03/10/2016 2:12PM

Redboarding the Derbies: 2010 Kentucky Derby


This is another in a series of blog posts, done in conjunction with the DRF Players' Podcast. Once per week, we'll post the PPs for a Kentucky Derby, recreated to show only the races leading up to that year's race. [Note: As these PPs are recreated from the DRF internal system, some trainers listed my be incorrect and their are no jockey assignments, but the horses are listed in post position order.]

Of course hindsight is 20/20 and any serious racing fan knows what happened in the race, but the goal here is to give you a chance to look at the PPs fresh, as you might have when handicapping the race for the first time.

This week, we'll look at the 2010 Kentucky Derby:

Download the PPs

Download the chart

Then tune into the Friday edition of the DRF Players' Podcast each week leading up to the 2016 Kentucky Derby to hear Peter Thomas Fornatale, Mike Hogan, and Jonathon Kinchen redboard the Derby!