05/16/2008 5:08PM

Saturday stakes, Beyer adjustment, etc.


Starting to formulate my wagering strategy for Pimlico on Saturday.  Does anyone know what the pic 6 minimum is Saturday.  DRF is showing 25 cent pic 6 betting at Pimlico (on track information link), but Pimlico's website shows $1 minimum.  Either way, will that be the standard on Saturday??  Also, does Pimlico do 10 cent supers and if so, will they be offered on Saturday???
Thanks, Dan (or whoever else can supply this info)

I believe the Pick 6 is a one dollar wager.  I don't think dime superfectas are offered on Saturday's card, but am not 100% sure.


Yo Danny Boy,
Help me out:
Our 5yo mare Two Turn Halo is out @ Mth R8 on Sat. She originally ran a 96 bsf when they came out-a couple days after her last race. But, now she shows up sporting only and 85 bsf? I do realize that they sometimes change beyers and adjust if they fell it was over/understated. But, we ran faster than Cond. Alw males3&Up in the heat just after our race @ Aqu 3-21-08.
Our race: 110.13-- Now a 85bsf
Next race:110.54-- winner a 91 bsf.--------??????
Let me know: Because our prev. race had the third place finisher come back and win-- so that would give me the idea that it was a "live" race- And not one that would be considered for a downgrade.
Steve V

I'm assuming that the Beyer was adjusted downward based on a projection, and the original number did look a bit out of whack.  If Two Turn Halo really earned a 96 Beyer on March 21, then that would have been a number that was seven points better than her previous top, and an improvement of 26 points from her most recent race (which was a legitimate and decent third-place finish behind two next-out winners).  The third-place finisher on March 21, Mt. Langfuhr, did return to win, but she only earned a 65 Beyer against conditioned 16K claimers, and she has consistently run in the mid to high 50's and 60's in recent starts.  The runner-up on March 21, One Tough Belle returned to finish second with a 69 Beyer, one point higher than the projected number she received.  The 96 seemed high not only for the winner, but for the other horses in the race, and that's probably why the number was downgraded.
I'm not saying that I agree with projected numbers, but I can see why they thought the original number was too high in this case.
Good luck tomorrow at Monmouth!  We'll be rooting for you.


Best of luck to all this weekend,