started her winning moves in previous races around the turn. In this race, she had absolutely nowhere to run around the turn and just kept waiting and waiting until at the top of the stretch, she somewhat forced her way out and took command. I am not saying she will win the SA Derby, but I absolutely believe she has a legit chance. I would prefer she had not switched barns, but she is still one special filly who has earned her shot against the colts. I also believe it is the right time to take this shot. If she does not compete as well as hoped in the SA Derby, she can still come back and win the Ky Oaks. Just my opinion. Dale