08/19/2014 7:39PM

Saratoga Smiles 2014


Saratoga is in full swing, with its crown piece, the Travers Stakes, coming up this Saturday.  This year, the meet seems to be flying by faster than ever, perhaps in part due to the unusually crisp nights, which feel more like September than August.  But it makes the days and special moments all the more precious.

I post photos of smiling racetrackers regularly on my Facebook page, to help show the world that our sport has countless wonderful participants who are happy and proud to work with horses.  From the most famous jockey to the least-known hotwalker, from countries around the world, our community is a wonderfully tight-knit group.  Horse racing offers plenty of reasons for Saratoga Smiles.  :-)

Some of the people in the above photos are well-known, of course.  In other cases, I don't know their names - and sometimes don't even speak their language.   I haven't IDed the photos when I know names, so that viewers can appreciate each smiling face as a star.

I'll post many more such photos next week.  Till then, keep smiling!