08/18/2007 7:08PM

Quick Opinion


I selfishly wanted the stewards to take Lady Joanne down in the Alabama today, as it would have meant a successful win bet on Lear's Princess and a handful of pick-fives. And there's no question that Calvin Borel tighetened it up enough on Octave at the rail to warrant an inquiry. Still, I have to agree with their decision to leave the order of finish alone.

Octave never took up and John Velazquez never stopped riding her. While a takedown might have been technically justifiable, what justice would have been served? Octave and Lear's Princess had every chance to get by Lady Joanne and simply couldn't.

Borel rode a masterful race ("He rode all three horses and got himself home first," one trainer said admiringly after the race) and the irony was that he's usually the guy trying to get through at the rail -- as he did when he snuck Touchdown Peyton inside Velazquez and Nite Light to win the two-mile race in the fourth.

So you not only have to watch out for Bo-rail on the rail, but he's not going to let you through if you try to beat him with his own trick.

David More than 1 year ago
Steve, Can you please comment on LJ's breeding. My friend pointed out as we were handicapping the race that he didn't think she could get 10 furlongs given that she is a daughter of the champion sprinter Orientate. I thankfully disregarded the comment and cheered as LJ and Borel made it home. But I would like to know if it was a fluke that she outran her pedigree or if there was something on the dam side that helped her get the added distance. Thanks.
push the button More than 1 year ago
Want to echo pem about the judges in california and how they basically dq a horse for sneezing. If there were two seperate betting pools for each race and one pool was the 'no dq no matter what' pool and the other betting pool was the normal pool and work the way things normally work....which pool would you bet into? (assuming they were the same pool sizes)? Would ANYONE bet on the pool where the judges can meddle? Do you go to bed at 5am after handicapping for 10 hours and think, "there's a few races i don't like, so i'm going to bet into the pool where the judges can meddle just in case i run 2nd i'll have a shot to get placed first" No, you don't spend your entire summer sitting in your room trying to figure out who's going to finish 2nd and HOPE you get placed first. you're in there to pick the WINNER.
MBK More than 1 year ago
Orientate did win going long before turning into a sprinter, and LJ is out of an Unbridled mare; her 1/2 sister is multiple graded stakes winner at 2 turns, so the pedigree is there.
yuwipi More than 1 year ago
Wouldn't want to be Borel trying to come up the rail in the Travers. Paybacks a what? I guess I'm in the minority. Thought Octave was coming through until Borel shut the lane down to the point that it was dangerous for JV to continue to push. If I'm making the call she comes down.
Andrew Carpenter More than 1 year ago
PEM More than 1 year ago
Well I personally thought he should have his number taken down (perhaps a bit biased because I was live in the Pic 3/4 with the $48 winner in the 8th) but after we all calmed down, and cooler heads prevailed-all agreed "well it's Saratoga-and it's a Grade 1 to boot". Then someone piped up "Yeah but in Califoria they wouldn't just atke him down-they'd be rounding up a firing squad". No doubt in my mind that Borel would have been placed 3rd for that sin at Del Mar. Bottom line-isn't a foul a foul? Why is a DQ the exception at the Spa--yet a daily occurance in Socal? Growing up at the tracks of Florida (where "no gunplay-no foul" is the norm) I'm no big fan of the DQ-but why should it matter if it's a Grade 1 in New York or a nickle claimer at Turfway--shouldn't it be somewhat consistant? Why should the rules be different in California or New York or Kentucky of Florida? I really have a hard time swallowing the excuse "that's just how it is". That's all we're looking for fellas-a little consistancy-yet with an abhorance to call a DQ all summer--yet ever so quick to declare a bobble at the gate as a non-starter--I think there will be much discussion this fall and winter about the indecision and inconsistancy by the stewards upstate 2007.
John O'Neill More than 1 year ago
This guy brings his horse( Street Sense) here for the Travers and you think there going to take him down ??I'm sure a call was made to the stewards by the powers that be.Other than that it was great race riding by CB.Reminded me of Cordero ,who used to sucker guys to the inside then shut them off.
Rick_HF More than 1 year ago
"bochall says: Does Student Council have any semblance of a hint of a maybe of a miracle to hit the board in the Pacific Classic? He's a grinder who will be in front of many deep closers (who will also be low odds). Lava Man looks like he'll hake over whenever he wants, but SC may be able to plug away for a share of the tri/super....am I nuts!!??" Apparently not. If you had SC to win, congrats on your $48 winner. Lava Man could not handle the Poly. Maybe we should use this race as an debate point of whether or not Saratoga should have POLY or CUSHION track?
John C. More than 1 year ago
I had the same selfish urge when I saw the inquiry sign flash but I had to acknowledge that Borel is just a great competitor. Velazquez erred by zig-zagging Octave in the first half of the stretch drive. He has underneath him, one of the top fillies in the country, a filly who ONLY wins or places in G1 races yet, JV feels the need, after splitting horses and having a path on the outside, to swing his horse back inside while gaining no advantage in the process. When I saw Borel whipping LJ right-handed, I thought that Octave was going to get pinched; when Johnny saw that tiny inside lane close up, he had to give up. He certainly wasn't going to risk having his super-expensive filly clip heels with Lady Joanne (glad that I now know that "Jo - nee" is the correct pronunciation, I thought that you and Durkin were wrong, haha). As for my putting Folk instead of LJ in my exotics (boy was that DUMB), I should have trusted the Beyer figs on LJ and believed my own eyes when she walked over that minor field a few weeks ago. I do think that Octave could have made it very close, though, if she were kept on the OUTside (where she would have been if Borel had ridden her, haha).
Bochall More than 1 year ago
Does Student Council have any semblance of a hint of a maybe of a miracle to hit the board in the Pacific Classic? He's a grinder who will be in front of many deep closers (who will also be low odds). Lava Man looks like he'll hake over whenever he wants, but SC may be able to plug away for a share of the tri/super....am I nuts!!??