07/22/2012 11:55AM

Saratoga Day 3: 7/22/12


12:55 pm: About two hours and 15 minutes to the start of the Pick-6, which begins with a $280,319 double-carryover after no one picked six the first two days of the meeting.

It's not easy, but what fun would that be?

The biggest stumbling block for me is the second leg, a statebred maiden race with two favorites who have experience and seven first-time starters. The racing office continues to card these races in multirace-unfriendly slots like this. Had the race been carded as the 5th instead of the 6th, bettors could at least have seen what sort of betting action there's going to be on all those firsters. Now the only clues, and they will be scant, will be found in the few dollars of early double betting on races 5 and 6. The race, like many firster-filled maiden events, would have been best carded as the first or second, two races (including a stakes) that would have been perfect later on the card and would not have interfered with either pick-4 or the pick-6.

Today's two stakes are the Duluth (race 2), where Summer front will be odds-on, and the G2 Sanford (race 9), which drew a deep field of fast maiden winners.


1:10 pm: Paper Plane ($8.30) took the opener from gate to wire, flying to the early lead in 21.94 and just lasting over 2-1 fave Victory Island through 6.5f in 1:16.93. Summer Front has opened at 1-to-9 for the Duluth.

Daily Lunch Report: I haven't figured out my pick-6 play yet, but I have cracked the mystery of what a "Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich" is. Avoiding a dish labelled only as "meat" would seem to be common sense, like never eating at a diner called Mom's or playing poker with a guy named Doc, but it turns out that the ambiguously-described sandwich, $8.95 at the new Shirley's Poutine stand next to Hattie's in the carousel food court, is basically a regional variation on corned beef or pastrami. It's smoked and salted brisket, and Shirley's serves it on seedless rye slathered with mustard. Not at all spicy or peppery and a tad bland, but not bad at all.  


1:45 pm: Summer Front ($2.90), scratched from yesterday's $600k Virginia Derby for this, was tons the best winning the Duluth. Despite lagging behind slow fractions (24.54, 49.26) and going widest around the turn, he mowed down the leaders with a strong late burst to run his turf record to 5 for 5.

Preliminary Beyers from yesterday include a 91 for 2yo Spurious Precision and a 98 for Questing in the CCA Oaks.


2:30 pm: Trio of 3-1 shots 1-2-3 under the wire in the 3rd with Driven by Solar ($51,084 to win) beating Little Mike (($47,709 to win) and Silver Timber ($48,625 to win.)

Best use of the phrase "simplifies the handicapping process" comes from these minutes of a recent California Horse Racing Board meeting: "The Board approved an amendment... allowing the ADW company to offer an additional wagering service. The new Website will offer pari-mutuel wagering that simplifies the handicapping process by encouraging wagers based on such factors as colors and numbers."


2:50 pm: Rigby ($9.40), third winner in four races for Ramon Dominguez, scored by a long ways vs. $20k claimers in a snappy 1:08.59.

Note that the 10th race will be run on the Mellon tiurf course, not the inner course as originally carded.


3:05 pm: Here's the pick-6 play. Obviously leaning heavily on the favorite in the first leg:


3:25 pm: Ran 1-2-3-4 but not the way I'd hoped for, as even-money Current Design took the overland route and ended up an unthreatening second to Hardrocker ($15.20) with Rangey third and Br. Alexander fourth. Beats being dead, but now I need 0-for-6 Smokem's Charm to win the upcoming 6th to stay alive.

Pick-6 fresh handle today handle was $1.06 million on top of the $280k carry, making for a potential 6/6 front-end payout of over $800k after takeout and consos.


3:52 pm: Oh well. Twelfth time was the charm for Readthebyline, who finished three lengths behind Smokem's Charm last time out but won off by himself today as the firsters were nothing special and Smokem's Charm was dreadful. Plenty of people are surely alive with a 6-1 and a 7-2 in the books but I alas am not among them. On to the late pick-4.


4:30 pm: Three of the four favorites in the 7th were emrging from close-up finishes in the June 17 Belmont race won by Lady Yellow Tail, and none of them ran 1-2-3; potential negative key race?

Other favorite, second choice Temper in Command ($8.60), fourth of the day for Dominguez, who still has live contenders Reach for a Peach in the 8th and Wet One in the 10th.

Just noticed tomorrow's card is one of those weird ones where the first five of the day are on the grass and the last five are on the dirt, usually a sign that long-range forecasts called for late-day rain.


5:00 pm: Make that five for Dominguez, as Reach for a Peach ($6.90) ran down Schillerette to win the 8th.


