12/13/2008 3:05PM

Stakes horses, complete debut Beyer list


Here's the complete list of juvenile debut winners with triple-digit Beyer Speed Figures since 1996:

Hook and Ladder - 110
Chilukki - 109
Discreet Cat - 106
Forest Music - 105
Notional - 105
In High Gear - 104
Kelly Kip - 104
Plagiarist - 104
Elusive Heat - 103
In C C's Honor - 103
Lost in the Fog - 103
Rodeo - 103
Warners - 103
Frisco Star - 102
Lieutenant Ron - 102
Bro Lo - 101
In Excessive Bull - 101
Meetmeinthewoods - 101
Quality Road - 101
Rahy Dolly - 100
Secret Gypsy - 100
Star of Broadway - 100

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johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Update: read this article on the mess with the BC. Is authored by Rob Whiteley, is synomnymous in the horse breeding game: http://www.paulickreport.com/blog/major-breeder-calls-for-breeders-cup-resignations/ While some may feel I am jumping to conclusions here, to simplify, the BC win and your in races that Alan provided a contest last summerthat most of us enjoyed and had a good time with, are now out the window. Take the time to read and understand the implications of Greg Avioli's descions and see how wrong it is. Then take the time to respond.
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
CJ, I have conducted similar "experiments." Using only the stats available to Youbet members, such as j/t stats (including at the distance, an often overlooked - but very important - element in the J/T statistic), and also including trainer stats relative to their work with 2yos, 3yos, 4yos and up (another important parsing), and also applying that back to the J/T stat to see if their is a preference for what the trainer doles out to his jocks (this often occurs, hence Sadler may only give Flores 3yos when they win together, for example), I have hit some big p3s and tris and supers, and so on (one example of many). It's not easy or for the faint of heart, because it requires a great deal of analytical skill to be quite honest, but testing one's self in this way - I think - has positive longterm benefits in breaking negative patterns associated with 'lumping', that is, applying similar handicapping technique regardless of the circumstances. Finding the most important factor or factors in every race - an impossible task in every, single race because of the chaotic nature of the events - has to be a chase that the horseplayer undertakes only when the evidence compels him or her, and not when he or she is hit by one random 'hunch' after another (while perusing the card), which is more often than not, the simple rambling of an otherwise sharp, and active mind (as it assimilates the data). I am very curious to your own results.
Calvin Carter More than 1 year ago
johnnyz, Here's a list of some up-and-coming 2yo's from Michael Veitch of the Saratogian. http://www.saratogian.com/articles/2008/12/13/sports/doc494477f6466b1469935899.txt1
chicago gerry More than 1 year ago
steve t., You get a big positive reaction from me on what I have seen thus far regarding TI. Sorry about your having to rebuild. I know a 'labor of love' only goes so far, but when you are done, you are going to get great satisfaction from what you created. Dan, I am going to try an experiment this time with regard to Hg 114. I am going to submit wager(s) this time without looking at any past performances. All other information I can gather such as public selectors picks and comments including yours, Dan, will be fair game. Also,I am hoping the Formbloggers will continue to post their rationale as they normally would. Worldwide, everybody knows what an honest person I am, so they know there will be no cheating and I promise to do my duty, to be square, and to obey the laws of the Formblog pack. The purpose here is to attempt to emphasize the importance of the construction of the wager over the handicapping part of it. I would like to see if I can, first, turn a profit, and second, do better than Formbloggers who will be looking at past performances. My plan is to develop a list of contenders and construct a wager based on what public information can I pick up from others rather than looking at past performances. I may not be the best person to try this because I was pretty cold this past weekend, but we will see what happens.
Calvin Carter More than 1 year ago
Dan, Thank you so much for verifying the $1 million stud Fee for Northern Dancer. I find that truly amazing. SR Vegas, You are welcome. I'm glad you liked it. Here's another link that you, Uncle Steve, and some others with California ties may appreciate: http://maryforney.blogspot.com/2008/12/sport-of-kings-in-city-of-angels.html That's part one in a series about racing in Los Angeles County. There's about four or five parts. Just follow the links at the end of the story. There's also a related link about the Hollywood Park fire of 1949.
