08/06/2010 3:21PM

Saratoga: Very questionable non-call


  As the inquiry sign flashed immediately after the fifth race, the entire racetrack considered it a mere formality that Pelican Lake ($18.20) would be taken down for veering out several paths and knocking fourth-place finisher She Wears the Best sideways near the quarter pole.

  But the stewards let the result stand, saying the incident did not affect the order of finish.

  This was an embarrassing non-call, there's just no other way to say it. In the first place, it's impossible to theorize how She Wears the Best would have finished had she not been hip-checked past the middle of the track.

  More importantly, horses are just not allowed - or shouldn't be - to come out five paths and bump another horse out of the way. It makes the racetrack a more dangerous place than it needs to be.

  Plus, you just KNOW that at some point, some horse will wind up getting taken down for some ticky-tack foul.