5:40 pm: Bern Identity ($5.60) got the job done to win a Sanford that was fast early, slow late, and not very pretty. Handsome Jack, who dueled through blazing fractions of 21.60 and 44.70 with Brave Dave, was brave to hold second as Onetwentyeight was up late for third with Brave Dve fourth. Bern Identity ran the six furlongs in a very ordinary 1:11.13 as the race came apart late and no one was finishing strongly. Rose Junction, the 2-1 second choice, looked well-positioned down the backstretch but failed to fire.

Of the three six-furlong races on the card -- the other two for $20k claimers and NY-bred maidens -- the Sanford had the fastest opening half-mile (44.70 vs. 45.00 and 45.98) and the slowest final time (1:11.13 vs. 1:10.13 and 1:08.59).

10 of the 12 in the finale are covered in the pick-6; the posted willpays don't really add up correctly (Canadian/Panamanian currency-conversion issues?) -- how can there be three winners at $299k (899k total) or two winners at $443k ($887k total) or one winner at $905k ($905k total) from the same pool? -- but they're probably close and here they are:


6:15 pm: Dominguez got his 6th, tying John Velazquez's Saratoga record, as slight favorite Wet One ($8.20) ran down 10-1 Sheerflakesofgold to win the finale and complete a $28,666 pick-6. Believe me, you didn't want this thing to carry again. Looked at tomorrow's card yet?

Mark Hartney More than 1 year ago
hi steve - i am a west coaster and mostly bet the so cal circuit but always make an exception for the spa. love reading your blog every day - makes me feel like i have actually been there when alas, i haven't had the chance yet. one request - in addition to your pick six gradings, can you post your tickets as well? i notice you do so only occasionally so am wondering if there is reason other than time/space. i have read your book more than once so understand the theory, but it would be great to see how you are playing your picks each day (assuming it is not the same every day.) thanks steve - good luck this summer. mark - manhattan beach ca
Todd Saunders More than 1 year ago
hey steve. just a quick thought: when you get back home, and have a chance, try Mile End in brooklyn or Mile End Sandwich in manhattan for fantastic montreal smoked meat. there is a difference, and when done well (including their poutine), it is quite outstanding. good luck the rest of the way
seattle More than 1 year ago
How about the fact that I live in NYC and have verizon fios, and the nyra network has been out for all 3 days so far.
Marilyn More than 1 year ago
I have been experiencing the same problem, but I believe the issue is Verizon's as other public access channels are affected as well. Have you tried contacting them?
seattle More than 1 year ago
Yes I contacted fios. They know about the outage, and said it would be back on saturday. Still out 4 days later. I contacted NYRA, they said fios blew out some box in the Bronx, and still havent fixed it. The timing is the thing, this happens for the first 4 days of the Saratoga meet. Why couldn't it happen in January at Aqueduct for 4 days instead.
Marilyn More than 1 year ago
I was told that service will be back by 5:28pm today. :-)
daveb More than 1 year ago
Gotta agree with the first poster Tom. This Saratoga meet with all of the sound glitches, malfunctioning video screens, and NOTHING fixed since opening day. It's all Cuomo's fault for thinking he's the NYRA kingpin. NYRA has been and always will be run by a bunch of politically touched imbeciles. But this year is by far the worst.
Alex More than 1 year ago
I am all for other people betting based on colors and numbers. Perhaps a "Montreal Smoked Brisket Sandwich" would sound a bit more appetizing? Mmm, smoked brisket sandwich...
David Marro More than 1 year ago
I totally agree with Tom. I was in the picnic area the first two days and we could not hear the calls. I have long been a defender of nyra but this is inexcusable.
Tom More than 1 year ago
This is off topic but we daily grandstanders need a bully pulpit- does anyone realize that after 3 days of racing we've not had a full day of hearing the call of the race? Opening day- NO PA system in the grandstand. Yesterday and today - started out normally but after about 3 races, all clicked off except some speakers way down the line, too faint to be heard. There is no mention of this by NYRA which maintains all of the opening day "glitches" have been resolved, and the local paper of course whitewashes all this stuff we need to hear Durkin and it takes away from the race incredibly to hear nothing!
Mike Carpenter More than 1 year ago
Still no TV in Section H either. The usual indifference by NYRA for the issues they cause.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Steve, Just FYI, the "colors and numbers" ship sailed in horse racing long ago via hpibet.com, Canada's main online wagering platform. Just go to their front page and you'll be serenaded to bet on your favorite numbers and colors! It's a wonderful world.
David More than 1 year ago
Steve, do you think Rosario made a mistake by gunning his mount in the Sanford? I think if he waits and moves on the #2 into the turn he coulda busted it open and held of Bern Identity.
Fred Reardon More than 1 year ago
errrrrrrrrrrrrr, Make that 6 wins on the day for the sizzle King - Ramon!!! Don't have to me up-side the head with no power tool to jump on that gravy train. All aboard!!!