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Saturday stakes, some pars, etc.


Two questions regarding English racing:
1. where can I find result charts similar to DRF's?
2. In the PP's (at least the ones available from TVG)why does it appear that no horse in the history of English racing ever changed position during the running of a race? Or does "C1, C2, C3, Fin" not constitute a running line in those pp's?

European past performances do not contain points of call information and fractional times.  The "charts" are usually written summaries of the races by the track reporter.  Our friends at The Racing Post (http://www.racingpost.co.uk)  (free login) have the result summaries (detailed accounts of who was where, and how they did). 


Anne Mitchell strikes again!!!  Alan has been warning us about the firsters at Prairie Meadows from this barn, and Mitchell's Prairie Blues scored by 8 3/4 after being pounded down to even-money.  Also, johnnyz gave out Patkai, the seven-length winner of the Queen's Vase at Ascot on Saturday.


love the blog--great info greaat entertainment..would love to see go for wand's lifetime PP's if possible...also there was a documentary of some kind maybe 3-5 years ago that was about jockeys making weight and the rest of the hurdles they overcome...it focused on randy romero shane sellers and one other jock from the cajun circuit..it featured several races by go for wand including the unfortunate day she broke down...ever heard of it??

I believe the documentary was called "Jockey," and it was on HBO. 

Here are Go for Wand's lifetime past performances:

Download GoForWand.pdf


I forgot to ask this earlier in the week but when I checked the Beyer for the Stephen Foster Monday morning it was 105.  Now it is 110.  Was the 105 a misprint or did it really change five points?

When I first checked the number, it was a 110 so I'm assuming the 105 you mention was a misprint.


...I'm done being anal for the day so anyway you could list the Beyer pars for the following races:
R6 Old Nelson Handicap
R7 Buckland Stakes
R9 Colonial Turf Cup
R4 Starter Allowance
The Colonial Turf Cup was not in the 2007 American Racing Manual so I am guessing it wasn't graded at the time the book was published.
The race at Hollywood is the typical Starter Allowance for horses that have broken their maidens for $40k or less and have never won two races.  This particular race is for fillies, can you also provide the par for colts?  Any chance this level will be added to the Simulcast Daily Beyer Pars soon?  It's a condition that appears almost every day in Southern California.
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Old Nelson (third running):
2007:  Jungle Fighter - 96

(could only find the one result)

Buckland (ninth running)
2007:  Royal Regan - 86
2006:  Bright Gold  - 90
2005:  Bright Gold - 84
2004:  Spring Kitten - 85
2003:  All That Glitters - 88
2002:  Merry Princess - 99 (run at five furlongs on turf)
1998:  Incredible Revenge - 92 (run at six furlongs on turf)
1997:  Secret Prospect - 89 (run as the Virginia Gentleman at six furlongs on dirt)

Colonial Turf Cup (fourth running)
2007:  Summer Doldrums - 99
2006:  Showing Up - 102
2005:  English Channel - 92

I couldn't find an exact par for the starter allowance races.  The data I have has some conditions lumped together.


Have a wonderful weekend!


monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
Remember when The Mother Goose and Suburban were actually meaningful races... Best Bet today at Belmont is I LOST MY CHOO in the 3rd. For what it's worth, MERCHANT MARINE in the Suburban. Out west: AMERICAN HCP.. DAYTONA will be favored, WORLDLY will win. The distance aids WORLDLY, and he will improve in his 1st race as a 4 yr old.(see Moscatolli Mort). A GLEAM.. ASHLEYS' KITTY will get a great trip from off the pace. She loves the poly and will be a price. GOLD CUP.. GO BETWEEN isn't going west for the weather, use Student Council and Tiago with him. Exactly who was the "jerk-off" King Dick was eluding to in his classless interview??
Stephen Taylor More than 1 year ago
Here are some Arlington Picks for today (Ed and Chicago Gerry-it's cash contest day again) 3rd-6-QUICK NOTICE-is computrak top and gets Douglass at 6/1. Was running fairly well until something went amiss last winter at Churchill. Needed last and drops into easier spot. 5th-6-FANTASTIC GIRL is 20/1, won Mdn Clmrs then was entered in a race that was way too tough. Back with conditioned claimers today in more logical spot 7th-(50K Hi 5 carryover) My key is 1-DEFIANT DARLING at 8/1. Before last his career best Beyer was 42, then got on Poly and won with a 72. Is by Gold Case who not only is an outstanding poly sire, but I've noticed that his offspring for the most part really don't care for the dirt, which makes for some nice Poly prices. 10th (Chicago Breeders Cup) Leah's Secret and Indescribabl will take all the money but not sure about 7 furlongs for either so gonna go elsewhere: 4-FEATHERBED ran very well last off a 2 month layoff, and was beaten a length and a quarter. Looks like he'll get a nice price and is not the highly regarded of the 3 Pletcher entrants. The interesting horse to me is 2-PRO PINK-30/1 ML. This horse is 3 out of 4 since switching trainers from Jamie Sanders to McClean Robertson and does have some talent, not to mention a big price! Good Luck everyone-I'll get to Vegas somehow!
Sobhy Sonbol More than 1 year ago
Ed Royal One is a filly that we always had a lot of hope for. I think once you put the Tiznow, distance and grass all together we were in business. I think she will stay where she is right now and try to bang out these conditions over the summer and then go from there.
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Folks; As you may know, I have been away on holiday with my beautiful wife and children. It has been exquisite, to-say-the-least. I have, however, managed to handicap many cards for Hollywood Park, and have followed the FormBlog since my respite began. I must say that you folks continue to amaze me with your knowledge, wisdom, and perseverance. I needed the rest. Little League has been a real treat, and this season’s Swim Team is off to a very good start (vicstu…I am so hopeless that I have actually been using your theories on “rating” horses with my son (9) in his distance (100 meter) races. I have always believed that you are on to something about horses and allowing them to establish their pace, but I know this works for my son. Thanks). I ran the numbers for my first and second Quarters of 2008, and confirmed that I have a very nice positive ROI to this point. But I broke down all of my wagers and found that the only wager types that I am profitable on are Exactas and Superfectas. This surprised me, but when you have one or two nice scores on these wagers, and your wagering is fairly disciplined, then it seems to work for me. I am certain that I cannot end the year to the minus, provided that I remain disciplined. Last year ended profitably, but only barely. And that was the first time since 2004 that I had pulled that off. Anyway, it is good to be back, and I am looking forward to the end of Hollywood Park (still some good, quality racing left), and the beginning of Del Mar. I am hoping to keep things going. Thanks for listening, and I sincerely missed you folks. Even you tinky. (p.s. vicstu...I am glad to hear that your father is going to be okay. Enjoy him, sir.) Van Savant
monmouthisajoke More than 1 year ago
So IEAH and Dick Dutrow are trying to save face here by proclaiming that all IEAH horses will follow the tough European drug rules and run virtually drug free. Great, right?? WRONG... If you read further, the " clean" date is October 1st. The Breeders Cup is later that month at Santa Anita. So all their horses will continue to run on roids all summer and into the fall and with the BC approximately 3 weeks after their Oct 1 deadline, the horses will be fully dosed all summer and still be under the influence of the roids come BC day. And after the cup mostly all his big guns( BB, Benny the Bull) will be then retired and would have continued to rack up Barry Bonds type wins for this season. So their proclamation is a very hollow one and looks good superficially,but like their horse named Benny, is just a lot of Bull. Are there any better Snake Oil salesmen in the game better than these crooks??..They make the late Oscar Barerra look like St. Peter.
slewofdamascus More than 1 year ago
Vic, a brilliant post, man. You wrote: "The only thing FFC would be good for at 8 or 9 panels and up is to be a rabbit for a horse like Tiago!" Amen to that, Brother! Can I get a witness? I will definitely be taking everything you said about Tiago under consideration as I re-introduce myself to him via race-replay this week. Vic wrote: "has FFC even competed in a grade 1 sprint?" Yes, but it was called the Preakness (smile). He lost. The MSW win by FFC, when he ran his 107, was indeed visually impressive to me (and everyone else who was paying attention, no doubt), it was the way he finished, barrel-chested, a one-horse stampede, and seemingly a bulletproof engine under the saddle. That vision disintegrated when he was immediately thrown into the deep end, stretching out, stepping way up into graded company, facing Curlin (who was similarly coming off an impressive MSW victory). It wasn’t pretty, the outcome, and the bandwagon got considerably lighter going forward. While FFC gave me a good initial impression, it was limited (by the company and the distance, and the general ease of the accomplishment). After being blitzed by the far superior Curlin, FFC tried to rebound in the Grade I Arkansas against…..Curlin. I’m not going to go there, but look at how Aleo/Gilchrist handled The Fog by comparison (and I think the picture becomes very clear). I am not suggesting FFC is in The Fog’s company, the point is that The Fog’s handlers put the horse first, always. It also demonstrates their ability to recognize the distinctions between sprinters and routers. Too many “name” trainers believe that – through the force of his or her talent - he or she can will these horses to run at whatever distances he or she might desire. Whatever. I was far more visually impressed by FFC after the AD, than I was after his maiden win. And I think for good reason. In the AD, remember, FFC is running past his best distance (and then some), and if you watch his race in that context, you can’t help but come away with a horse sitting on a huge one, and – and if you have the presence of mind to know that he is a one-turn animal – you can lay in wait. FFC won his next start turning back (picked by Our Dan, as I do recall) at 9-1 or something. This represents a real textbook example, so there is much to be gleaned from the AD replay ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoE3kR8WJHg ). FFC made, perhaps, my favorite move (a “move” that a next-out winner makes if with winning connections), one I never tire of seeing. It was so easy to forget FFC in the AD – Curlin was quickly rising – but here was the real value to be had from the race. And his next race was one of my highlights last year. Horses who make the move FFC made around the far turn, and then finish with interest (which is to say “gamely”) typically have quality – find an example like this in a Grade I in only its 4th career start, and well past its best distance and one has located real, definable quality. I just wish FFC had been handled differently, but without knowing what his form looks like the past 8 months, I’m very pleased that he recently won and that I can analyze his current condition, and maybe (just maybe) there is more value to be had in the latter half of his 4yo campaign (if my “quality quotient” for FFC is more accurate than the Public’s). More to respond to later – gotta run. -Slew
MudhoundMojo More than 1 year ago
Greg, Of course, you could be right about some avoiding BB in the Haskell in hopes of having an easier shot to win in the Travers. I think however, like you had mentioned, there are some trainers who aren't quite sure of what they have. The timing of the Haskell offers the perfect opportunity for these trainers with questions about their horses to find out what they have. If they get the right answer in the Haskell, they have plenty of time to prepare for the BC. I have been one of the folks who has been wondering why Saratoga hasn't rescheduled the Travers earlier in the meet. Many moons ago, there seemed to be plenty of time between the Travers and the BC, but, with today's training schedules the Travers leaves too little time for today's trainers to be comfortable to try both. I have no idea what the plans are for Colonel John, El Gato Malo, ( is Georgie Boy back to training? Lawduck, said he read that Assmussen is sending Pyro to the Haskell. The above horses' trainers, as well as some others, may want to test their charges against Big Brown and hope what they get is a horse they feel can run for two big paydays ( Haskell and BC ) vs one payday in the Travers. I think that a chance at two big paydays could be a strong motivating "hitch" to skip the Travers. Until the powers that be adjust the Travers schedule, I think we will see more and more side with the Haskell route ( just a guess ). The fact that there is the possibility BB runs in both races, may make the decision easier to try the Haskell for some ( with the added incentive of the BC being a viable next out option ). I will have my eyes and ears tuned to BB's opposition coming up to the Haskell. Waiting for a "second bad race" and trying to avoid BB could be considered prudent by some. I think it would be a mistake to avoid BB because he is now at his most vulnerable. A trainer who has in their mind that they want to try the BC Classic and will use either the Haskell, Travers or another race as a prep, imo, would be more wise to challenge BB in the Haskell. If BB wins the Haskell impressively, it leaves trainers with the chance to change up their plans and find another BC race ( with so many too choose from now ). I know the trainer still has that option if they choose to avoid BB in the Haskell, but, at the very least, you will get a much better guage on your chances at the BC Classic, having just raced the most likely favorite in the BC ( excluding Curlin, if he runs ). If BB is vulnerable you have a great chance to win the Haskell ( maybe avoiding some of the better competition who chose to avoid BB and run in the Travers ) and have a green light to the Classic for another possible big payday ( It may be difficult to guage your horses true ability running against also rans from earlier stakes races, if you choose another route, besides the Haskell ). If you are already of the mindset to run on BC day and the Classic is your first choice, then what have you gained by avoiding BB in the Haskell? If BB wins the Haskell then ( if you are one of those trainers planning on running in the Classic ) you already know you will have to face BB. Why not find out in the Haskell first? If you have thoughts to beat BB in the Classic than why not get him twice and get paid twice. If BB runs big, then like I said, adjust accordingly. If BB falters you could be setting up your horse for a great future.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Ed, While early to be picking 09 Derby horse's, I did watch the replay, (regular and head on) of Desert Party's win @ AP. Was pretty impressive, ran the last furlong in 5.99 without being urged. Also with DP's pedigree he should just love every furlong that is added. Won't be any kind of price in his next, but is one that I will be watching. Thanks for the heads up. I for one have to applaude Michael Ivarone, and IEAH stables for taking a stand, and announcing that their horses effective Oct. 1, 2008 will run drug free with the exception of Lasix. Basically adopting the same drug rules used in Europe, and Dubai, with the exception of Lasix being allowed on race days. I have no problem with that either. Just imagine that you purchased the 2.1M colt Desert Party that I discussed above, and he was a bleeder. Would be a shame to not be able to use Lasix, if in fact that would be the difference in him being able to make the gate or not. Will state while I feel this was a brave, and bold move it is probably something that will be mandated by some form of law, or rule in the not to distant future. Still commenable on Ivarone's part to step forward and, try to make a difference IMO.
G or G More than 1 year ago
Zayat guys, What's the word on Maimonides? I have him in my watch list but I haven't seen a recorded workout from him a quite a while. Will he be ready for Saratoga? Bill M, I agree with you on the Vinstar situation and that it did seem a bit odd. The horse goes from working out with Curlin a few weeks ago to getting entered in a $50K MC. It's even a little more bizarre since the horse broke down. I do have faith, though, that Jackson and Assmussen did not have any inclination that the horse was not sound when he went to the starting gate. The Churchill track is usually very safe, but there seems to have been a higher incidence or ankle/fetlock injuries this year than in years past (Eight Bells, Chelokee, Vinstar, Firerock Base).
G or G More than 1 year ago
So I for one an thrilled to hear what IEAH is doing by attempting to rid their stable of drugs. I'm not sure how Tricky will like the new rules, but he better oblige or else he could see the IEAH horses taken away from him and given to a "cleaner" trainer. I applaud that they've thrown down the gaunlet to other owners, essentially saying to them "put you money where your mouth is" in terms of racetrack drug reform. Mr. Ivarone is not my favorite owners, but he definitly just earned a little more respect from me this afternoon.