07/13/2008 1:02PM

Saturday thoughts, etc.


Dan -
Thoughts on what Zaskar may have been able to do if she hadn't had to check so badly on the second turn in the American Oaks?

We'll never know because David Flores wrapped up on her immediately after the trouble, and didn't ask her for any run for the last three furlongs of the race.  The race is a total toss-out.  Like most European invaders, Zaskar was very rank and headstrong during the early part of the race, and she was completely eliminated on the turn.  Whether she would have hit the board without the trouble is impossible to gauge.


Can someone watch Aaron Gryder's ride aboard #3 Tropic Storm in Sat's Triple Bend and tell me if I'm totally off base in saying that it was awful? The horse looked ready to run every step of the way, but Gryder restrained him for almost the whole race. I was totally puzzled by this. It's a Grade 1 sprint, obviously there's going to be fast fractions. Isn't it better to just let the horse run than to strangle him to keep him a few lengths back?

I don't think the ride cost Tropic Storm the race, but it certainly didn't help.  The horse wanted to run from the gate, and Gryder was intent on rating.  I could understand if the first quarter went up in 22 flat of something, but they went 23 and change, and by the time Gryder asked Tropic Storm to run, he was heads-up with Street Boss turning for home instead of having a lead to play with.  On paper, there looked to be a swift pace, but Gryder probably should have adapted considering his horse's willingness to run early and the soft first fraction.


Its nice to know you will be in Del Mar for opening weekend. I will be making the trip from Anaheim either Saturday or Sunday, so I hope to get to greet you in person.

I will be at DelMar opening week and I look forward to saying hello.  Where will you be camping out? 
Ray Manley

...Perhaps you and Uncle Steve can race each other on the DMR-POLY??...

Looking forward to it although Wednesday through Saturday would probably be better for me.  I have to catch a flight out of town on Sunday, and will be running around.  For anyone that's going to be at the track, I'll be hanging out by the paddock for most of the day where the horses leave the walking ring and head out to the track. 

I doubt I could walk around the track once without getting winded.  How about Uncle Steve and I race for the corn dog stand?


If you could find the up-to-date PPs for KnowTheGame (or any horse from that race), I'd be curious if it is actually labeled as "Clm15000B", because the DRF (paper version) abbreviated it as "Clm15000n3L" in the condition header last week. Thanks.

Here they are:

Download know_the_game.pdf



Didn't learn much.  Apparently, Bob had granted a similar interview about his summer babies the day before, and wasn't too interested in going over it again.  I can understand that completely.  These guys are so busy with their horses and owners that there isn't much time for anything else.  I think Baffert is great for the game, and he's going to have lots of 2yo winners this year.  Most of the SoCal trainers I talked to for the Del Mar Player's Guide piece were very forthcoming with information about their two-year-olds.  Christopher Paasch mentioned Stardom Bound and Lahcotah as potential good ones while John Sadler talked up Bellingham and Awesome Rich.  Dan Hendricks likes Dreamalong, Mr. Rod, Imforeal, and Sense of Honor while Richard Mandella thinks Exile, Circle Diamond, and Meteore may have some ability.


Does anyone know where Hollywood Herb McCauley is?  He had a strong start to the Monmouth meet but seems to have disappeared.  Im sure 50+ y.o. riders have lots of aches and pains so I'm guessing he's hurt, but I don't remember reading anything about an injury.

McCauley rode Foreverness at Monmouth on Saturday.


Okay, me this is a dumb question, but since I'm more of a fan than a handicapper, I figured I'd ask.  Is there anyway to know Red Rock's splits in the Man O' War.

According to the splits in Formulator 4.1, Red Rocks ran his race like this:

(24.07, 25.37, 24,30, 22.44, 36.43)

Curlin's splits look like this:

(24.53, 25.64, 24.03, 22.16, 36.61)

Interestingly enough, Better Talk Now ran his fourth quarter in 21.96, and finished up his final three-eighths in 36.16


Dan, would you know Castellano's ROI on GRASS at the CURRENT Belmont meeting?
Have fun on the road.

Castellano's ROI on the Belmont turf this meet is $2.03.


And don't forget your pick today in the Delaware Handicap, LONGSHOT DAN...

Unfortunately, no longshot for me today.  I like Unbridled Belle, and think she can be an important horse in the division this year.