06/20/2008 11:20PM

Saturday stakes, some pars, etc.


Two questions regarding English racing:
1. where can I find result charts similar to DRF's?
2. In the PP's (at least the ones available from TVG)why does it appear that no horse in the history of English racing ever changed position during the running of a race? Or does "C1, C2, C3, Fin" not constitute a running line in those pp's?

European past performances do not contain points of call information and fractional times.  The "charts" are usually written summaries of the races by the track reporter.  Our friends at The Racing Post (http://www.racingpost.co.uk)  (free login) have the result summaries (detailed accounts of who was where, and how they did). 


Anne Mitchell strikes again!!!  Alan has been warning us about the firsters at Prairie Meadows from this barn, and Mitchell's Prairie Blues scored by 8 3/4 after being pounded down to even-money.  Also, johnnyz gave out Patkai, the seven-length winner of the Queen's Vase at Ascot on Saturday.


love the blog--great info greaat entertainment..would love to see go for wand's lifetime PP's if possible...also there was a documentary of some kind maybe 3-5 years ago that was about jockeys making weight and the rest of the hurdles they overcome...it focused on randy romero shane sellers and one other jock from the cajun circuit..it featured several races by go for wand including the unfortunate day she broke down...ever heard of it??

I believe the documentary was called "Jockey," and it was on HBO. 

Here are Go for Wand's lifetime past performances:

Download GoForWand.pdf


I forgot to ask this earlier in the week but when I checked the Beyer for the Stephen Foster Monday morning it was 105.  Now it is 110.  Was the 105 a misprint or did it really change five points?

When I first checked the number, it was a 110 so I'm assuming the 105 you mention was a misprint.


...I'm done being anal for the day so anyway you could list the Beyer pars for the following races:
R6 Old Nelson Handicap
R7 Buckland Stakes
R9 Colonial Turf Cup
R4 Starter Allowance
The Colonial Turf Cup was not in the 2007 American Racing Manual so I am guessing it wasn't graded at the time the book was published.
The race at Hollywood is the typical Starter Allowance for horses that have broken their maidens for $40k or less and have never won two races.  This particular race is for fillies, can you also provide the par for colts?  Any chance this level will be added to the Simulcast Daily Beyer Pars soon?  It's a condition that appears almost every day in Southern California.
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Old Nelson (third running):
2007:  Jungle Fighter - 96

(could only find the one result)

Buckland (ninth running)
2007:  Royal Regan - 86
2006:  Bright Gold  - 90
2005:  Bright Gold - 84
2004:  Spring Kitten - 85
2003:  All That Glitters - 88
2002:  Merry Princess - 99 (run at five furlongs on turf)
1998:  Incredible Revenge - 92 (run at six furlongs on turf)
1997:  Secret Prospect - 89 (run as the Virginia Gentleman at six furlongs on dirt)

Colonial Turf Cup (fourth running)
2007:  Summer Doldrums - 99
2006:  Showing Up - 102
2005:  English Channel - 92

I couldn't find an exact par for the starter allowance races.  The data I have has some conditions lumped together.


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