Turn Back The Alarm More than 1 year ago
Johnny z, I wish I was more knowlegeable, but it sure seems like shooting yourself in the foot to me or the thigh if you are Plaxico Burress..... Now, the breed to race people have an even harder time. The owners that have a fabulous horse who is peaking at the right time can always supplement... and the really big players could care less, they make money in the numbers.
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
johnnyz HA! Yes, Lauren was right , My previous post: "I'm watching a wet snow beginning to accumulate on the golf course beyond our patio. Very pretty..." Turned out to be about six hours of light wet snow all day. Gray & a bit gloomy, but fun, none the less. I think we got about maybe 3" or so... I've been here nine years now & it has snowed in our part of town 4X.. so it was real fun. Of course (as in LA) most residents do not know how to drive in this stuff, so a bit hectic around town. Thanks for the additional link on Cigar, I was wondering where the "Madison Square Gardens" reference was comming from. Calvin Thanks for your Northern Dancer links...big Bucks, & very interesting. SR Vegas
Annie More than 1 year ago
We had a snowstorm yesterday, and today it is 8 below zero, windchill 38 below. Just cold enough to kill all the bacterium and viruses. That's why we're so healthy here. lol Sat., another horse that had a workout with the B for breezing won his race. That was Icemancometh. That is the one workout that I always trust in So. Calif. ONLY. It's used so rarely there, that when I do see it, I feel confident that said horse ran that speed quite effortlessly. No matter what you think of workouts, in general, don't ignore the B work in So. Calif. Along with the other factors of the race, you at least know the horse is fit, fast and ready to do his best. Annie
Blackstone More than 1 year ago
H114 If # 12 (Nikkiandme) draws in, then the bet is $60 win on her, and a $20 exacta box-#12 (Nikki) with #3 (Harmony Found). If #12 is not in the race, then $100 to win on #3-Harmony Found. I think these two are every bit as good as the M/L choices-but, I haven't been right yet. Another fun race to handicap and watch. Good choice!
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
SR Vegas, Glad you enjoyed Hangin With Haskin. He is just such an incredible writer. To be honest that is not the story I thought I was providing a link to. He snuck in a follow up to this story:http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2008/12/12/the-garden-party-and-other-cigar-stories.aspx By all means if you enjoyed the other one, for sure read this one. I have to tell you, I am a pretty manly guy but, just reliving that special moment in the Garden almost brought tears. I knew this story as if I remember correctly this was reported by Sports Illustrated back when they considered horse racing a sport. The same folks who put Smarty Jones on the cover, didn't even mention the BC, or the Derby this year. By the way according to Lauren S. you were graced with more than a little snow today in Las Vegas. I was in LV, I think winter of 1999 when it snowed. My first thoughts when watching everyones reaction was, my God everyone here is on drugs! Point being if it snowed as Lauren stated today would have been a fun day to watch and, take pictures. Annie, it is a balmy 11 degrees at home. Hard for me to feel sorry for myself when I read your wind chill is -38 degrees. I am sitting here eating a bowl of spicy chili along with a kentucy bourbon cocktail-ways for me to mentally stay warm. Just curious as what you do to handle the extreme cold you live in? BTW, saw Pepper's Pride recieved a 98 BSF Sunday in what was probably her last race. Not to be redundant but, PP definetly holds a special place in horse racing history. I logged on to Ray Paulick's site today: http://www.paulickreport.com/ to read what I was told was a very well written, informative article regarding "Breeders and Cup Clash over Stakes Program". Read for yourself but, I feel this could be the demise of the Breeders Cup. Just so much Damn wrong here. Dan, would love to read your thoughts on this. While drugs, the AWD signal dispute is a problem, and I for one along with others don't feel synthetic tracks are a savior, now this ludicrous descion by Avioli and the BC to alienate owners and breeders. Just blows my mind (as Steve T stated in many aspects regarding racing last month) how the powers to be (that are) continue to make descions that are self centered with no consideration for the short or long term good/growth of the sport!!!