01/10/2009 5:20AM

Remembering Joe


Most of us have at least one guilty pleasure.  In my younger days, my guilty pleasure was to rush to the local newsstand, grab the Form, venture off to some lonely corner, and greedily devour the latest words from Joe Hirsch.  To read a Joe Hirsch column was akin to receiving a personal audience with The Dean himself. He peeled back the curtain, and allowed access to the almost-mythical characters that we would otherwise only view from afar.  Secretariat, "The Bald Eagle," and Pincay all knew Joe, and through his writings, they morphed into flesh and blood.  He was the conduit to our heroes, and in doing so, became a legend.
Each one of his masterpieces showcased his unbridled passion, his unparalleled work ethic, and his amazing knowledge. Present and future generations of turf writers will attempt to emulate him, but will inevitably fall far short of their goal.  How can one fill the shoes of a giant?