08/18/2014 2:21PM

Saratoga Day 28: 8/18/2014


2:15 pm: Welcome to today's unscheduled, abbreviated blog. Day 28 was supposed to be a day off, but the $71k pick-6 carryover proved too tempting. (Day 28? The meeting ends two weeks from today? Is it me, or is it just flying by?)

Anyway, fair warning: you may not get more out of me today than what follows and an "Oh well, see you Ffriday" if/when things go sour.

I flinched when I first typed out the conditions for today's 5th through 10th, with maiden-claimers bookending the sequence, but on further inspection it didn't seem that daunting. (Now watch me go 2 for 6.)

The two horses most people are probably considering as singles are the infrequent winner Dyker Beach in the 7th and the unreliable Natalie Victoria in the 9th, the featured Summer Colony Stakes. I leaned on the former. I know he's 1 for 19 and has lost three straight photo-finishes, but I think he's found a field he can't help beating.

As for Natalie Victoria, obviously she takes a class drop today after setting the pace and tiring in the G2 Molly Pitcher last time out. Her two races prior to that would win this. Problem is, her 30 previous starts wouldn't put her in the winner's circle here, and I have no idea which Natalie Victoria we'll get today. I ended up using both her and Ambusher as A's, Zucchini Flower as a B, and Endless Chant as a C.

The fun begins in less than an hour, with post time for the 5th scheduled for 3:14 pm. Good luck to us all.

3:30 pm: It took a lot longer to adjudicate the th race than it did to run. 7-1 Dividend appeared to have 8-5 Boss Man measured, but the favorite surged at the wire and the photo showed he held on. Then it was on to a steward's inquiry and an objection from the runner-up's rider. Finally, the result stood, so the whole world made it through the first leg alive.

4:05 pm: First two legs looked tough to me on paper, but both were won by the favorite. In the 6th, 5-2 choice Devilish Love ran down slightly-higher 5-2 Corporate Culture for her third straight victory going a mile on the grass. Corporate Culture was probably best, rallying from last into slow fractions and ending up in a dea-heat for 2nd with Corporate Culture. The winners of races 2 through 6 were all 3-1 or less, but the pick-5 combining them still paid a hearty $2,708 (vs. $1252 parlay.)

4:35 pm: There was a moment approaching the furlong pole when Dyker Beach seemed to be looking around for company and someone to finish second to, but nobody came to get him and he couldn't help winning the 7th at even-money. Three races, three favorites. Woohoo.

5:05 pm: I could have put $20k into this pick-6 and I still wouldn't have used St. Alban's Boy.

Oh well. See you Friday.*

*-Or Wednesday if it somehow carries again.

Jeff More than 1 year ago
I agree Steve.....this meet is flying by. Sorry to hear you might not make it up at all, but I hope the healing is going well. I love your blog and read it religously. I agree with the other post tha the new TV's and updated wi-fi are great improvements, but I was also looking forward to the improved sound system and to be honest I haven't notice any improvement at all. It still seems to me that you have to be right near/under a speaker to have any chance of hearing anything. Good luck the rest of the meet Steve.
Peter Siipola More than 1 year ago
i guess you were not aware of his dam and her dam's s loving of plenty of ground?
Stephen Mercier More than 1 year ago
ARGHHHHHH!!!!! why ....I oughta Beatify ST ALBANS BOY !!!
Scott Fletcher More than 1 year ago
All you can do as a trainer is to put them where they can win. Trainer is now 5 wins from 11 starrters. (I didn't have it)
Randy More than 1 year ago
I had St Albans Boy, not for much, but enough. Watch his victory at Delaware...blasted the final furlong.
Stephen Mercier More than 1 year ago
I bought a late pick three to hedge against my pick 6 single Pyrite Mountain and I used every hoss except St Albans boy.....grrrrr.....
Bill Opalka More than 1 year ago
As long as you're getting food reports, here's another. The Hatties sandwiches seem super-sized this year, with as much packed onto a bun as you get in a four-piece. Without the bones, of course.
james hallal More than 1 year ago
steve what is up with ortiz jr. hardly a day goes by when he is not claiming foul. he won't have many friends left in the jocks room.
Matthew Hood More than 1 year ago
Hey Steve, love the blog. I read it almost daily. You got me playing the pick 6 with you today. Keep up the great writing and I enjoy reading your future posts.
billybudd16 More than 1 year ago
Seems to be a spate of Inquiry/objections these past few days. Stewards seem to do little, and of course this might lead to some rough riding with jocks taking chances. Hope all your picks stay up.
Bill Keating More than 1 year ago
I hope that they found that Boss Man made no contact with Dividend until they had crossed the line. With a winning length of about an inch, any contact before the race was over should have been enough to take the favorite down.
George Escowitz More than 1 year ago
Inner Turf rail is 0 today. Maybe frontenders go farther? Glad you made it back for 2014 Blog!
Karen Mcdaniel-Dobrowolski More than 1 year ago
Concerning the inquiry in the fifth race: Do you root for them to take down the 8/5 shot ("A") and put up your "B" 7-1 shot, or would you rather them keep him up and keep alive all your "C" bets that you have with the 8/5.

[I was torn. Obviously I'd like the higher payoff possibilities with the 7-1 but I would have lost the C's. I think I was slightly rooting for the longer price, but I hope I'm proved wrong. -SC]