08/18/2007 6:08PM

Quick Opinion


I selfishly wanted the stewards to take Lady Joanne down in the Alabama today, as it would have meant a successful win bet on Lear's Princess and a handful of pick-fives. And there's no question that Calvin Borel tighetened it up enough on Octave at the rail to warrant an inquiry. Still, I have to agree with their decision to leave the order of finish alone.

Octave never took up and John Velazquez never stopped riding her. While a takedown might have been technically justifiable, what justice would have been served? Octave and Lear's Princess had every chance to get by Lady Joanne and simply couldn't.

Borel rode a masterful race ("He rode all three horses and got himself home first," one trainer said admiringly after the race) and the irony was that he's usually the guy trying to get through at the rail -- as he did when he snuck Touchdown Peyton inside Velazquez and Nite Light to win the two-mile race in the fourth.

So you not only have to watch out for Bo-rail on the rail, but he's not going to let you through if you try to beat him with his own trick.